Ellana Pressed Mineral Blush Duo/Contouring Bronzer in Light Roast/Butter Rum Coffee Review

Here's a review on Ellana Pressed Mineral Blush Duo/Contouring Bronzer in Light Roast/Butter Rum Coffee.

Price: P450.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: The Ramp at Crossings; Ellana Minerals Online


I just read that UP Diliman will officially start its school year this year henceforth on August and will end on May, and I can't help but let out a huge "ROOOAARRR!" Wish I'm still a student now! *sobs

I favor this major change because June and July are typhoon seasons in the country and based on experience, I've wasted so much school days due to the intense rain and flood that happen during these months. Wish they thought of that during my time so I didn't have to attend a lot of Saturday make- up classes lol. Well, on the brighter side, at least my summer schedule will be the same-it would equally suck as well to hit the beach on rainy June and July, if I were a student. :p If there's one school that should totally shift their school calendar to August, it should be UST!

But not all schools have followed this calendar change yet, so if your classes will still start on June and you're already looking for makeup items to buy for College, I would suggest Ellana because it's an affordable brand and I'm going to introduce everyone to their Blush Duo today.


Ellana's blush duo comes with two complimenting colors for you to highlight, contour, and add a fresh touch of color to your cheeks. The duos have varying finishes ranging from matte, shimmer, and satin.

My detailed review and swatches after the break!

The pans are pretty huge enough so I say they're worth P450.00, but I just find that they're not as pressed in the pan as I wanted 'em to be, and methinks it won't survive a harsh fall.

TOP: Highlighter, Light Roast- a cream shade with a slightly shimmery matte finish
BOTTOM: Blush/Contouring Powder, Butter Rum Coffee- a mid tone brown shade with a matte finish

This duo is more for contouring. Texture is a lil' chalky and there's fallout during usage, but pigmentation is surprisingly good. Despite the chalky texture, it's not at all hard to blend on the skin. It has no scent as well. Coverage may look a lil' powdery though so be sure to buff it onto your skin until you achieve a natural- looking coverage.


One layer of Butter Rum Coffee

This shade actually reminds me of Snoe's Contouring Powder in Walnut. It looks fairly decent on warm skin tone and since it has a pinkish undertone to it, methinks it will be a favorable contouring shade for those with pink undertones and fair skin.

One layer of Light Roast on my apples, bridge of the nose, and center of the forehead

This highlighter looks very natural and the touch of gold complimented my skin tone so well, but this is the most pigmented highlighter I've ever seen-if you don't apply it gradually and buff it properly, it'll just sit on top of your face. I use a small powder brush to apply it.

Staying power is okay-lasts around 2 hours before I see a slight fading with the intensity. It's mineral makeup so we can't expect it to last for more than 6 hours unlike traditional makeup, especially the long- wearing ones! Texture is slightly creamy so methinks it will suit those with dry skin. Suits oily skin too because I didn't feel that the texture of the powder aggravated my oiliness in any way. :) Overall, it's nice for its price and since formula is gentle, it'll keep you looking pretty in class without worrying that it will clog your pores. :)


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Honestly I dont know pa how to do contouring.. :p Ii'm actually looking for your post regarding that. I'm excited na to learn kasi I find it super nice, kahit di ka na mag blush on minsan :)

  2. I know right! Do you realize that the current students have this one-time four-month vacation this year?! That's crazy!

    I've been eyeing this duo for some time now, and deciding between this or the duo with a contour shade and a blush shade.

  3. I wish UST would shift our school calendar to August instead of July. :( UST magically turns into an urban lake in such a short span of time. And oh how I hate being greeted with a "classes are cancelled" announcement just when I'm about to enter my building.

    Anyway, this seems like an okay product. Although I'm pretty new to sculpting, I prefer liquid/cream contouring like the Revlon skinlights you reviewed last month. Nevertheless, I like how natural this duo looks when applied. :)

  4. Ganun pala yun.. Mineral makeup doesn't last...

  5. Ah ganun pala yun.. mineral make up doesn't last... looking forward for more tips...

  6. Ah ganun pala yun.. mineral make up doesn't last... looking forward for more tips...

  7. Sincere: I have a tutorial on contouring. Just search my HOW TO posts. :)

    DearKaaat: Yeah, UST should do it now! One good thing about this product though is it's very light on the skin. :)

    Becomingsleek: I knoowww. Lucky guys! :D I think this is a better buy because you can always buy individual blush products anyway! :D

  8. ahhh I wish medschools would do the same. I hate that I need to soak up my leather in flood during the start of school year. Anyway, I like ellana products but never tried contouring my face though I badly need one because I have a round face. Nevertheless, I like the highlighter. It will be usefull under my brows

  9. I own an Ellana blush and it doesn't last that long but the color pay off is very good. I wish I really know how to contour, I have seen a lot of tutorials and I just can't seem to perfect it. Or maybe my face is just edgy already. Errrrr

  10. Oh no, this looks quite red. This should look good on me as a bronzer (for that slightly sun burnt look)

  11. I remember my days in UST. Battling the rain and flood is an achievement in itself :P

  12. Rae: I actually think this will look better on fair skin. :)

    Ela: Lol! Had some of that moments when I was studying in UP too. :)


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