FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 6 Beauty Products That You Should Buy Abroad

Hi guys! How's the cloudy weather going for all of you? Do you like it? I do because it's a great break from all that punishing heat we've experienced in the last three months. :) Oh, please bring your umbrellas with you always because it's starting to rain and load up on your multivitamins! :)

Our Fan Mail Fridays for today is from Wilma:

Hi Martha! 
I'm going on an international vacation at the end of June and I'm planning to buy some good beauty products that are not available in the Philippines. Any suggestions? Would appreciate it! 


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Hi Wilma!

Awesome query! Just wanna share that I've been planning to write about it (but I can't seem to lol) so thanks for bringing it up!

Here's a small list of products that you can find in other countries, whether you're vacationing in Asia, Europe, or USA. Click READ MORE for my top 5!

- The gentlest, softest, and 'most fun to use' facial foam I have ever used and I really did notice that it helped keep my skin plump and hydrated!

- If you have oily skin, this moisturizer will be your best friend because it's ultra light, helps keep your skin cool, and prevents that icky feeling when your face just starts excreting oil.

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- This skin- plumping foundation stays put for hours and gives your skin a silky, dewy effect. It's great for those with wrinkles because its silicone- like consistency fills 'em in and conceals 'em in a snap! This is what I always buy when I'm in Hong Kong!

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- I therefore conclude that this is the best HD foundation because it's still one of my favorites three years after I got it! It really melts into the skin and has awesome concealing powers despite its sheer texture. It has crazy staying power and the light caramel scent it has is just lovely and appetizing!

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- It's cheap and it works marvelously. This is the gentlest and lightest eye makeup remover I have ever tried.

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- My new and well- loved find from Sephora! This cloth remover just removes every single trace of makeup, it's very easy to clean, and best of all, it's environment- friendly! :D

Hope you all liked this list! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i would definitely go for shiseido drugstore skincare. And the olay that youve been raving about.


  2. SEPHORA REUSABLE MAKEUP WIPE sounds promising cause sometimes I tend to sleep with makeup (oh no) and I think this is so helpful for girls like me who are sometimes tamad na to remove makeup because of tiring day.. :)

  3. Finally saw aquaction in watsons. I almost bought mine from luxola.

  4. Girl, good news, so the Olay Aquaction at watsons last week. :D

  5. Nice list. The Sephora wipe is very usable, Olay Aquaction really works on oily skin:)

  6. Cincincin: I wish we'll have the shiseido drugstore products here one day!

    rae: yes yes yes! :D But I don't think they have the lasting moisture gel, the one for daytime. I only saw the intensive emulsion and the masks. :)

    Jen: Love love love the sephora wipe, and I agree with your statement on olay aquaction. :)

    Sincere: it's not a makeup remover wipe-it's like tissue, but reusable. You still need a makeup remover with it. :)


Thank you for your comments!