Last week, I attended Kiehl's party at the Zuellig Bldg. in Makati.

We were asked to arrive in our NYC Roofdeck- inspired outfit. I was thinking of donning a Carrie Bradshaw attire, particularly a casual shirt paired with a tutu, but since New York is a place where anything goes, I opted for something breezy, casual, yet chic-it's so me and there's nothing better than being yourself, of course! :D

The party is simply all about the success of Kiehl's. From being a small- time apothecary dedicated to innovating beauty products to becoming a global skin care authority, Kiehl's is a testament that starting with your passion is always the best way to go! That is their story and #KiehlsStories is all about our personal experiences with the brand. My favorite #KiehlsStory is about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which still remains as one of my most favorite serums to date. Just visit this post to know why!

 With Mikki of Break My Spell and Angela of Lush Angel
There was also this art wall that depicted the colorful city that is New York and we were given the freedom to paint away on the canvas! As I said, in New York, anything goes! :)

 With Liz and Tara.

New York is famous for its improvisation acts and this was recreated in the event as local improv group called S.P.I.T. had staged a spectacular show for us.

So what else is new with Kiehl's? They'll be opening more branches this year! :)

Now here are some of the products I took home and they're all my favorites! I'll be sharing some of these with you guys, but for now, tell me your #KiehlsStory. :D

Please visit KIEHL'S PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the brand.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. What I like about Kiehl's is that they give so much attention to the ingredients they equip their products with to produce effective products while keeping their commitment to product safety. No wonder they are one of the most trusted brand especially when it comes to skin care. Many of their products are fragrance-free as well. :)

  2. Nice post:) Would you like to follow each other via GFC? Leave a comment after you follow,I will follow you back asap:)

  3. You look so fresh! What foundation and lip product did you use here? :) <3 Thanks!

  4. I would Love to try out kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate but is it ok for 19 year old to use?

  5. Zuellig bldg in makati? That's where I usually go to pic up some business related stuff. Maybe that's why the background of your OOTD sometimeslook familiar, like the grassy park infront of The Atrium. Anyway, we'll be waiting for the long term effect and review of this product. :)

  6. I really want to try Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I know it's pricey but I've read so many favorable reviews (including yours!) about it. I'm really investing into skincare now and this product is on my to-buy list.


  7. You look so fresh in every picture:) You really know your skin too well!I haven't tried this product before. Would love to read your upcoming reviews:)

  8. DearKaaat: Kiehl's is one of my have skin care brands , actually. :)

    Jen: I have lots of reviews on kiehl's. Just visit my archives. :)

    Jae: Great choice! I love using this product especially when the weather is cold. :)

    Carmela: It's okay because it's just a fortifying serum. :)

    Patty: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation and Innisfree No Sebum Powder :)

  9. I swear by this stuff. Also, I love going to Kiehls cos of their very very nice store assistants! (Kiehls Shang to be specific) :)


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