Tomato Swap Watch: I think I just got the best wristwatch ever

During my senior high school days and my entire college years, my closet was filled with clothes for Tomato because I found their clothing quite trendsetting (but not trashy) for that time, plus their items are really affordable: it's afforded by my measly student allowance or my mom's shopping budget ceiling for me (lol)-either way, it's AFFORDABLE!

Tomato has been around for 10 years and they have impressed me so much because they're still around and continued to innovate to cater to the youth's fast, ever- changing taste in fashion. Tomato is celebrating their 10th year this year and I celebrated with them in their Glorietta 2 store!

The highlight of the event was their 10 Collection (to commemorate their 10 successful years in the local fashion industry) and the Swap Watch range.

Tomato's Swap Watch, the watch line that made Tomato a must- have in every fashionista's closet, is a super fun and creative way to wear watches: you can change the colors of the straps to match your outfit and mood, and switch the watch faces to compliment your style or even personalize it! Not only that, it's very affordable too! No wonder it has gained a cult following amongst the trendy Pinoys!

There are a lot of straps to choose from from neutrals to brights and retails at P350.00 for the solids and P500.00 for the printed ones. For the faces, you can choose from the Tomato- exclusive DIY faces (P1,000.00), classic faces (P500.00), limited edition faces such as UAAP and NBA collections (P750.00), or make your own (P1,000.00)-the latter, you can use any photo you like be it a quote, a photo of you, your special someone, your kid, your friends, your favorite character, or even your dog! Swap Watch is the best way to personalize your style and make it uniquely you!

First up, we were asked to go to the Swap Watch DIY counter to personalize our watches. Want to know what I came up with? I'll show you after the cut, plus check out Tomato's latest collection and I'll tell you how you can personalize your very own Swap Watch!

As usual, I gravitated towards the blues and pinks, but I thought of trying something new and went for Forest Green. What a lovely color, eh? :) After choosing my preferred strap, I downloaded the photo I liked, submitted it to the Tomato DIY team, and waited for them to furnish the watch.

Okay, so while we are waiting for my personalized Swap Watch, I'll show you their newest collection!

Look fresh and youthful in these exotic, tropical prints.

 Some laid-back pieces to keep you casually cool and chic.

Look every inch a muse with their sporty collection.

Photo time with Shen! We both found our preferred clothes easily because Tomato's collection is always small yet well- curated, one of the reasons why I like this brand!

Tomato's watch series is actually an extensive one-aside from the casual Swap Watches, there are dressier watches too in the Tomato Time collection.

Here's the range for women!

Swap Watch is joining the loom band craze with the Swap Watch Loom watches! These are available in Tomato's shopping website.

Once you do loom bands, you can't stop, they say. Unfortunately for me, I really couldn't learn how to do this thing! :/ Some of the guests made their own Swap Watch Loom watches and took 'em home too!

Finally, my DIY watch is done!

My inspirational DIY watch! This is one of my favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt. I figured that this will be convenient whenever I have big meetings with big clients-whenever I'm feeling nervous, I'll just glance at this watch for that fuzzy feeling to go away! LOVET!

 What do you think of my creation? :D

Shen went for a DIY watch with her dear baby girl, Camilla Claudette, on it, while Rowena was still deciding on what to put on hers!

Swap Watch is available in all Tomato outlets, but Swap Watch DIY can only be ordered online. Here's a mini walkthrough:


In order to shop, you must be a member so create an account and sign in.

Go back to the home page and on the topmost, horizontal navigation bar, click the SWAP word.

Scroll all the way down and click the SWAP DESIGN-IT-YOURSELF photo.

Add that to your cart and click CONTINUE SHOPPING to buy a strap (if this is your first time to purchase the Swap Watch) because it is being sold separately.

Pay for your purchase, email the e-receipt to along with the photo that you want to put on the face of the watch, and you're done! Just wait for your package to arrive!

Wee! More Swap Watches to match my daily outfits! For more information about their new collection and Swap Watch, just visit TOMATO on Facebook.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow lovely... That kind of green is my favorite too.. My favorite colors are white, dark green, gray and blue. But I usually go with white watches... If I will make a personalized watch, I'll put a picture of myself.. XD Vain noh? ...

  2. Love the quote face, very classy! And a green strap too (green is my favorite!).

  3. Your watch is so cute. It's so simple yet it's inspirational. I wanted to get a personalized watch as well. If ever, I want a picture of my family. If that fits. Haha. I also have their watch with replaceable straps. I super love it. I change the straps depending on the color of my top. :) And it's durable. It has been with me for at least a year already. :)

  4. I have this one, too. Pero I think it's the pinaka unang version, yung madaming strap but isang clock lang, bought it from Serendra. (If I'm not mistaken.) It's really nice talaga tough may mga lumabas na mga fake but you'll know easily if it is original. By the way, i love your floral pants here. :) More power and Godbless. xoxo


  5. Teri: I thought of that, initially haha! :D

    Darlene: Thanks dear! :)

    Becomingsleek: Thanks! :D

    Abegaill: Hey, glad to know that it lasts! :D Tomato has pretty sturdy watches-I have one from one of their old collections and it's been with me for 3 years now. :)

  6. Oooh, I have yet to own one! Btw, I love the Eleanor Roosevelt mantra! :)

  7. My sister is a big Hallyu Wave fan & she does the exact same steps! And now I should be trying them too :D


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