Inglot Berry Obsession: Juicy Colors For Fall

Aside from Christmas, I look forward to the BER months because it is the time of Berries-no, not the fruit, but the hue! Berry is one of my favorite colors-whether on bags or makeup-because it's so gorgeous on warm skin and for me, it's the national color of the holiday season!

Inglot jumpstarts the holiday makeup trend in the Philippines with the launch of Berry Obsession, a vampilicious and berrytastic range of Berryfied lipsticks and nail lacquers with color variations ranging from Blueberry, Mossberry, Fenberry, and Cranberry.

If you love berries or bold lips and nails, then click READ MORE to see the swatches!

The products chosen to showcase these Fall- worthy hues are Inglot's bespoke Lipstick and O2M Breathable Nail Enamel collections.

There's also a new product and it's the versatile Lip Pencil for your lining and coloring needs-the holidays are surely gonna be busy and we can all use a little help from multi-tasking products like this!

Isolated swatch: 297
Group swatch, from top to bottom: 295, 296, 293, and 294

As always, I am excited for the lipsticks! I've swatched the entire Berry Obsession lipstick shades for everyone!

In the launch, Park Avenue Desserts gave us Berry Obsession- inspired chocolates as souvenir. It's such an inspirational gift, indeed-it made me want to hit the gym often haha!

With the gorgeous Pauline of Inglot Philippines and Beauty Blogger, Mikki.

Check out Inglot Berry Obsession's color charts. Yes please, download these and bring 'em to Inglot Glorietta 5 as your shopping reference! :D

Inglot Lipstick (P895.00)

Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel (P650.00)

Inglot Lip Pencil

For more details about this collection, just visit INGLOT PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I wanted to buy the lip pencil and the nail polishes! I love the colors, it's kinda dark but the right kin of dark shades. I love the collection especially that it's affordable. :)

  2. My favorite fashion season is Fall talaga, I love dark and vampy colors. I don't know, it looks so sexy to me. :)

    How much are Inglot lippies btw?

  3. I really like plum-colored lippies! They make you look dark and mysterious and you can just get away without any eye makeup on! I only own one such lippie though, and I only get to wear them during gloomy weather. Dark, dark indeed. :p

  4. I really like plum-colored lippies! They make you look dark and mysterious and you can just get away without any eye makeup on! I only own one such lippie though, and I only get to wear them during gloomy weather. Dark, dark indeed. :p

  5. My favorite fashion and beauty season is definitely fall. I love the jewel tones, dark colors, and the makeup collections. Not only is the mood more festive all around, I get excited to shop for my fall makeup look! I usually pick one plum or berry lipstick that I max out throughout the season. Lipsticks 293 and 294 look perfect. Can't wait to swatch. --Matromao

  6. I love the inglot shades! *swoon*
    I love berry colors, especially the dark, vampy shades, but it seems too much when worn everyday, such as going to school or work. But it seems such a shame to buy a full tube of lipstick when you're only going to use it a couple of times for special occasions. Also, there are times when I put on a dark lipstick and it makes me look... old? Gets? Help Martha! Can you do a tutorial or FOTD look where we could do a fall makeup look using a dark berry lip without looking too much and looking old? Haha :) please?

  7. Ow!! I love the shade 293! I think it's perfect for clubbing! <3

  8. I totally agree! Fall/BER-months is when I most excited to shop for new makeup because this is the season where brands release tons of deep-tone hues to incorporate to their collections. Since we can't hide under burguny tweed dresses, tights, and coats and pretend the color of the leaves outside changes, the best way is to just play up with makeup to feel the warmth of Fall time season. :)

    During the ber months, I like to play up with my nails and paint them in dark vampy colors. I'm not surprised why I fancy eveything their collection of nail enamels offers!

  9. abegaill: Yes! the lipsticks are awesome!

    Cath: lol. How I wish though that our weather permits autumn-it's such a lovely season! Thanks for your insight! :D

    Fionabelle: Hi Fiona! I get what you mean, but I've somehow gotten around that and now, I can wear deep- toned lipstick hues with ease. Check out this post on how to wear deep- colored lip products. :)

    Jona: Indeed! :)

    Katrina: That's true! I think it's the reason why I'm into bolder lippies: I'm just too lazy to use eyeshadow! :p

    Matromao: Maybe you can add more for more variety? Haha! #Enabler

    Shary: Yes, it's sexy indeed and classy too! Inglot lippies are at P795.00 each only! :)

  10. Wow a new lip trend! I daresay I like it better than oxblood.

  11. Mukhang ko-quota nanaman ako sa lipsticks ngayong taon. :))

  12. Wow! 795 lang pala Inglot lippies? I always thought they're a bit on the mid-price makeup range? They could beat pala some drugstore brands! Thanks for your reply, Martha

  13. I think I just fell in love with the Berry Obssession shades! I've always been a fan of bold and dark lipsticks. Can't wait to try them! :)


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