Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks in Sassy Fuchsia and Citrus Flirt.

Price: P860.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available through any Mary Kay Beauty Consultant


It may seem invulnerable now, but soon enough, your lips will age, too. Old lips is characterized by a wrinkly surface, loss in suppleness and elasticity, hyper pigmentation, and dryness-it's still skin too, ya know, so you better take care of it starting today to secure its future!

Old lips don't only appear in your later years in the same way that old facial skin doesn't manifest only when you get old-those who are prone to severe dryness on the lips (me!) may exhibit old lips earlier than others and I know some who do! But is it too late (or even too early) to address this puck-in' (pun intended) problem? Nope! You can always solve your lip problems today by choosing products that care for your lips' beauty and health, and I found a good candidate in Mary Kay's True Dimensions lipstick-this ultra hydrating product is made with beneficial ingredients, plus makes my lips appear more plump and youthful to boot!


True Dimensions is an innovative anti-aging lipstick made with Vitamin E, Portulaca Pilosa Plant Extract, and Sunflower Seed Oil, and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 helps keep lips from exhibiting the signs of aging. It comes in 20 shades.


Bring back your lips' plump, youthful look in a snap after the break!

True Dimensions' tube is the solution to every woman who keeps on losing the lipstick cap: The part that houses the lipstick fits right into the cap and clicks in place, giving you no reason to lose the latter-ever--I also think it's an inverted version of the lipstick tubes of Chanel Rouge Allure.

These lipsticks yield a highly pigmented satin finish-coverage is very comparable to MAC's satin lipsticks yet feels a little thicker, but hold on, True Dimensions doesn't feel that heavy because the consistency is gel- like, and even if its texture is wet, I find that it stays put. It has a vanilla-floral scent as well and transfers so easily and evenly onto the lips, although I believe they're very prone to melting if exposed to hot temperature.


Citrus Flirt

- A bright orange shade.

Citrus Flirt is just like grandma's timeless orange lipstick and I love it! I like its decent brightness and the way it warms up my skin tone too.

Sassy Fuchsia

- a blue- based midtone fuchsia.

Sassy Fuchsia is a universally- flattering shade that's more on the elegant side-the way this fuchsia shade is formulated makes it great for day and night affairs.

This product delivers excellent lip line coverage and if you will look at the close- ups again, you'll notice that my lips look fuller, softer, and more even, therefore more youthful-I use this product on days when my lips are looking pretty dehydrated (gotta love its volumizing effect!). Its gel- like consistency plumps the lips so if you need volume, this product would be a good fit. Staying power is so-so though, as with all moisturizing lipsticks, but I am quite happy with the way it keeps my lips supple and flake- free the entire day.

I haven't used it long enough to say that it can really change the look of the lips, not to mention my lips are in pretty good shape as I take real good care of it, but I know that anything that hydrates is enough to insure your lips' health and beauty for the future, and this lipstick is a nice choice. True Dimensions is the first Mary Kay lipstick I have tried and I'd have to say that I'm quite impressed so I will recommend it to those who are looking for a genuinely hydrating and moisturizing lipstick, and those who need more volume from their lip color. That, plus if you're looking for a lipstick with cool packaging. :D


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Why am I always drawn to orangey shades these days....those colors look sooo good on you! But man, 869 bucks! With that price tag I can buy a Mac Lipstick na! :O

  2. wow.. i am hearing a lot of raves about Mary Kay products.

    From your swatches alone, the lippies looks very moisturizing.

    i hope they could do magic of adding moisture to matte lipstick.

    Even with minimal makeup Sassy Fuchsia make you look put together.

  3. The packaging of Mary Kay products look so high-quality. On that alone, it looks like something nice to try. -Matromao

  4. Okay, parang almost all lippies with dark pink shade looks good on you Martha. :P Is this the reason why your blog header and footer is dark pink din? Haha!

    Anyway, how do you take care of your lips? Based on your lip swatches kasi parang nag-glide lang yung lipstick. Parang walang dryness at hindi mukhang nagcha-chapped.

  5. I love both colors! But I like the fuchsia more. :) It looks glossy so I like it. It makes the lips more plump and hydrated. DO they have more shades? :) I like the packaging as well as the color of the case. It's so classy and it seems to protect the lipstick from breaking. I haven't tried any Mary Kay lipsticks as well.

  6. Super classy packaging! I'm not sure how these can be recycled, but hey it's still better than plastic. I love the colors. But I hope they also have more everyday look-friendly shades.

  7. Oh wow. I love the packaging, so classy! I like both colors, but I think I can't pull off the orange one. Para akong kumain ng dalawang pack ng Cheese Ring. Hahaha. Fuchsia looks good on you! Reminds me of Maybelline Glam 6. The moment I saw you wearing it I know I have to get one for myself. Such a pretty color!

  8. I love the packaging because it's unique! :) The shades you have are also good and I think they'll also look good on me. :))

  9. To take care of my lips, I apply sunflower oil at nighttime and I do notice how it feels soft and supple the next morning. But I also like to keep my lips conditioned and moisturized throughout the day and not only at nighttime (since I can't really put up with the overly greasy feel of sunflower oil sitting atop my lips) therefore, I try to gravitate towards lip colors that focuses on conditioning the lips too!

    I am in love with these two lovely colors! I noticed how your lips look a lot fuller, it's like you exfoliated it with a lip scrub before applying it on! Oh and the bright orange shade suits you perfectly, Martha!

  10. Katrina: Well, almost because MAC is 1k+. Mary Kay is a pretty good brand though! :D

    Cath: Sunflower oil on the lips-that's new! I should try that soon, but maybe with argan oil because I love this oil so much :)

    Jessy and Abegaill: Yes they have! Please check out their online catalogue for the other shades. :)

    Jona: Hope you can try 'em soon! :) Yes, the fuchsia shade is really nice. Hope you can try it soon. :D

    Eena: Hello there! LOL at the cheese ring comment! :)

    Shary: I blogged about my lip regimen here before so please look for that in the archives. :)

    Matromao: Yes, especially me who loooves nice packaging! :D

    Mabelita: Thanks! :D


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