Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer.

Price: Around P995.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Max Factor counters in SM Department stores and Watson's stores


I think Max Factor has some of the best foundation products in the drugstore department, albeit the brand is kinda' underrated, at least to me. It only took two Max Factor foundation variants for me to become a believer and that says a lot about the brand knowing how meticulous I am with face bases.  (As a Beauty Blogger, I have to be!)

When the Facefinity line came out with the All Day Primer, that totally got me curious as I loved the foundation counterpart. After using the primer for about two weeks, I'm now a Facefinity zealot-this thing just extends the wear time of any face base I have on, whether it's BB or CC Cream, liquid, powder, or cream foundation!


Facefinity All Day Primer is apparently the secret to the foundation counterpart's long- lasting coverage,  but glorified into a whole new product. It promises to extend the life of foundation with the Flexi-Hold technology, mattify skin and remove excess oil with Micro Correctors, and even includes SPF 20 to boot. It comes in a semi- translucent shade.

The product comes in a vintage- looking bottle with a sealable pump, which is a pretty cool feature: In case you lose or break the cap, you won't have to worry about spillage, thanks to the open-close option of the pump.

More about this great, great affordable primer after the cut!

The product has this creamy, silicone feel-I can feel the silicone ingredient in it, but it surprisingly feels like moisturizer-it is quite thick though and if you apply too much, it may end up feeling pasty on the skin-just apply small dots on each part of your face and spread well until it gets absorbed by the skin. It is fragrance- free as well.


Bare skin

One layer of Facefinity All Day Primer

As you can see, it is pretty translucent: it goes well with any of my foundation and doesn't affect their color payoff as well, provided that I apply no more than two layers (after all, it still contains a pretty high amount of SPF). And even if consistency's quite thick, I didn't feel that it's suffocating my skin in any way, but I would recommend a patch test to those with sensitive and acne- prone skin. I also expected that this primer will give off a flat matte finish, but instead, it yielded a matte, dewy finish and I prefer this better.

TIP: You can use this product as an eye primer too. Just take a teeny weeny amount, spread it onto your lids evenly, and leave to set for at least 3 minutes before applying eye makeup. Just be sure that you don't have sensitive skin on the lid area!

Staying power is very good: It extends the wear time of sheer bases for at least 1 to 2 more hours and on long- wearing bases, wear time is extended for at least 2 to 3 more hours. I even used this primer with a cream foundation that makes my face really oily and the latter proved to be no match for this product.

I am very impressed with the feel and performance of this primer and I will surely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a pretty affordable and economical face primer that literally makes makeup stick. I wish it had other benefits such as skin tone correcting properties, pore minimizing effects, and instant brightening results, but its notable makeup- extending property is enough to make me buy it over and over again-I now understand why it was a backstage staple during the 2014 London Fashion Week!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've witnessed the power of the facefinity primer on the BDJBox event. Mr. Bobby Carlos of Max Factor Philippines showed us the effect of this product on the face and it's pretty amazing! I'm actually buying this one as well as the color corrector sticks. :)

  2. I think this is the first time I've seen you bare faced. I hope you won't get offended with the next words I'm saying: I'm somehow comforted that you don't have clear skin! You can really demonstrate the effectiveness of the makeup bases you're reviewing since you've got spots to cover.

    I mean, it just means that we girls that don't have unblemished skin can still look good with the right tools. Thanks for making us feel good about ourselves despite having acne scars and blemishes to cover.

    Much love from a blemished girl,


  3. I want to try this too but I still have to finish up all my other primers. I love this range. The foundation is pretty similar to Covergirl's Stay Flawless.

  4. I like how it doesn't add anything to the face (at least physically) kasi some primers tend to affect, as you said, the color payoff of the foundation. I'm just worried about how my skin will react to it since my skin is pretty sensitive so I really have to be meticulous as well when it comes to choosing face base products.

    I think this one will be a big help for me since I do commute a lot and as a college student, go from one building to another and I need something that will help my makeup stay all through the day. So thanks for featuring this!

  5. Abegaill: Cool! I'm sure you'll like it! :D

    Cath: You're welcome! Hope it works well for you. :D

    Juvy: True that! Max Factor indeed has one of the best foundations around. :)

    Katrina: Hey there! Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it! Part of what I do is embracing my flaws and all because beauty blogging is a journey to me!

  6. Wow a 5/5 for a primer. I have got to check this one out. :)

  7. This is the first time I've heard of a primer with SPF! Amazing! You can use a foundation without SPF and not worrying of your skin's protection from UV rays. Does it have white cast on flash photography? :)

  8. Good to know that it feels like moisturizer. I've gotten used to the silicone feel of primers, but they tend to bring out my dry patches on cheeks unless I do a lot of moisturizing prepwork. Aaah, the pains of combination skin.

    I might try this after the one I'm using now runs out. (It's Maybelline Baby Skin and, despite the occasional dry patches, I love it because I find it sooo inexpensive and effective.) I'm wowed by the SPF 20. --Matromao

  9. The finish is so perfect! It's not super matte, parang dewy, fresh out of the shower lang. Ang ganda <3

    And it's awesome that it has SPF kasi currently, I put sunscreen then let it sit for awhile then primer LOL it's so matrabaho. Reasonably priced pa! I will definitely buy this once I'm done with my Porefessional hehe


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