FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: I've Overplucked My Brows. HALP!

Okay, sisters, we've a little emergency here and one of your co-readers, Liv, is involved and it's about her brows. Ack! Just the thought of having a brow trouble is enough to make me faint-sorry if I seem overreacting, but anything that concerns brows really worries (or excites) me to death! :p

Hi Martha! 
A little help here, please! I've been plucking my brows for the longest time and I think I may have over plucked them. Blame it on my OC behavior as I tend to pluck out anything that sticks out sorely or what I feel like plucking and now, I believe I've plucked beyond what needs to be plucked. Now my brow shape looks so thin, uneven, and jagged. Anything you can recommend that will help my brow strands grow back faster or remedy the situation somehow? Thank you and I'm really looking forward to your response! 
Your reader,

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Hi Liv!

I'm a lil' OC about things too, but good thing, I never applied that to my brows. I hope by now, you already know how hazardous and heartbreaking it is to keep on plucking your eyebrows so next time, please give them a little time to brow and trust me, those excess brow strands here and there are not that bothersome as you think. :)

There are a few ways to grow your hair strands back, but I'd have to be honest and tell you that they don't guarantee anything to anyone-it still depends on your body's reaction and if your brows have forgiven you already for the brow crime you've committed (lol. Just lightening things up! :D). Now click READ MORE for some tips on how to remedy and treat over plucked brows.

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1. Massage a Vitamin E- based cream on your brow area.

- Vitamin E has notable reparative properties and it may help your hair follicles repair faster and better. If you find creams too thick, opt for a Vitamin E- based eye cream.

2. Try Eyelash Serums

- NewPeptin Eye Expert Eyelash Enhancer is the most effective eyelash growth enhancer I have tried and it also worked for my brows. Latisse is also a popular hair growth serum so you might want to check that out, but if you have sensitive skin, please consult with a dermatologist first and wait for the go signal before using any of these cosmeceutical products.

3. Fill it in, baby

- As you wait for your brow strands to grow back, rely on brow products in the meantime so you'll feel better about your situation. There are a dozen of very good brow liners out there and I would personally recommend K-Palette's Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pens because its marker has a very sheer yet buildable consistency that lets you create natural, hair-like strokes.

4. The Last Resort: Brow Tattoo

- But not just any brow tattoo, mind you. Browhaus is offering Brow Resurrection, the painless and most natural way to get a brow tattoo. If you've done everything you could and you're unsuccessful, then it's about time to get that brow tattoo.

Hope this post helps you in any way, Liv! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I once did that to my brows too! And I filled my brows na lang with color. :) My brows grow back easily so I didn't think of that much. Thank you for the tips Ms. Martha! I would surely use the products mentioned if ever I overpluck my brows again. :(

  2. I've been argan oil-infused hair serum for around 3 weeks now when I ran out of eye make-up remover (and went broke), and I noticed that my lashes became fuller and stray brow hairs grew faster than before. Maybe that could work too! ;)

  3. Wow! I didn't even know that I can apply my Vit. E Eye Cream on my brows! I actually got used to my short eyebrows, but I make sure to fix it with waterproof eyebrow gel. I am so obsessed with it. :-)

  4. I just had my brows waxed and I'm not really happy about it. I hope it grows back soon with the help of vit e

  5. I've been there! And I cannot tell you how frustrating that experience was to me. It was the time when Cara Delvigne's brows were all the hype and fuller looking brows was the trend and I'm stuck with sparse and uneven brows lol! I don't know why I don't notice if I'm overplucking my brows (same goes with applying brow liner) which made them look a lot more unkept instead of looking polished so I end up waiting for them to grow back. I am thankful that they grow back fast though

  6. Abegaill: Welcome :)

    Cath: One of the lucky ones! Thankfully, my brows grow back quickly too, but I have this small, bald spot on my left brow-it's right at the tip and it got victimized by over plucking too. Thank God for brow products!

    Chel: Hi Chel! Oh no! I hope it grows back too. You might also want to consider looking into hair growth serums to help you.

    Katrina: Yes! Because Argan Oil is abundant in Vitamin E. :) Thanks for the reco! :)

  7. I never tried though but I've read that castor oil could aid in hair regrowth and a cheapo as well..:)

  8. Coconut oil also helps! My mom's in her late 50's so her eyebrows and eyelashes became pretty sparse, but when she started applying coconut oil to her brows and using coconut oil to remove her mascara, they grew back! It might work even faster if you're a younger age.

  9. I tend to err on the side of caution with my eyebrows. I've only had them done in salons a handfull of times, then I just tweeze the excess following the original pattern. Phobia din ako to go overboard, and then I keep getting told na baka magtampo yung eyebrows and not grow back the way they used to.

    Since I've been filling in my brows with brow pencil, I've started to "moisturize" the area with a lash serum as well. I've been using L'oreal's Lash Renewal because I'm too lazy to put them on my lashes.

    Best of luck on that, Liv. Best bet really is to stimulate hair growth. --Matromao

  10. Since I have really stupid hands (LOL), I use eyebrow stencils to help me shape my brows. I'm a Cara Delevingne power brows fan pa naman, and I never did find thin-lined, overplucked eyebrows pretty.

    Thanks for this guide, Martha!


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