Big Day Slim Team: Your Personal Pampering and Slimming Squadron At Home!

The wedding season is coming up and speaking of which, dear bride-to-be’s, have you thought about yourself lately? All that planning for the big day can take its toll on you, thus you might be putting your personal beauty needs aside, which is pretty important as well-of course you have to look your best on your wedding, but with that coming up plus your daily responsibilities at home and work, with your family, friends, and loved ones, who’s got the time to have a pampering and beautifying session!?

If you find yourself in this situation, who ya gonna call? Nope, not the Ghostbusters, but Big Day Slim Team!

Big Day Slim Team is a pretty cool discovery lately. Basically, it’s a local company that offers home- based pampering and slimming solutions for busy people who are looking forward to a special day and even those who are in dire need of a beautifying session ASAP. They offer a bunch of beauty services and packages such as manicure, pedicure, foot spa, rejuvenating facials, body massage, sugar waxing, and-wait for it-Lipo Cavitation and RF (Radio Frequency) services.

“Everyone’s looking forward to a big day”, says Maxinne Ignacio, owner of Big Day Slim Team. Whether you’re going to get married, celebrating your birthday/debut, attending a ball, or going out on a special date with your partner, Big Day Slim Team will come to your rescue. As you take care of your priorities, Big Day Slim Team will handle your beauty needs for you.

The super nice duo of BDST, Daisy and Gina

They offered me a free trial of their Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency services, which I accepted as I wasn’t able to finish the same package with an aesthetic clinic due to distance issues and time constraints. As much as I wanted to finish my previous sessions, I had work, my blog, and my life to attend to and spending at least three hours of my day just to drive to the clinic’s location and undergo the procedure was a bit too much, given my hectic schedule-also, I couldn’t seem to reserve a slot in the clinic whenever I’m free, thus I had to drop it altogether. At least with Big Day Slim Team, I wouldn’t have to worry about those things any longer.

I got 6 sessions of Lipo Cavitation and Radio Frequency, respectively, on my thighs and abdomen. Click READ MORE for my experience!

First things first: I filled up a form, which basically informed them if I’m either pregnant, taking medications, or recovering from an injury/surgery. (I’m clear on these things) It’s important to let Big Day Slim Team know about your current physical and health conditions for a breezy slimming experience. Also, it’s not best to undergo such sessions during your period or right after pregnancy, as the body is tender during these times. Oh, they have these cute add-ons too: spa music played through an iPod and portable speakers that recreates a spa atmosphere right at your home plus a portable bed for the slimming services!

The one on the left is the Radio Frequency machine and on the right is the Lip Cavitation machine. Lipo Cavitation is a non-invasive way to melt stubborn fat while Radio Frequency destroys fat cells plus firms the skin to boot. According to Big Day Slim Team, it’s best to take both: Lipo Cavitation will deal with fat, while Radio Frequency will deal with sagging skin.

It was my first time to try Radio Frequency. At first, it was a little painful because it works like a vacuum that sucks your skin to tighten it up, until I found out that I could ask them to minimize the frequency--if you’re not comfortable with the frequency, simply ask them to decrease or increase it. The RF machine imparts a warm sensation as well, which is pretty relaxing in my opinion.

Meanwhile, down there on my thigh areas, I enjoyed Lipo Cavitation so much because it felt so soothing, as if I was having a massage that I kept on dozing off in my sessions.

By the way, their pricing for these services is really affordable-in fact, theirs is one of the most affordable I’ve seen-Lipo Cavitation is P2,500.00/session on the abdominal area and P2,500.00/session on the thigh area, and Radio Frequency is P1,800.00/session for the abdominal area and P1,800.00/session on the thigh area. For the major body areas such as the arms, abs, thighs, they give a P500.00 discount for every second, third, fourth, and so on sessions.

These are just two of the many services that you can enjoy with Big Day Slim Team. They have packages as well for that full pampering experience. Here’s one:

To hire Big Day Slim Team, just give them a call, choose your package/service, book your slots, and then wait for them to come to your doorstep-it’s as easy as pie. Looking beautiful has never been this easy! If you’re interested, just visit BIG DAY SLIM TEAM on Facebook.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Big Day Slim Team and The Beauty Junkee.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm really curious about these types of treatment that removes fat. Isn't it too good to be true? Hope you could show us the improvement or effectiveness of this :)

  2. They're services are pretty interesting. What I love about it is that they come at your doorstep! And the prices are pretty competitive so they're services are worth the try. I'm interested in getting the packaged one. I hope they could reach Antipolo though. haha

  3. Wow it's great that they provide home service for that! It's convenient plus, in my opinion, I'd be a bit too shy to go to a place that offers those kinds of services. (Boo hoo fats.)

  4. Beauty treatments that offer home service always sounds so fancy to me! :)) --Matromao

  5. How I wish that I can try it! I'm getting fatna kasi! hehe! :)

  6. Matromao- yes! Love that it's so convenient too!

    Shary DC- It is effective at some point, but you still have to torch calories the right way and that is through a healthy diet and exercise. These are just supplementary procedures that will help you burn fat faster. :)

    Jessy: IKR! At least if you have it at home, you spare yourself from that situation plus you can sleep right after!

    Abegaill: You can inquire via their FB fan page and ask if Antipolo is part of the areas that they are servicing to. :)


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