Classic Beauty Favorites Made Even Better + Sample Room's VIP Membership Just Got Better!

In life, you just have to get better and better-there's no point in living if you just wanna stay stuck. But being better doesn't mean becoming a total stranger to those who are dear to you and even to yourself-just leave the bad ones behind and bring the good ones with you, and take becoming better as an opportunity to evolve, not to change. Be better, but never lose who you are.

So that thought of the day was inspired by these same ol' brand new products by Palmolive, Colgate, Dial, and Sample Room. Check 'em out!

As part of the women's basketball league and badminton league in grade school and high school, I'd always end up smelling funky around midday especially on the scalp area because I'm always prone to sweat, heat, and dirt, some of the inevitable things that you have to deal with every single day if you're a pretty active person. Palmolive became a go-to hair care brand for me because they've got the nicest- smelling shampoos and conditioners that keep my hair and scalp fragrant even after a tough practice on the field.

Up to this day, I still use Palmolive, especially if I am going to sweat it out in the gym. Aside from making my hair smell lovely all day, Palmolive also marries science and nature to give my crowning glory the best kind of care it deserves. The entire range now comes in a new form, but it's still the good ol' Palmolive hair care range that I have loved ever since! My personal favorites are Brilliant Shine, Silky Straight, and Intensive Moisture because they work very well on my fine, straight, and dry hair. If you wanna know which Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner suit your hair care needs, just visit PALMOLIVE NATURALS on Facebook.

Speaking of grade school and high school (most especial grade school), Dial was also a key player in my childhood shower memories! Dial is a favorite 'pasalubong' of my balikbayan relatives plus, my mom would always use Dial on me just because it provides "'round the clock protection"-yep, we believed that tagline A LOT lol!

Fast forward to 2014: Dial's making a splashy comeback with Dial Coconut Water, a hydrating bath range made with Coconut Water. I thought that this range will have Dial's classic floral scent, but turned out that it smells better: It has this tropically cool, coconut-floral fragrance that sets you into a jovial, energized mood. The body wash is my ultimate favorite because it's very light, pleasant to use, and doesn't dry out my skin while the soap has Bamboo Leaf Extract that is very rich in electrolytes and antioxidants.

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash is at P199.75 and Dial Coconut Water Glycerin Bath Soap its at P139.75. Visit DIAL on Facebook to know more about this luscious body range.

Bigger, bolder, and better news from Sample Room and Colgate after the break!

Charcoal is nature's most powerful magnet-it's widely used not only in the household but in skin care as well because it absorbs bacteria and toxins, thereby leaving anything it touches dirt and germ- free.

Charcoal is just as good for your teeth as it is for your skin (and the household, for that matter) and with Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean, you can finally have 90% cleaner teeth. Colgate utilizes Activated Charcoal that absorbs toxins and bacteria from the surface of the teeth. Combined with the effects of Colgate Total, you can also experience 12- hour freshness on top of a deep clean.

Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean retails at P126.20 (150g) and P87.05 (90g). To complete your Charcoal experience, you might want to try Colgate's Toothbrush with activated charcoal- tipped slim bristles! Just visit COLGATE on Facebook to know more about these products.

At last! Pond's Flawless White is now in a much tolerable texture that's so apt for our tropical weather! The new Pond's Flawless White Dewy Rose Whitening Soft Gel is in a petal- soft, fresh gel texture and made with Rose Lumiere Serum from Alpine Rose that helps banish dullness and retain moisture in the skin. If you're a lover of this line, this is something that will surely excite you!

Pond's Dewy Rose Whitening Soft Gel is P149.00 at 10g and P399.00 at 50g. Visit POND'S PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this new range.

As for the icing on the cake, here's an awesome news from Sample Room: Sample Room's VIP Membership just had a cool revamp-it's so cool that even if I'm a partner Blogger, I wanna be a VIP member too!

Previously, Sample Room VIP members pay a bi-monthly fee of P699.00 and they get 1000 points that they can play around with for two months, plus other cool perks. From now on, VIP Membership will be at P799.00, BUT--VIP members will get a surprise gift on top of the points plus all the perks included in the membership. What's more is, the free gift comes to your doorstep every time you renew your membership!

How does the points system work? Simple. Just purchase a product using your points (VIP Members have access to premium samples and full- sized samples as well), secure your order, wait for your package to arrive, use the product, review it on Sample Room, and you'll automatically get back your points plus incentive points to boot!

If you've been contemplating about being a VIP Member of Sample Room, then I say, GO FOR IT because there's no better time for it than now! To sign up, just visit SAMPLE ROOM VIP MEMBERSHIP page.

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  1. I have the Ponds Flawless white dewy rose gel from my BDJ September box, I've seen the Palmolive Shampoo & Conditioner and the Dial Body Wash & Soap when we visited the Supermarket last night. I'll be using Ponds rose gel by next week :D

  2. I super love Palmolive as well. And I would agree that it's the nicest smelling shampoo in the market. I really use that when I know I'll be under the sun for a long time. :) The Dial products seems interesting and it's pretty cheap. Would definitely buy it when we buy our groceries. I use Pond's rose gel too. I bought it in Watson's and I really love it's effect on my skin. It made my face soft. It isn't heavy on the face too.

  3. I like Ponds and Palmolive.
    Great post.
    Lets stay in contact through GFC G+ Twitter and Bloglovin. Follow me will love to add you back <3

  4. I remember using Dial when I was a kid! Great to see it come back with an interesting angle (coconut water).

  5. Pat: me too along with Fa! (Hahaha. Now my age is showing) :)

    Naomi: Thanks for sharing! :)

    Abegaill: it's nice that Pond's came out with this because I found the cream version a bit to heavy. Did you notice its instant skin- brightening effect too? :)

    Melanie: Get the body wash! It smells really good! :D

  6. Love that Palmolive has reinvented their brand...their shampoos smell good. I buy Dial too when I was working in the call center in Eastwood.


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