FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: All About Facial Scrubs- types, benefits, and side effects

Hellooooo everyone! Hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Halloween's just around the corner and speaking of which, do you already have an idea of what costume/makeup you'll sport on that day? I'm thinking of doing cosplay or anything super hero- inspired for the BF and I's Halloween date night. I'll surely share that with you guys soon. :)

So! Let's talk about facial scrubs: it's variants, pros and cons, and which scrub type suits which skin type. Thanks Marla for sending this query!

Hello Martha, 
I'm currently into facial scrubbing-never knew that it would give me skin that feels so good afterwards! I'd just want to ask, are there some things I have to consider when scrubbing my complexion? Like, is there a specific scrub that I should use (I have dry-oily skin and it's a lil' sensitive) or are there any ingredients that I should look for in a scrub and steer clear of too? What are the different types of facial scrubs too and kindly present their pros and cons. Thank you! Looking forward to your response! 

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Hi Marla!

High five! I'm happy to know that you're into facial scrubbing-I could attest that this skin care habit has got so many wonderful benefits so please, keep going! :) But please be reminded to limit it to the just twice or thrice a week with one day interval in between each session. Otherwise, you might irritate your skin!

Back to your question. Yep, there are a couple of facial scrub variants out there-they pretty much do the same thing and that is to slough off dead skin cells, but it's good to know their unique characteristics so you can make the most out of scrubbing. Click READ MORE and I shall tell you the different types of facial scrubs including their various uses, benefits, and side effects. :)

The Good Ol' Facial Scrub

- This is the classic facial scrub or what I'd call 'spiked facial foams'.-seriously, they're just facial foams with added scrubbers! This is probably the most popular type of facial scrub out there.

Best for the following skin types: It's actually good for any skin type because scrubs like this come in variants that target specific skin types.

Benefits: accessible, affordable, easy to use, infused with different skin- caring ingredients

Side Effects: dryness and irritation due to SLES ingredients.

Water Scrubs

- If you can't stand the irritating feeling from traditional scrubs, these water- based scrubs are heaven sent!

Best For The Following Skin Types: skins that are prone to redness, sensitive skin, and dry skin (Marla, this scrub should be good for you!)

Benefits: It's primarily made up of water so there's very minimal risk of irritation

Side Effects: None, but this scrub may not suffice for those with really rough skin types.

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Wash Cloth

- Got no facial scrub on hand? Then you must be forgetting the classic wash cloth! I keep a wash cloth in the shower at all times to give my body that extra scrub.

Best For The Following Skin Types: sensitive skin

Benefits: It's literally chemical- free and obviously, affordable

Side Effects: A wash cloth stays damp at least 90% of the time and it can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not washed properly.

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Mechanical Scrubs

- Clarisonic, Mary Kay Cleansing Brush, and Neutrogena Wave-yes, they're high- tech scrubs and methinks they're the futuristic version of the wash cloth! Mechanical scrubs promise to give you that deep clean feeling and super smooth skin with brush heads that rotate faster than you can say "Wow!"

Best For The Following Skin Types: Any skin type as long as it's not sensitive or hypersensitive

Benefits: gets rid of dead skin better than average facial scrubs, hygienic, and gives you a good scrub in half the time.

Side Effects: Depending on how one uses it, a mechanical scrub may cause skin to break out, redness, dryness, and irritation. It is best used with a very light hand and with soft cleansing foams to somehow protect the skin from the bristles.

That's it and hope you've all learned something new today! :)

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree... scrubs should be done two or three times a week!! I'm currently using Asian Secrets Facial Scrub..

  2. I'm using the old fashion facial scrub and I like it. I can feel that the particles are really removing dirt on my face. :) It feels so rough sometimes but I can stand it naman. And I also notice that my face have less acne whenever I'm scrubbing. I haven't tried the water scrubs though it looks interesting.

  3. I also use facial scrubs once or twice a week since it leaves my skin feeling very clean and removes whiteheads on my t-zone. i am loving the St Ives Timeless Apricot Scrub. I am planning on getting that Clarisonic though since I am reading a lot of good stuff about it. will start saving I guess lol :)

  4. Corinne: Hello there! Oh I love that st. ives scrub too! In fact, it was my first- ever facial scrub! :) As for Clarisonic, maybe you want to read more reviews as some girls say that it made them break out, while the others had success with it. That, or you wanna buy something similar yet cheaper so you'll know if it's worth the investment. Just my two cents. :)

    Abegaill: Me too. Classic facial scrubs still work for me. I like water- based scrubs too. :)

    Melanie: That's a good one. How do you find it? :)


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