Happy Skin Turns One + Sweet Holiday Products

Somebody just turned One this month and it's the baby of Jacqe Yuengtian- Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil- Trillo, Happy Skin!

What do you do when time passes by quickly? Well, try to do everything you can and this is what Happy Skin did! In just a year, they've launched lots of gorgeous colors and wonderful products, plus they've positioned themselves in the most recognized beauty and fashion outlets! Talk about sweet success!

Speaking of Sweet Success, here's another milestone for Happy Skin, a great way to end the year with a bang: Happy Skin Holiday Collection! Click READ MORE and indulge in these new, crave- worthy products from Happy Skin!

Served On A Silver Platter (P1,999.00) is a collection for the cheeks, complexion, lips, and eyes. In this collectible tin can, you'll get SS Cream, Get Cheeky With Me Powder Blush, Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie, a mini Eye Am Here To Stay in Watermelon, and Happy Skin Foundation Brush.

Eye Candy is indeed the apt name to call this Eye Am Here To Stay mini liner collection (P1,299.00/set). The following colors in this collection are Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Plum, and Butterscotch-it comes in a collectible tin can too!

Forbidden Fruit Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie Collection (P1,399.00/set; P549.00/each) is what I've been looking forward to because it features three fall shades called Naughty and Nice (Plum Berry), Under The Sheets (Nutty Brown), and Mistletoe Kiss (Cherry Red). Was able to swatch everything and glad they all fit me perfectly! Just like Eye Candy and Served On A Silver Platter, this collection comes in a collectible tin can as well!

Sealed With A Kiss (P1,299.00) is a trio of Shut Up and Kiss Me's best- selling shades. The shades in this set are: Crushing On You, First Kiss, and Summer Fling.

Happy Skin celebrates their first birthday too with three new beauty products:

Eye Need a Miracle (P799.00) is a salmon- toned corrector that conceals dark circles-it's a great complementary product to the original Eye Need A Miracle Concealer.

Here's the solution to hard-to-blend lip and cheek tints: Shut Up And Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Mousse (P699.00). This long- lasting, super pigmented product stains your lips and cheeks perfectly with its soft, easy to blend texture.

All Eyes On Hue (P1,299.00) is a holiday eye palette that consists of 4 ultra wearable shades-it comes with its own cheat sheet too!

The beautiful godmothers of Happy Skin! Congratulations on your first, fruitful year and even if I don't wish it, I'm sure your second, third, fourth, and so on years will be even greater! :)

Happy Skin's Sweet Holiday Collection is now available in Plains and Prints and Beauty Bar stores. Visit HAPPY SKIN on Facebook for more information about these new products.

Happy Skin is now available online (Local and International shipping available)! The first 100 online shoppers will get a free, one (1) limited edition Eye Am Here To Stay Mini Eyeliner!

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  1. I'm really eyeing on their new collection! What I want to get first are the mini eyeliner collection and the new lippies collection. Time really fly so fast, that I didn't realized that Happy Skin has been here for a year! I like their eyeshadow as well but I hope they'll release more shades soon. I'm really an eyeshadow addict

  2. I ordered Forbidden Fruit Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Mistletoe Kiss already... I gave in haha Hope I'm not too late for the limited edition mini eyeliner...

  3. abegaill: I think you'll like the all eyes on you because the shades are so wearable! :D

    Melanie: Enjoy! :D


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