Make Up For Ever: Unleashing The Artist Within for 30 Years + Exciting Product Launches!

Make Up For Ever just turned 30 and all over the world, MUFE fans are celebrating the brand's three decades of nurturing each and everyone's inner artist with their bold, high performance professional makeups. Just a one or two weeks ago, MUFE Philippines had a little celebration through a quaint and intimate Bloggers' event and I was really honored to be part of it as I've always been a Make Up For Ever fan!

It was a quiet evening and after doing a quick jab-hook-straight session in Elorde, I proceeded to Pino Restaurant in Jupiter Makati for the celebration. It was an awesome day as it satisfied both my mind and body: There was boxing for the betterment of my physique and Watercolor painting by Alessa of Pino Restaurant and the blog called Life After Breakfast for the enhancement of my 'hidden' talent in painting (I've always known that my painting talent is just hiding, but I don't know how I can make it come out lol!).

So here are a few washes that I've re-learned-the first time I did 'em (which was in Liz Lanuzo's quick watercolor workshop in one of the events I attended), I sucked and this time, my strokes finally looked okay-well I'd like to believe that they do! :D

First was the glazed wash-simply put, it's applying a sheer layer of color on top of bolder layers of colors. Second one was Wet On Wet, which is wetting the paper with water and applying drops of color to create a tie- dye effect. You know, I'm kinda' liking watercolor painting now-maybe I should look into it more real soon. :D

So after that informative workshop, we feasted on some yummy grub by Pino and of course, on the newest products of Make Up For Ever. I hope you're color- hungry right now because when you click READ MORE, you'll be treated to a festive buffet of colors! :D

I died for three seconds when I saw these!

Now that is what you call eyeshadow G-A-L-O-R-E! Make Up For Ever, fyi, is world- renowned for their eyeshadows that have superior professional quality. No kidding, if I can only own one eyeshadow brand, it would be Make Up For Ever just because I can attest that their eyeshadows are true to color, luxurious, and takes forever to use-I've also proven that it's a legit PRO eyeshadow brand as I've used it in some of my theatre plays before and I recall that it performs really well.

Make Up For Ever revolutionizes the world of eyeshadow with their new Artist Palette and Artist Shadows. The Artist Palette is a series of blank palettes where you can insert MUFE's eyeshadow refills and customize it to your heart's content-design is also patterned after the brand's 'for professional makeup' image.

I almost took this palette home with me haha!

MUFE said that their Artist Shadows now have better texture and color, and are loaded with at least 70% pigments for truer than true and brighter than bright color payoff. As for the finishes, there is matte, satin, iridescent, metallic, and the pressed version of their Diamond Powders. As for the shade range, there are over 200 shades available and they're all available in the Philippines!

Swatching 200 colors is a whole lotta' work, so I've swatched some of my favorites below:

 Mattes and Satins.

Metallics- this line has the most impressive color payoff for me! Just look at the way they adhered onto my skin!


The Artist Shadows are now at P875.00 each and here's the complete list and prices of the Artist Palettes:

Empty Mono Case- P300.00
Empty Duo Palette- P300.00
Empty Trio Palette- P300.00
Magnetic Palette S (Can fit 4-5 Artist Shadows)- P450.00
Magnetic Palette M (Can fit up to 12 Artist Shadows)- P450.00
Magnetic Palette L (Can fit up to 18 Artist Shadows)- P970.00
Magnetic Palette XL (Can fit up to 28 Artist Shadows)- P1,290.00

To compliment the Artist Shadow range, Make Up For Ever also unleashes their new Black Liner collection- there are three variants that will satisfy your eyeliner needs as there's pencil, liquid pen, and ink.

From left to right, the Ink Liner features a precise applicator for that perfect line and a soft matte, calligraphic finish. The liquid pen Graphic Liner imparts a semi- glossy, jet- black finish, while the automatic pencil Artist Liner delivers a super matte payoff. Here are the prices for the Black Liners:

Artist Liner- P1,300.00
Ink Liner- P1,500.00
Graphic Liner- P1,600.00

Of course the brushes are important too! Dany Sanz, founder of Make Up For Ever, knows very well that each and every artist is different, thus they need different tools to express their art. In line with that, Make Up For Ever introduces their new Artisan Brushes, a 75- piece brush set for infinite creativity. The brushes are made with 100% engineered bristles for superior comfort and feature a handle that resembles painting brushes.

So that's all for our Make Up For Ever celebration! Here's me with my fellow MUFE lovers, Mikki, Nikki, and Tara. :)

Artist Shadow, Artist Palette, Black Liner, and the new Brush Collection are now available in Make Up For Ever SM Mega Fashion Hall, Greenbelt 3, and Trinoma Pop- Up Store. Just visit MAKE UP FOR EVER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information. ;)

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  1. I really like Makeup Forever. The first thing I bought from them was the eyeshadow palette. I super agree with you that their eyeshadows are exceptional. :) I still have mine until now. And the eyeshadows atay for a long time. :) I havent tried their eyeliners though. I'm so happy that they put up a store in Megamall.

  2. Wow those shadows are really pigmented!

  3. The metallic eye shadows are awesome colors, love it!!! the palettes excites me, I'm gonna really swatch this out!!!

  4. OMG! I love MUFE's brushes! They're so soft but expensive :(

  5. Just how big are the eyeshadow pans? I'm so curious!

  6. ba ung MUFE blushes sa empty trio palettes?


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