Olay Natural White Body Bars: The Best of Both Worlds in Skin Lightening

Beauty is a journey and as with all journeys, it takes a whole lot of time, patience, and effort, but it certainly doesn’t have to be punishing-for it to be enjoyable, we just have to find the perfect balance in everything that we do and we use. I like balance in everything even in my beauty regimen. For example, my underarm whitening regimen: Yes, I do use intensive whitening soaps, but I make it a point to counteract the undesirable effects of such products like dryness, redness, and irritation by alternating with a gentler, more moisturizing whitening soap after each month. It may be a little tedious, but what helps me stick to this regimen is knowing that I am still on my way to getting my desired result, but without sacrificing my skin’s health.

More than balance, I’m in love with variety and adventure too. It’s always a pleasurable activity to go soap- shopping in the supermarket every month because I get to discover new players in the field and re-discover some classics. My pick for the month is Olay’s Natural White Body Bars. Let me tell you more about these products after the break!

Olay said that Natural White Bar is a moisturizing, lightening range and it contains ingredients found in Olay’s facial skin care products-that’s what induced me to try it out. I’m a fond user of Olay’s skin care particularly Aquaction and Total Effects Face and Body Wash, and I was hoping that this soap range will deliver the great kind of moisture I get from my favorite face products from Olay.

There are two variants in the Natural White Bar Range: There’s Natural White with Vitamin C. Vitamin C, as we know very well, is good at clarifying the skin and making it brighter and more even.

The other one is Natural White with Papaya Extracts. Papaya is a potent, all- natural ingredient that makes skin lighter.

Aside from these unique ingredients, Olay said as well that Natural White Bars feature the Triple Whitening System Exfoliates that will help reveal your skin’s natural glow and evenness.

Both variants will cater to your lightening needs, but I believe that each of them, based on the ingredients, will yield different results: If you just want to achieve a more even complexion, choose Natural White with Vitamin C and if you want to get fairer, opt for Natural White With Papaya Extracts.

I have been using both variants for a week and here’s a little review. By the way, my preferred bar is Natural White with Vitamin C:

Say it with me: CREEEEAAAAMMMMY! Man, I haven’t used a bar soap as creamy as this in a while, but despite that, it does not melt easily. The bar produces this milky, soft foam with a clean, shower fresh scent and it always feels like mousse, not soap whenever I’m using it! I know that Creamy may sometimes mean “tough to rinse”, but this bar ain’t that: it rinses off as fast as it foams up. Formula is pretty gentle (literally zero stinging, itchiness, and redness), thus I can leave it on my underarms longer for better results. And as for the after shower effects, it makes my underarm feel silky, as if I’ve put a light moisturizer on it, but I feel that skin lightening/brightening with this product will come slowly and gradually though because the formula is quite gentle.

Like what I said, balance is key to having an enjoyable journey to your best beautiful self and this is one of the products that fits the bill: It whitens, but without hurting your skin (and your wallet!). I also think that this product is great for facial use since it contains Olay’s skin care ingredients, but please be mindful of your usage if you have sensitive skin.

Where can you find this product? Everywhere from supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, drugstores, and sari-sari stores. Price for each Natural White Bar starts at P15.00 for the trial size (the one in the pack)-it’s a pretty cool offering because it allows you to try it out without committing to its full- sized version.

If you want to know more about this product, just visit OLAY on Facebook.

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE ASKS: Have you tried this particular product? Do let us know your experience, especially the long- time users in here. :D

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've tried the Papaya Variant and yes the soap is creamy but does not melt easily.. It's like Dove soap!!!

  2. I love Olay especially now that they've been super affordable. What's good about them is that they cater to be affordable yet the products are still of high quality. I like the Olay with papaya variant naman. :) Super bango and the bar lasts for a long time.

  3. Melanie: Yes! :)

    Abegaill: Even the Natural White bar lasts for quite a while too. :)


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