Flawless Cell Booster Infusion Mask Diary

Did a beauty stopover at Flawless Face and Body Clinic at SM Makati yesterday. I almost wanted to go for my usual treatment, Acne Control Advanced Facial, but thought of trying something else the last minute.

Rejuvenation was the word that guided me yesterday in choosing my treatment at Flawless-I needed it more than ever! I asked the helpful Flawless lady about their rejuvenating treatments and she automatically she mused "Cell Booster Infusion Mask!" Cell Booster Infusion Mask, it is!

Cell Booster Infusion Mask is a treatment that rejuvenates on the inside and out. Flawless said that this treatment makes use of Growth Factors in Stem Cells found in a rare Swiss Apple. Growth Factors, according to studies, can help the skin immensely by stimulating younger cells and reversing damage. 

This treatment features a unique Hydrogel Mask that contains an essence with a high concentration of ingredients from the rare Swiss Apple-the mask is said to deliver the active ingredients throughly into the skin as it reacts to its temperature rather than the air. Sounds cool!

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The basic drill was the same with the other facial treatments of Flawless: Cleanse, Tone, Facial Massage, Facial Steaming, Pricking, and laser, but there were a few exclusive features:

After cleansing with the foaming cleanser, I was treated to a second cleanse using a Cleansing Cream. The cream was nice and emollient, and it came with darn good massage. :)

Next, my face was scrubbed using a soft cream cleanser and with Flawless' Clarisonic- type of brush.

After steaming and pricking, they finally applied the Hydrogel Mask. This mask was so soothing and so cold! It really felt like my pores shrunk immediately upon contact and I felt a little sleepy too because it was that relaxing. The mask was left on for 20 minutes.

Second to the last step: A Vitamin C serum was applied onto my skin, perhaps to support the essence from the Hydrogel Mask.

Finally, an anti-inflammatory cream was applied because I had one helluva pricking session!

The combination of the Vitamin C and Anti-Inflammatory cream created a tiny bump on my nose area as both products were pretty thick: The Vitamin C Serum had a semi- oily consistency, while the anti-inflammatory cream had this body butter texture. These, plus my natural face oil have caused that unwanted bump! The next time I try this treatment, I will only opt for the anti- inflammatory cream as I have my own serums at home. I woke up today and  found that the bump has subsided already-thank God for Salicylic Acid!

Other than that small nose boo-boo, it was a pretty relaxing experience and it gave back my skin's lost freshness and softness, plus the pores on the sides of my nose became noticeably smaller. Rejuvenating, indeed!

Cell Booster Infusion Mask is P1,400.00/session. Please visit FLAWLESS FACE AND BODY CLINIC on Facebook for more information about this treatment.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That hydrogel mask looks like it will feel really good on a stressed face!

  2. Looks refreshing. :) I haven't had my facial for quite some time now. :) I feel so envious. Haha. I hope to get time for facial

  3. I like this kind of pampering... More than facials, we really need something like this once in a while...You looked really refreshed!!!

  4. i havent tried facial for 5 yrs since i suffer from traumatic breakouts the last time i have facial. im glad to see an articles about your facial experience. maybe i will give it a try but i skip their serum too.. it looks very relaxing and refreshing

  5. Pat: true!

    Kittylovesnoopy: My face was traumatized in one facial treatment too, but I had a peel. Never to peels again, but I'm okay with traditional facial. :)

    Melanie: Thanks dear! :D

    Abegaill: Oh, me too. I wish I have more time to have a facial :p


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