FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: What Do You Do With Foundations That Don't Match Your Skin Tone?

Happy Halloween! The BF and I are doing something cute today because today's our annual Halloween Date Night. I'll blog about it soon! In the meantime, check out today's FMF from Lovely.

Hi Martha, 
I would like to know, what did you do with the foundation that isn't your skin tone? I have three Make Up For Ever Foundation sent to me by my aunt as a gift-too bad it's all pink shades. I'm fair- skinned with yellow undertone. Do you know any remedy or solution to it so I can still use it and the product won't all go to waste. Thank you very much1 Hope you can help. 

Hey Lovely!

I experienced that before and I should say that it's so heartbreaking, especially if the foundations are pricey! But do I get rid of them? Yes, but not without giving them a chance. Before throwing or giving away foundation, I use all my makeup skills to make them work, but if it's not really meant to be, then that's the time I let go. As for my techniques in working foundations that don't match your skin tone, click READ MORE for that.

1. I seal them with a yellow- toned powder

- A yellow- toned finishing powder can somehow minimize the pink/white cast from pink- toned foundations. I've noticed that mixing pink with yellow sorta' turns the undertone to Olive, and Olive somehow matches Asian skin tones. If in some cases, the pink- toned foundation darkens your skin tone, a sheer setting powder can brighten up your skin tone for a bit.

Yellow- toned powders to try: T.Le Clerc Loose Powder in Banana, Absynthe Bath and Beauty Happy Girls are the Prettiest Face Powder, Ben Nye Banana Powder.

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2. I only use them on casual days

- With hopeless foundations that I don't want to let go ever because the finish and staying power is awesome, I use them on casual days and as an alternate to the foundations that really work on me.

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3. I mix them with a yellow- toned foundation

- I mix foundations that don't match my skin tone with the ones that work to dilute the color of the former, although this is tedious and I don't do it often-I only do it on foundations that I really like, but unfortunately, don't match my skin tone.

If all else fails, just give them away and God will reward you in return for your kindness or you may choose to sell them and earn money that you can use to buy foundation that exactly matches your skin tone. :)

Hope you all liked this post! Happy Halloween, guys! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Useful tips! I also heard there are color- or shade-correcting foundations that is meant to be mixed with other foundations.

  2. I've never really bought a foundation that isn't matched with my skin tone. I find foundation one of the most expensive makeups so I'm really really careful buying them. But if ever the same thing happened to me, I would definitely try these tips. Thanks Ms. Martha.

  3. thank you very much. this is very helpful articles with me. :)

  4. I also mix them with other light or darker colored ones whichever applies to get a new shade hehe which I can be of use hehe sayang din if I'll throw them away...

  5. Great tips, Ms. M!

    I have experienced buying a liquid foundation which was a bit too light for me, so I use it as concealer instead :)


  6. Becomingsleek: yup! That's also recommended. :)

    Abegaill and Kittylovesnoopy: Welcome! :)

    Melanie: Thanks for sharing!

    Mica: Thanks for sharing your technique with us! :)

  7. Yellow powder trick is my favorite *fix. Ben nye Banana is <3 Also helps tone down the ashiness.

    But once I'm done with it. I might check out Inglot's offerings. Hard to get Ben Nye and they are getting ridiculously expensive.

  8. Foundation shopping, for me, has been hit or miss. (Mostly miss.) It's gone to the point where I already have five bottles in my vanity that would be a shame to throw away. Some were too pinkish for me (learned the hard way that I am absolutely yellow-toned), some too dark.

    I've been eyeing a MUFE HD foundie, but I think I'll take your advice muna. Mix, mix, mix the too-light pink-toned foundies with the too-dark yellow toned ones! I'd feel so guilty for adding yet another one to the collection without using what's already here. :(

  9. OMG!! I use all these techniques. Like you said, I have tried everythinh in my power to gain everything from that product.. ;))


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