Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Lip And Cheek Mousse in My Guilty Pleasure Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Lip And Cheek Mousse in My Guilty Pleasure.

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I couldn't seem to reconcile my makeup choices with lip and cheek tint, and it sucks because I am a fan of the latter as it is tropical weather- proof from the feel down to the staying power. To use lip and cheek tint, it must be applied before everything else and I hate doing that because I don't see the point! I also like applying it on top of my makeup, but it just ruins everything. Do you feel me?

Happy Skin did something marvelous recently and that is they meshed tints and mousse: they took the staying power of tints and the easy texture of mousse and poof! Out comes Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Lip And Cheek Mousse! It's like the good ol' tint, but with a more pigmented formula and-wait for it-it can be applied on top of makeup! The moment I realized these, it's like this product immediately had a halo on it! Now my makeup choices and lip and cheek tints are finally at peace!


This versatile product is meant to give you light or dramatic color coverage on the lips and cheeks. It features Shea Butter and Collagen, the same ingredients you'll find in the Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies, anti- aging peptides, and SPF 15 to firm and protect the delicate skin on your lips and cheeks. It comes in two other colors: Swept Off My Feet (Pink) and Warm and Toasty (Coral Beige).


Learn more about this lip and cheek 'tint' that you can wear on top of makeup by clicking READ MORE!

The product comes in a generous- sized tube and with a spade- shaped wand that fits almost any lip shape. However, the wand takes up so much product so you'd need to swipe it on the opening of the tube to take out the excess and for you to get the right amount.

Ooooh…would you like at that! It's so creamy! Texture reminds me of Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro liquid lipstick. It has a satin finish in the beginning and eventually dries off to matte, and it's pretty thick so you need to spread it out evenly for it to settle quickly. It's VERY pigmented too.


When Happy Skin said that you only need to dot the wand on your cheeks, do so because take it from me, they meant it and I learned the hard way: Instead of dotting it, I swiped the wand on my cheek, got way too much product, and my cheeks turned really red! Heed Happy Skin's advice because this product is SUPER pigmented and stains the skin really well!

If applied correctly, it gives you juicy, cherry- tinted cheeks that scream "Fresh and Healthy!" I always apply this product on top of a powdered face and I never had any problems with it such as streaking, caking, and fading of my current products EVER, thanks to its friendly powder- like finish. It doesn't set quickly too so I always have more than enough time to blend it properly onto my skin.

By far, this is the MOST pigmented lip and cheek 'stain' I've used--actually, it's already lipstick to me! My Guilty Pleasure is a bright true red shade.

My Guilty Pleasure on my lips and cheeks

This classic red perks up any skin tone, making it appear fresh and bright. Mousse tends to be drying due to its powdery finish and this one can make your lips feel a little dry too, but it's the kind that isn't too irritating-I found that prepping my lips with a lip balm prior to usage solves the issue!

Staying power is amaze balls: It lasts throughout the day and can even withstand a tough workout in the gym, plus the color stays true on my combination oily-normal skin the entire day. It has been my go- to product lately because it's versatile and I can retouch with it anytime without worrying that it will ruin my current makeup. Thanks Happy Skin for this innovative 'stain'! :)


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. you look very refreshing.... very beautiful :P

  2. Wow, super love the shades especially the red one. Super pigmented. :) I also have the same problem with lip and cheek tints. So I'm really glad that happy skin came up with this! I'll buy this one after the eyeliners and the new lippies trio. So excited to try this one! :)

  3. Swept Off My Feet shade looks better for me :D Good thing they offer 3 shades. Packaging looks elegant as well . I might purchase this one as a christmas gift to my girlfriends!

    Glenda ♡

  4. I love Happy Skin moisturizing lippie and this will be the next on my list. :)

  5. Oh my, thank YOU Happy Skin! They have super great products. And in all gorg shades too.

    I think one good prep when planning to use lip mousse or tint is to scrub our lips the night before. I find that this reduces the drying effect of some lippies :)


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  6. Love that it's not one of the typical tints that's very watery. This one's mousse. Supr magkakasundo kami nito because I am very into Lip & Cheek stains. :) Very pricey tho, but worth it! :D

  7. i'm not into lip & cheek stains....first is that it may sounds a little weird but i feel its not hygienic but who cares right if it could give you 2 in 1 use....hahaha! but seriously,in my opinion and with my own experience it knockout my face before a lot of blemishes using product like this,but i can't help it maybe i want to try it first before reacting so much. wheeewww! ;)

  8. Melanie: Thanks! :D

    Julia: Let me know how you like it. :)

    Itsmefati: Oh same here-I like my makeups pigmented! :D

    Mica: Thanks for the tip-I agree! :)

    May: Enjoy! :D

    Glenda: Oh, lucky girls! :D

    Abegaill: Let me know how you like it! :)


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