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Here's a review on Benefit High Brow Glow.

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I'll let you guys in on one of my makeup hacks: If I want to look effortlessly fresh in under 2 minutes, I just apply a champagne- colored eyeshadow on my brow bone, inner lid, and the area near my teardrop. This is what I do when I am lazy to wear full eye makeup or if I'm looking particularly tired on any day. I choose Champagne because it yields a natural, incandescent glow and it looks good on any skin tone. I always keep this eyeshadow hue in my bag so I can look bright- eyed and awake anytime I want to.

I'm loving this particular product of Benefit called High Brow Glow because it's my essential champagne eyeshadow in a much convenient form. No need to worry about cracked powder eyeshadows or carrying huge pots of cream eyeshadow!


Intended for the eye brows, this highlighting pencil imparts a soft focus, glowing finish to lift your look and highlight your brows.


 More about this lifesaver after the jump!

Benefit said that this product has a "champagne pink" shade, but I beg to differ as it looks more champagne-gold on me. Well I guess it depends on any skin tone it's on!

Consistency is semi- creamy and it has a frosted finish. Pigmentation is light to medium and once you blend it in, it settles into a soft, powdery-creamy finish. It spreads quite easily, thus it's always easy to achieve an even glow with this one!


You might think that this is just a waste of money because it's only intended for the brows, as per Benefit. Well, they didn't say that you can't experiment with it and that's what I did! Here are the other things that you can do with this pencil highlighter:

Inner lid highlighter

Highlighter on the area near the teardrop area to lift your eyes

Brow bone highlighter and highlighter for the topmost, outer portion of the brow arch

In fact, you can even use this product to highlight the bridge of your nose, your chin, philtrum, and even the fold near the teardrop area.

I don't normally seal this product with powder because it can last pretty much the whole day, depending on the temperature. If you've got really oily lids, however, it's best to seal it with a translucent powder so it can stay on longer.

Given its uses and the convenience it gives, I would say that it's a must- have for girls who look perpetually sleepy, tired, and have droopy eyes, or just about anyone who loves a multitasker. This product's lovely champagne hue will lift your look and eyes pronto and anytime!


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree. Champagne or gold highlighter is always the safest bet, methinks, for any skin tone. I like how this ends up looking super subtle on you. Like perhaps no one would notice you have it on unless you told them. Very nice.

    But if I could get just one Benefit highlighting product for use on all the areas you mentioned (plus the cheekbones), which one should it be? Which is the most versatile?

  2. I also use the same color for lazy days. :) And this product just made our lives easier, or should I say support our laziness. Haha. Most of the time, during normal days (no meetings, trainings, etc.) I don't use eyeshadow na. Just highlighter and eyeliner, and I'm good to go. Will try this product soon

  3. Foodworldme: Agree! As for your query, I would say watts up!. It's my all- time favorite benefit highlighter. :)

    Abegaill: I always have multitasking products in my bag for those extra lazy days and that includes this, benetint, and Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick.

    Let me know how you like this product! :)

  4. i think this is better than using white liners!

    oh how i love multi-tasking products! (saves space, time and money)


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