Zenutrients Super Smoothing Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Here's a review on Zenutrients Super Smoothing Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

Price: P399.00/each
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I'm not the biggest fan of organic hair care products because they do nothing to my dry, always-up-in-tangles hair except promising that I'll be "cancer- free" in the future. I don't really buy into that shiz and when I buy shampoo and conditioner (especially conditioner), I want them to serve their purpose. Human Heart Nature's conditioner is prolly the most effective organic conditioner I've used and that's about it.

I'm still on the look out though for organic or natural hair care products to alternate with my commercial hair care products. Recently, Zenutrients Super Smoothing Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner came to my doorstep and I think my search ends for now. Guys, if you're looking for an organic hair care range that does what's advertised, go for this!


These new products from Zenutrients feature Argan Oil and Chamomile to soften and smooth hair, and promote long- lasting shine.

Ingredients, shampoo

Ingredients, conditioner

More about these favorite Zenutrients products of mine after the cut!

The shampoo is a runny, misty liquid-it's so runny that I sometimes over spill the product on my palms. It's a low- foam cleanser and then the foam disappears gradually as you work it into your hair, giving you the feeling that you're just shampooing with water. It feels a little weird even if I know that organic shampoos are really like this-it's something that I'm constantly trying to get used to! Anyway, every time I use this shampoo, it always feels like my hair is instantly tamed in the shower.

The conditioner has a creamy gel consistency and it's so concentrated that I only need a really small amount to untangle my hair in the shower. I really love this and I think it puts most conditioners to shame!

Both products have a chamomile-mint scent. They don't leave any fragrance to the hair, but the mint extract is enough to keep your scalp and hair smelling nice, unless you're exposed to pollution the whole day and you sweat a lot.


These products don't control fly-aways totally, but I find that they minimize the occurrence. I like that they don't weigh my locks down despite the dominance of oil in the formulas and my hair stays really soft, smooth, shiny, and a bit relaxed the entire day.

Another great thing to love about this duo is it's loaded with Argan Oil as evident in the ingredients list so you're assured that you're getting its full benefits. However, I would not advice that you apply the conditioner on your scalp, especially if yours is on the oily side like mine. Otherwise, your hair will feel heavy and may even feel pasty when the weather is warm!

I also call this duo my "I'm in a hurry hair care duo" because it cuts down my combing time-my comb just glides effortlessly in between my hair whenever I cleanse it with these, thus I get to save more time!

This line is one of the few organic products that work so I'm putting it in my 'Favorite Organic Products' list (hmmm... I smell a blog post!). 

If you're looking for organic hair care products that actually work, get these!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've never had any problems with the effects of all-natural shampoos and conditioners, but my pet-peeve is low-foam. I try to get used to it, but I honestly prefer regular foaming. I so look forward to the day when technology on all-natural soaps and shampoos can be improved to the point that you'll hardly notice a difference when compared to their mainstream counterparts.

  2. Unlike you, may hair is 'hiyang' with organic products. I do experience improvements in my hair. I just don't like that sometimes organic products doesn't smell good. :/ Anyway, this might also work for me. :) I have frizzy hair, specially in the morning

  3. Excited to discover a new organic shampoo! Wish this was more readily available at the mall though.

  4. Seems nice products.. im not into organic hair products kasi feeling ko d kakayanin hair ko hehe but dahil maganda review mo dito. Will give it a try. I trust your review ��

  5. You look so gorgeous miss m! Sls free ito noh kaya low foam. Im amazed sa ingredients forefrunt ang argan oil. Although gusto ko pa din ang mabulang buhok pag nagdhadhampoo as i put oils in my hair. Ill give the conditioner a try though. I love your makeup here btw

  6. i would love to try this ms m.. i'm switching to sls-free shampoo and conditioner for they're making my hair fall..

    and i think this one is great to start with since it is affordable for 399php/200ml and/or 250ml

    great review ms m!

  7. Hi! It was a great review.Have you tried Gugo and Lawat shampoo and conditioner or Morocco Argan Shamppo and conditoner by Mondes also I hope you can review these.Thank uou!


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