Benefit Roller Lash: There's A New Curl In Town!

Last week, Benefit launched a mascara that got the lashes of Filipinas fluttering in delight because it promises instant curl and lift without the help of an eyelash curler. This summer, sport that flirty gaze with Roller Lash, a super- curling and lifting mascara.

FYI, the concept of Roller Lash was inspired by hot roller curling

Benefit created Roller Lash after learning that some of the biggest mascara and lash concerns of women are having pin- straight lashes, mascara wands that don't grab each and every single lash perfectly, and mascara formulas that weigh the lashes down. (I can totally relate!) 

That said, how can Roller Lash solve these lash woes? I'll tell you when you click READ MORE. :)

Presenting Roller Lash's patented Hook 'N Roll wand. It took Benefit four wand prototypes to arrive at this smart wand with tiny hooks on each comb that grabs each and every lash, a shape that follows the lash's natural curve, and with medium thickness to suit Asian and Caucasian eyes. It promises length and volume with its light, jet- black, 12- hour, easy-to-remove formula, and its biggest come-on is the "bye bye lash curler" promise-according to Benefit, this mascara lifts and curls your lashes sans regular curling, heat curling, and doing whatever trick to curl your lashes so you'll be out the door in a jiffy!

Could Roller Lash be the only thing that my thin, droopy, straight eyelashes need? I'll find that out in the next days! :)

Benefit Cosmetics did a major launch for this product at Skye Lounge, BGC- there were hunks, babes, fishing games, hole-in-ones, makeup demos, dance numbers, and cute doggies! :D

We were also treated to Tarot Reading sessions too! How's my reading? Pretty good and promising! :)

Benefit Roller Lash retails at P1,300.00 and will be available in all Benefit stores starting March 5, 2014. Please visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. interesting. wanna see how it's like on lashes

  2. Hhmm sounds promising.. This product will totally save us from lash tricks and get that adorable lashes!

  3. This lash curler is quite intriguing, it receives a lot of good reviews. I will definitely save some part of my pocket money to purchase this. Hahaha!

  4. wooow i'm very interested. the packaging is so kyooot, i want it even though i still have a lot of unopened mascaras lying around. there's no such thing as too many mascaras lol

  5. the packaging is unique! and i can't wait for your review for this one ms m..

    i fall in love with their They're Real Mascara so im expecting more on this one =)

    no more curling? use of heat curlers? very intriguing (this means that this new mascara is indeed a multi-tasker!)

    hi cute doggie with curlers on his fur hihi

  6. intriguing...will wait for your review Ms. M. I like the packaging, it so girly :)

  7. This product is very interesting!
    Haven't tried this kind of lash curler before and I am really obsessed in keeping my lashes beautiful.
    However I will save for this, I like the packaging so much. Very girly.

    I wanna try this one, Will buy this next month though coz I had a lot of good products to buy based on your recommendations and this one is added on my list! I like that it lifts and curls my lashes unlike the other curlers that I used. I want this because it is long lasting.

    PS: The dog is so cute omg!!

  8. This should really live up to its promise. I mean the price is pretty expensive. :/ If it would really curl lashes, I would definitely grab one. Most mascaras weigh down my lashes. So I prefer not putting one.


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