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Here's a review on Exfoclear Microexfoliating Facial Cloth.

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Did you ever use 'labakara' (Face Towel) during bath time when you were young? (C'mon kids of the 90's, back me up on this lol!) I did and I did a lot because my grandmother said that a face towel is needed to genuinely clean my face in the shower, coupled with Safeguard, white version. My favorite face towel was a pink one and I used it everyday until it gave up on me.

When I got older, I kept the face towel habit for a time, but realized that it is not really a healthy everyday practice for the skin, especially if you are using those classic, fibrous cotton towels-they're just too abrasive! And then microfiber cloths such as Aquazorb came into the picture, but I find their size too huge.

If you prefer and are still using towels when cleansing your skin, here's a product that's specifically made for that and it's called Exfoclear Microexfoliating Facial Cloth, a more posh, gentler, and convenient contemporary version of your good ol' face towel.


So here's what this facial cloth promises to do to your skin:

In my opinion, the facial towel cleansing regimen is something that you should consider doing, especially if you have skin that tends to react negatively to chemical peels and exfoliants, you wear heavy makeup all the time or if you want to be sure that your skin is genuinely clean, provided that you use towels with a really soft surface to prevent over scrubbing. The massaging effect of this regimen is also beneficial to the skin as it promotes proper blood circulation and stimulates the senses.

More about this product after the cut!

 Exfoclear is a bright yellow- colored triangular cloth that's as big as your hand.

The towel has a hole at the bottom where you can insert your deft hand in it-I love this feature because it gives me a better grip at the towel and inhibits me from accidentally putting the towel on top of dirty surfaces such as the sink.

What makes Exfoclear special? They said this product features smooth micro cotton fibers that go right beneath dead skin cells, lifting 'em away effectively to reveal fresh, new skin. Surface feels smooth and it has the right amount of grittiness to it that I think you can use it everyday provided that you don't use a great deal of hand force with it, and it feels just like a microfiber towel.


This is how I use this product: First, I wet my skin and lather facial wash on it to loosen my makeup. Final step is I dampen Exfoclear and then scrub my skin in a gentle, circular motion. It's a very refreshing addition to my regimen plus I like the fact that I see residue on the towel, a sign that it effectively rids my skin of pigments and dirt. I used it everyday for two weeks straight and I did not break out. If you have sensitive and dry skin, however, use moderately. I also use this towel in lieu of cosmetic facial scrubs sometimes.

The product instructs users to replace it after every two weeks, but I think this product can work perfectly for one month if used on a daily basis or more if not. I also think that it would be wasteful to just throw this cloth away so instead of contributing to textile waste, I propose the following ways to recycle your used Exfoclear:

1. Shoe Cleaner
2. Laptop Cleaner
3. Dog Scrubber
4. Table Cleaner
5. Leather hand bag/furniture cleaner
6. Glass/Mirror Cleaner
7. Knee/Elbow Scrubber
8. Insert whatever use you can think of here :D

This is a very nice product, but it's one of those 'nice to have' products for me as my current skin care products can do what it does. If you don't like using cosmetic scrubbers and peels to exfoliate your skin, this manual, absolutely chemical- free facial scrub is for you. It's very affordable too and it's cut out to be the perfect facial towel as it's convenient, travel- friendly, and gentle to the skin.


Please visit EXFOCLEAR on Facebook for more information about this product and to order.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I can relate to the towel thing! We even used it as a scrub for the whole body! But we used a separate one for the face of course. :) I think I somewhat have a towel like this and I like it. :) If this one would be more accessible, I'll try it din.

  2. I still use face towel during bath time but not on my face. :) this is a nice product of the brand though I agree it wouldn't be wise to just throw it after two weeks. Might as well maximize it since you'll just use it on your face. :)

    And oh! I just learned a word from you Ms. M! The "labakara" for face towel :)

  3. You can only biy this thru instagram??? :(

  4. i admit i use this when i was in my highschool days! "labakara" i think everyone in the family use this not only on the face part but the whole body

    we used bimpo, that you will handwash with soap then you'll start wiping it on your face then onto the body =)

  5. I also use face towel but not on my face but to scrub my body during shower. This is the first time to hear about exfoliating facial cloth and will definitely give it a try. I think this is nice and very handy product.

  6. Oh I need this because it removes dead skin cells and cosmetics residue as well. I am always travelling so I need this for my facial care i love the fact that it can help lessen my acne on my face. Super thank you in advance for this review. I will use this also on my back cause i have pimples there. Worth trying for right? :)

  7. Interesting. I always avoided using labakara on my face because it was too harsh. I use a sponge but I have to replace it regularly. I think this is a more affordable option.

  8. Doesnt this harbor bacteria? Looks like micro fibre fabric to me. I use those exfoliating bath towels. This one looks soft.

  9. Abegaill: When I was younger, I'd use only one towel for my face and body. :p #Gross

    Christine: If not cleansed and stored properly, it will! :)

    Newbee: On FB also. Just look for Exfoclear. :)

    Rhain: Oh yeah! I now remember that Bimpo is what you usually call the towel for the face and the one for the body is labakara. :D

    Simplyme: Indeed it is! :)

    Kleah: You're welcome! For back scrubbing, don't you think it's too small and short? Because I do. Prolly a long- handled brush would be a better option. :)


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