Heroine Make Mascara Remover Review

Here's a review on Heroine Mascara Remover.

Price: Around P400.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in SM Department Stores and select Watsons Stores


I Love Heroine Make's Impact Frame and Curl Mascara, but God! It is sooo hard to remove. :/ It even leaves a residue on the base of my lashes every single time and I'm worried that it may have negative effects on my eyes in the long run.

If you have this mascara or any Japanese mascara-which, by the way, are the toughest mascaras out there-better get Heroine's Mascara Remover-this will remove stubborn mascara completely, easily, and gently!


This product claims to simplify your routine by removing 100% waterproof mascaras quickly and easily with its oil- based formula.


So how much mascara can this product remove? Check out the trial photo after the jump!

The product is conveniently packaged in a mascara tube that lets you to bring it anywhere minus the bulk and weight.

The product comes with a thin, small wand with zero bristles, but rather creases all over. The creases are there so the wand can grab an ample amount of the remover. I actually like its design because it's easy to use and it delivers.


Not only does it remover super waterproof mascara, it also removes concealer, eyeshadow, and eye liner! What I do is I leave it on my eyes for 5 minutes for the oil to melt my mascara thoroughly so I won't have to tug and continually wipe on my lashes to get it clean. Formula isn't too runny and is gentle so nope, no need to worry about cloudy vision and eye sting!

This is simply oil in a tube and the funny thing is, why didn't I think of putting cleansing oil in a tube before? At least this product gave me an idea and I will reuse it as a mascara remover, still, by filling it up with cleansing oil. I would say that it's only essential to those who wear waterproof eye makeup every day, but if you don't, then just settle for a water- based or regular eye makeup remover. If you decide to purchase this product, keep in my mind my recycling tip! :)


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner back when I was working but I always have hard times removing it at home.. So end up waking the next morning with eeww eyes :D Good thing this baby is easily available in watsons stores! And thanks for the tip Ms Martha as always.

  2. As always thanks for the review on this one Ms. M though I don't usually put on mascara but I'll keep this in mind. ;)

  3. True enough, Japanese mascaras are very tough to remove. But I love their staying power. This mascara remover would indeed be very handy!

  4. I have tried using lipstick remover.. e/s remover and makeup remover but not a mascara remover it was a great product indeed everybody hates a smudging mascara and those hard to remove mascara (this one is a great invention indeed)

  5. Every girl loves Mascara and this review totally helps me on how to remove them without extra effort. I admit I only use ordinary make up remover but I am not impressed. My face is still sticky. It didn't totally remove all the make up residues.
    So a big thank you for reviewing this.
    I only buy products based on your reviews and I adore all of them! :)

    Thanks for the tip.I will take note of that.
    I will keep in mind your recycling tips. :)

  6. I don't usually use waterproof mascara but I use waterproof eyeliner. This could be effective on that. I've seen this before in Watsons and it was on sale. I'll watch out when it goes on sale again. I super love the tip! Such a great idea.

  7. My lashes are going bald from scrubbing makeup remover on them! Yang impact frame na yan grabe ang kapit. I have this but was trying to make the Bifesta Eye & Lip work. I'll try this din.


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