Dove Hair Care: Get Playful With Your Hair

Having damaged hair damages your personal style: if you cannot freely and spontaneously do whatever it is that you wanna do with you hair due to its sad state, your creativity is limited as well as how you conceptualize your look and express yourself.

To be free from inhibitions and to celebrate their own beauty-that's what Dove wants every woman to experience and they believe that with damaged hair, this is impossible to achieve so Dove says "Go Play With Your Hair!" You can tease, twirl, curl, dry, color, flip, swish, swirl, tousle, and shake your hair-just do whatever you want with it without worrying about damage because Dove Hair Care will take care of it for you.

Go Play With Your Campaign was launched last week via an art exhibit at Mind Museum, Taguig City. Come, I'll show you around this quirky exhibit when you click READ MORE, plus check out the rest of this fun event. ;)

Dove had playfully showcased the many ways we damage our hair consciously and unconsciously every single day, but with the GO PLAY WITH YOUR HAIR tagline present in every art installment, I'm assured that there's no need to worry as long as I'm taking the necessary steps in caring for my hair and using the best products available to nourish it.

The simple act of putting your hair up in a pony, braiding it, or-can you believe it?-even wearing it down still makes it susceptible to damage!

The Beauty Junkee's Tip: Use a protective serum to shield your hair from environmental elements and stay away from 'tight' hair styles.

Brushing may be good for the scalp, but not for the hair-it creates friction resulting to damage!

The Beauty Junkee's tip: Condition your hair in the shower and use a detangling spray/moisturizing serum to lessen the risk of hair breakage and hair fall

Big, blow- dried hair is beautiful, but sometimes, it mean big damage too.

The Beauty Junkee's Tip: Use a protective and nourishing serum to protect your hair from heat from the blow- dryer.

So that's the entire exhibit. The second part was a playground where we played with our hair. Starting off with these hair tools and clips.

We also made flip books. Now this one's really fun. :D

With my lovely playmates. :D

That's all. Play with your hair with Dove too! Visit DOVE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. damaged hair = that is how i spell my hair *sigh* been trying every product to lessen my split ends ms m..

    at the moment, im using hair serum after bath so that when it was dried and ready for straightening (i do it at the office, because i commute on my way to work)

    (that was huge blower!!!)

    and im saving extra bucks so that i can get a hair detangler (i saw one from zalora)

    i love dove shampoo and conditioner (the pink variant) and also tried their hair vitamins

  2. Dove is taking this a step further. Love how interactive they get with the exhibits. It's a way to present all the hair facts while keeping it light, fun, and visual. Kudos to them.

  3. Ako naman I have hairfall problems. Parang I have more hair falls than growing hair. It's kinda not severe na currently but still I'm worried. My doctor told me that it is due to stress. But I'm glad I found products that would lessen the hair fall.

    Making the flip books looks really fun. And the venue is perfect for their theme. I love the displays too! I'm a Dove user, from soap to shampoo to lotion, and I love their products. They don't have adverse effects on me.

  4. My hair was totally damaged. I had my hair colored thrice when I was in first year college, curled and colored during summer vacation, had it relaxed in second year plus the color, another hair coloring, recently I had it rebonded and colored twice. Kaya super damaged na, then pag naiisipan ko mag style, I curl and straight it using hair iron. I have experienced excessive hair fall that's why I stopped in torturing my hair too much. As of the moment, I'm using dove shampoo and conditioner and I noticed a big difference :)

  5. This is the perfect brand and product for the summer and even all year long! I used cetaphil and it works like a magic. Kaya I'm looking forward to buying and using this line.

  6. I like the flip book 😝😄
    Anyway, I usually play with my hair by curling the lower part pero slight lang not the hetty type of curl. I do this almost everyday as it looks good framing my face.
    But yes doing this everyday makes it susceptible to damage so after washing my hair I apply Dove hair vitamins. Honestly I never tried dove shampoo. Only their body wash, perspiration and hair vitamins. And of course, dove bars- I even use this to wash my face 👍
    The pictures of dove campaign you shared looks really fun. 💗


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