Ellana Minerals Makeup Brushes Review

Here's a review on Ellana Minerals Makeup Brushes.

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I've been getting a couple of transaction notifications made through my affiliate account in Ellana's website in my email.  Whoa, thanks guys for the full support-really appreciate it. :D

Btw, did you guys know that Ellana has brushes too? Yup, yup, they do and this might be something that you'd like to purchase-via my affiliate link, of course!-in case you're looking at revamping or adding something new to your makeup brush collection. (Seller mode haha!)


Ellana's makeup brushes are made with synthetic bristles and are suitable for PRO or everyday use. There are Dual Head and Regular makeup brushes available.


Pointed Foundation Brush

This fluffy precise foundation brush drives liquid foundation right into the corners of my face for a more even coverage. It is super flexible and bounces back into shape no matter how much I use or wash it. However, I think Ellana had discontinued this brush and replaced it with the Angled Kabuki Brush-they don't have liquid bases anyway aside from Let's Make It Last Makeup Primer so there was no reason to keep this brush. :p

Reviewing the rest of Ellana's brushes after the jump.

Eyeshadow/Concealer Dual Head Brush (P350.00)

This complexion brush is for applying eyeshadows. I use it with cream eyeshadows and in wet application using powder eyeshadows due to its stiff body and the type of bristles it has.

Eyeshadow Brush
Concealer Brush

I prefer using this one as an eyeshadow brush, still because the tip is a bit sharp in my opinion and I always end up irritating my under eye skin with it. :p

Slanted Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Dual Head Brush (P350.00)

This defining brush is for applying eyeshadow and eye liner, but I use it to apply brow powder and concealer. Compared to the previous brush, the concealer brush-esque brush on this one has a softer tip and this is what I prefer using in concealing jobs. 

The Slanted Eyeliner brush is too thick for eyeliner application, but I love using it on my eyebrows: it has the right amount of sturdiness and flexibility, and it lets me create fab, full brows-this brush is slightly thicker compared to most eyebrow brushes so get this if you want to create thick brows in an instant.

Eyeshadow (Concealer Brush to me! :p)

Slanted Eyeliner (Angled Eyebrow Brush to me! :p)

These are pretty good brushes considering the price, although I do not find them travel- friendly most especially the dual- ended brushes. I think these brushes are only great to have if you already have a dependable set and you're just looking at expanding your collection, buying dupes/replacements, or if you're ready to experiment with other types of brushes. On the other hand, these are a must- have if you prefer wearing Mineral Makeup because these brushes were specifically made for it!


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. good morning ms m! thanks for sharing ms m =) i have my Ellana brushes which i got from ms gem (two blending brushes) and it is almost 3 years old this coming may.. its one of my favorite blending brush.. why i love it? because it doesnt sheds out (believe me i have washed it hundred times and it was still good as new.. its brand name still readable =) what makes me fall in love with it is "Its handle" it was long like those we use in painting arts.. the Ellana blending brush lets me feel i was like a pro (feeling lang hihi)

    i dunno if it was still available in their site (i only spot contour brush which marked down to 170php from its original price of 200)

    and hope they still have sets on sale =) i love their brushes its quality is same like brushes from TBS (my dream set)

  2. dual head brushes are cool but then u have to lay them flat all the time. can't stick them in a cup/holder

  3. Dual-ended brushes felt like a good idea, until the time came to wash them. I find them harder to dry. (Which end goes up?!) So they end up in a horizontal position, lying on the rim of a cup. It makes total sense that Ellana is offering brushes as their best-sellers are still mostly in powder form.

  4. Considering the price, I think this is a good brush. If I would buy a lot of Ellana products, might as well buy their brushes too! I think I have one, but I can't remember. :) It's really not travel friendly. I like that the brush I have won't irritate my skin. Others kasi would cause itching. :/ I bought Ellana products before using your link. :D

  5. I'm not a fan of using dual- ended brushes. I don't know how to store them properly without destroying the other brush, I already thrown my dual- ended brushes because the bristles started to lose their shape. But I love ellana's other brushes and the price is worth the quality :)

  6. Ellana eyebrushes are cheaper and for me if you're going to buy their 6 set of brushes it wouldn't be a burden because it would only cost you roughly 1,500. I'm not sure of their powder brushes too. But my fave is their slanted eyeliner brush, I always make sure I have thick brows so this is a must for me. I try not to overdo it by not using other face products but it's a must that my eyebrow looks neat all the time.
    Is their mini brush set still available? It's great for travellers like me, but when I checked with sm late last year they said it's phase out already but might be available in some online stores.
    So what I usually do to make sure my brushes are well taken care of, I buy a separate holder for them. Especially the slanted eyeliner brush di sya dapat mag out of form😊


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