Ellana Minerals Let's Make It Last Makeup Primer Review

Here's a review on Ellana Minerals Let's Make It Last Makeup Primer.

Price: P450.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available at The Ramp at Crossings and Ellana's Official Website


It is no secret that silicone- based primers are optimal for oily skin, though I'm not buying that because I dislike how heavy it feels. When I first read that Ellana's Primer is silicone- based, I was like "Errr...", but when I tried it, I was like "Oooh." It's silicone but feels like moisturizer, ergo it's pretty light and comfortable!


Ellana claims that this is one of their best- selling products. It promises to extend the life of makeup on your skin while filling in pores and fine lines and providing a super smooth canvas for flawless makeup application. It also contains Argan Oil to nourish skin.

Product comes in a sturdy frosted glass bottle. It comes in a newer and smaller version-the one I have is the huge one.

INGREDIENTS: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone, Crosspolymer, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Mica, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopherol Acetate

More about this affordable and effective primer for combination and oily skin after the break!

Product is a fragrance- free silicone with a softer, lighter, and more hydrating texture. Three pea-sized amounts would suffice for my skin, it goes on invisible, and mattifies skin instantly. It gives my skin a super soft and smooth texture that liquid or powder makeup just glides effortlessly onto my skin-I also noticed that it gives hard cream foundations some slip (thanks to Argan Oil) and improves the coverage of light foundations. Didn't really notice that it filled in my enlarged pores and fine lines though. I apply this using my fingers only.


So here's my a photo of my freshly- applied makeup.

7 Hours after

Wait, did my makeup persist to look like this for 7 hours?! Whoa. Amazing. I've mentioned in my reviews that Ellana's Loose Powder Foundation makes my skin oily and the Sheer Veil doesn't have pretty good oil control, but if they're used with the primer, both products just stick miraculously. I wore Ellana's Primer, Foundation, and Setting Powder to a meeting yesterday. Take note, me and my client dined outdoors, the weather was so unforgiving, I was sweating so bad, and guess what? My makeup still looked fresh and there was no sight of oil on my T-Zone when I checked my face in the mirror by the 4th hour. By the 5th hour, oil started seeping through my makeup, but a sheet of oil-control film was enough to refresh my makeup. Now by the 7th hour, my makeup still looked nice and it can still take me to a late- night coffee date with friends!

So there! If you have oily and combination normal/oily skin or dry skin even because it has soothing Argan Oil, you will love this primer because it works, it's moisturizing, it's economical, and absolutely affordable. One bottle may last you for around 6 months even if used daily because consistency is so spreadable, therefore you won't need to use a lot! If you need something that will control excess sebum on your T-Zone, improve the coverage and wear time of some face makeups, or a tolerable silicone- based primer, this.is.it!


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thank you for this review!!! I really want to try it but I'm hesitant of the silicones...good thing I have read this! :) Have a nice day!

  2. I've been wanting to try Ellana again since it's comeback, but haven't found any that really piqued my interest until this! 😊

  3. woah... you look so good even after 7 hours... this review makes me wanna try it...

  4. I bought this recently and I'm in love with it! I have big pores and while it doesn't really hide them entirely, it helps tone down their appearance and makes me look younger! The price isn't ridiculous either!

  5. Aww... sayang! Marami pa yung Benefit Porefessional ko kaya ayoko pa munang bumili ng primer. :( But I just purchased the Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation. Hope it has the same effect as the loose one.

  6. Great review Ms. M :) I love your makeup here, looks fresh and natural - it is just perfect for summer! Can you please have a tutorial on how to create this summer look? Thanks.

  7. wow amazing! Makes me wanna try it too.

  8. What a coincidence! My friends and I were just talking about which primer would be ideal for an oily-faced person (like me) and one of them mentioned that Ellana's primer is actually pretty good. Thanks for this article, really helpful, will definitely buy myself a bottle next week. <3

  9. Thank you for the review Martha! I will get this Primer coz I am so oily, my eyelids get oily as well.

    I do like how lightweight Ellana products are.

  10. Can Ijust say you are so blooming and fresh in this post? Grabe nashock ako :) I stared at iot again no offense, but parang your bloom compared to before x100 na now! Pls tell us the secret! Plus all blemishes gone! how did that happen! Love you Martha!

  11. Yan: You're welcome! :)

    Denise: Hi Denise! Hehe...you're welcome! It's the workout, I guess! :D That, and I've been using good skin care products too. Love you too! :)

    Joeydragonlady: Same here, plus they're all affordable too. :)

    Mouchan: Yay! Please buy from me hehe. :D

    Zarah: Go ahead! Hope you'll like it. :)

    Sheng: Hi Sheng! Sure! :)

    Aissa: Haven't tried that too, but I'm itching too. I need something more compact from Ellana, but hopefully, as good as the loose powder foundation. :)

    Yan: welcome! :)

    Becoming sleek: Yup, the product's got the right price. :)

    Cat: Go ahead dear! :D

    Rizza: Goooo! :D

  12. I have tried other primers but I dont think that it helped my make up to last long. I always ended up with patchy skin and cakey make up. Haaay that is a shame. This primer got me when you post your 7hr make up looks like.

  13. the make up stays long talaga, you look even good after seven hours. this product is a must try.. i love ellana mineralized foundations.. feels light on my skin .

  14. I've been looking for a way to prevent oiliness especially for special occassions. This will be included in my wish list.


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