Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Sheer Veil Mineral Finishing Powder Review

Here's a review on Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Sheer Veil Mineral Finishing Powder.

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I wanted to review Ellana's Loose Powder Foundation first, but realized that a lot of bloggers did already and I think you now have an idea of how nice that product is. I'll review it soon anyway, but for now, take a look at Sheer Veil, the recommended product to go along with the Loose Powder Foundation to make it last longer. :)


Sheer Veil is a translucent for-all-skin tone powder that's great for blotting oil and sealing powder/liquid foundation, and even claims to conceal enlarged pores and control oil all day.


Just want to pinpoint that there's a nice ingredient here called Nylon-12. Nylon-12 is widely used in setting powders because it has smoothing properties. It's also a very flexible substance and goes with the flow of your facial movements, thus lessening the risk of caking.

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Product comes in one size only and in an acrylic jar. It's pretty bulky though, but feels really sturdy. Instead of the traditional sifter, the packaging comes with a cover with a single hole on it. I find that it dispenses too much product though.

Texture is a dry, fine and airy-it's so featherweight that you can barely feel anything on when you apply it and true to its claim, it instantly mattifies skin with just a minimal amount, although I noticed that despite its airy texture, seems to me that the powder particles seem a lil' big because they have a tendency to settle into creases and give off a teeny hint of white cast. To counter this, I use a very fluffy powder brush such as Soffia Soft Focus Brush to even out the coverage effectively.


With Ellana Loose Powder Foundation In Caramel Latte

One layer of Sheer Veil Mineral Finishing Powder

Aside from concealing big pores, it also smoothes gritty areas and makes skin feel very soft to touch.

The nice thing about this product is it doesn't cake even if you apply it right on top of oily skin-this is great for you if you find blotting before retouching too tedious. Notice that it gives off a soft focus finish too. However, I would sometimes end up with a dry throat every time I'm using this product-this is the first time I have experience this issue with a setting powder. Instructions said to not inhale the powder, which I don't do, but I think that's a little inevitable since this is a high- dusting powder. Oil control is okay: It takes 2 1/2 hours before I see oil seeping through my T-Zone, but the normal parts of my skin stay oil- free for around 5 or 6 hours max. Very oily- skinned gals should retouch often.

If there's one product that comes close to the nice texture of my HG setting powder, Essence Fix & Matte, this would be it. Wish the oil control were a little longer though and they take out that throat-drying ingredient, whatever it is. It's a nice, affordable, and economical setting powder for those with normal and combination-oily skin.


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You look uber gorgeous in the final pic Ms. M! I'll pass on this as I still have lots of finishing powders at home. Nice to know that this can be put on top of oily skin though.

  2. That throat-drying experience you had is a turn off for me because I smoke. And if I add this powder to the reasons why my throat dries, then I'll be downing large buckets of water to avoid further drying of my throat. Staying power is ok. But I have really oily skin (most especially my T zone) and I commute so, sigh. I've been seeing Ellana products everywhere in the blogosphere and I don't want to feel left out by not giving this a chance. Haha.

  3. ellana minerals products really make me say WOW. I like their formulation. Very suitable for pinays skin.

  4. you look gorgeous on the photo Miss Martha! I have the powder foundation and I really like it. But I hope this finishing powder will have longer staying power! :)

  5. i think the throat-drying thing is because of the silica... oh well... that's what good powders have in them... you look very very pretty in your last picture... very flawless... :D

  6. that's wierd LOL first time ko narinig na may ganito na instructions for a finishing powder,I think this is not recommend sa my asthma...

  7. Ellana has really good products..I like how it conceals big pores..it's very affordable. :)

  8. I love the way it creates a seamless cover on your skin. But nah, I'd still want a powder that has more on oil control. Well, that's just my point of view because I have an oily skin. Anyways, thanks for the review! ;))

  9. I wonder what the particle size is for the powders? There's really a risk for inhalation when the particles are too small. Although the smaller the particles, the smoother the finish of the powder. It's really a toss-up.

  10. Nix: The loose powder foundation is very good though!

    Joyce: I think that goes for every powder regardless if they're fine or a bit chunky. The perfect ones for me are essence and bobbi brown. :)

    Majorie: thanks for sharing. :)

    Febmin: true, definitely won't recommend it to someone with asthma too.

    Issa: Same sentiments!

    Cat: Thanks cat!

    Kat C: LOL. Which reminds me, I have a lot too! 12 pots to go! :D


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