Review: Essence Cosmetics Fix & Matte! Translucent Powder

Here's a review on Essence Fix & Matte! Translucent Loose Powder

Price: P239.00
Bought From: Watson's, SM Makati
Other Locations: Available in all major SM Watson's stores 


I have this ultimate favorite translucent powder from Allison Rafaelle-it was my first true powder love. To me, it was the perfect translucent powder because it sets foundation perfectly and instantly in just 2 swipes, it literally disappears into nothingness making it very photo- friendly, it's all- natural, weightless, and works amazingly in the oil control department. I loved it so much that I still have the pot with me and it has been 2 years now. I didn't bother blogging about it because it was already on a clearance sale in Beauty Bar when I got it. Had I known that it was THAT good, I would've hoarded the last four pots. Le sigh.

Like what they say, if you lose your first love, there will always be someone-in this case, it's a something-who will sweep you off your feet once more. So meet my second true powder love, the alternative (and perfect dupe) for Allison Rafaelle's translucent powder, Essence Cosmetics Fix & Matte! Translucent Powder.


By the way, this is the brand's only loose powder, at least locally. I've researched about the brand's powder line- up and learned that there are other variants. Hope they bring a few more in here soon.


Click READ MORE if you're looking for a very affordable true translucent powder!

It comes in one size only, 15g, the standard size and volume for loose powders. And it's only a little over P200.00!

Texture is starchy and dry (this is why it is quite universal) yet very smooth and fine. It is unscented, low- dusting and doesn't require too much blending at all, albeit it's a little messy to use because the powder is very loose. It mattifies skin and sets foundation quickly, but it cannot conceal pores and may have a tendency to aggravate dry skin.

Fix & Matte blended evenly

Huh? Where did the powder go!?


One layer of Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Liquid Foundation

I've grabbed this photo from my Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Liquid Foundation review as I wore it when I took photos of this product.

One layer of Fix & Matte!

Naw, the powder did not alter the shade of my foundation. :D Regarding oil control, all I can say is A-A-A-UH-MAZING! 5 hours of wear and still no trace of oil to be seen and felt, and it can withstand sweat! Moreover, it is quite photo- friendly, it doesn't impart a white cast, and I didn't breakout from it. It also doubles as a blotting powder and that makes this product a winner!

I predict that you guys will ask me this question: How does it compare with say, Snoe's Poudre Phenomenon. Well, it's definitely cheaper and it can do what Snoe can do, but this one has better oil control. When it comes to texture, pore coverage and compatibility with different skin types, Snoe wins.

I didn't expect that Essence Cosmetics, with all its teeny bopper appeal, would come up with such a wonderful product that can give most pricey translucent powder brands a run for their money. It's considered as a regular, everyday make up, but with the way it performs, I definitely recommend it for PRO use. It's a must- have if you excessively oily and combination skin. For those with normal and dry skin, please moisturize properly prior to usage. Without question, I will repurchase again and again!


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Excise me po pero ano ba ang gamit ng translucent powder? Ako kasi im using foundation at un powder foundation. So do i still need this?

  2. Hi, Martha!

    How does this fair with Snoe's Poudre Phenomenon?

  3. Thank you SO much for this!!! Was just about to repurchase the Snoe Poudre Phenomenon, even though it's quite pricey. And here is a powder with BETTER oil control (exactly what I need) for much cheaper. Will definitely try this.:) Thanks again!

  4. Angelica CabingabangMay 24, 2013 at 9:51 PM

    hi Ms M. Is this better than NYX HD Finishing powder. im using Nyx kasi. but if this is better, i would like to try. ;)

  5. You got me at oil control.. I will definitely try this! ;)

  6. This looks promising! I have to look for this!

  7. Thanks for sharing us this product!At least I'll be able to recommend this to my niece. I don't have an oily skin in fact I do have a dry skin but she's been searching for something that wont ruin her budget but will somehow keep her makeup in tact. :)

  8. Loving this product too! The oil control power is amazing. For someone with oily skin like me who retouches after every 2 hours or so, this product amazed me. I can now go about my day retouching just once :D

  9. Its good to hear that it has an amazing oil control. I think its a good product and affordable. Thanks for the review :)

  10. woah, i will try this one nga, im sold with that oil control reaction.:)

  11. Hi Martha! I found the answer to my question!! Thank you!!

  12. Leilani: Welcome. :)

    Ohms: If you have oily skin, you'll dig this thing. :)

    Monica: Hi and welcome to TBJ! You're welcome! :)

    Aya: Hi there! Yes, same experience here. Sometimes, I don't have to retouch my skin any longer! :)

    Yette: This is it then! :)

    Miemiemie: Available in Watson's, dear. :)

    Majorie: Haha. I'm sure you'll love it! :)

    Eloise: Translucent powder is for those who want a universal setting powder for all foundation, regardless of type and shade. I also use it on top of powder foundation sometimes to keep my oilies at bay, as most powder foundations don't have great oil control. :)

    Jix: Hi and welcome to tbj! You're welcome! :)

    Denise: Hi Denise! I've mused about that in the post. Snoe is finer, smoother, and great at minimizing the appearance of pores. Essence, on the other hand, is fine and smooth, albeit it cannot minimize pore appearance, but oil control is better. :)

    Angelica: Hi dear and welcome to TBJ! Sorry, I haven't tried that NYX product yet. What I can only tell you is that this product is very good. :)

  13. Hi Ms Martha! I've been on a quest to buy this product but unfortunately, SM Sta. Rosa and SM North have failed me :(. Their Watson's Stores don't have Essence Cosmetics yet. Do you know which Watson's stores have them already? :D Thanks!

  14. Missy: Hi there! As far as I know, it's only available in major Watson's stores at the moment: There's one in SM Makati and SM Aura Premiere. :)

  15. ang ganda naman ng natural color ng lips ninyo, pink na pink!

  16. Some of my friends love this too! I just wonder Ms. M, which do you prefer? Hayan Powder or this one? Both of them got perfect 5 score. I already have the hayan one but I'm also thinking of getting this one too if you will recommend it. Thanks!


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