Some Cute Hauls :D

Just sharing some of my hauls this week and they're so cute, they'll brighten up your day. :D

Beginning with my cute haul from Forever 21. I got this really nice, feel-good shirt, a funky pair of mint- colored earrings, and a trio of hair scrunchies. The blue skinny pants, I just had to buy it because it's a celebratory purchase: I never fit in any of F21's jeans until now. Work out's paying off! :D

I saw this sweater on display in Mango, Bonifacio High Street. I just had to buy and I think you know why! :D

More cuties after the cut! ;)

I frequent Fully Booked High Street's basement level because it is where all the cute thingamajigs are. I never leave that place without buying anything and yesterday was no exception: I got a luggage tag from DQ, a travel accessory brand, another luggage tag that I had to buy just because..Matryoshka, sticker labels because I like labeling stuff, and a small water bottle by boutique British brand Beau And Elliot for my workout.

And finally, food for the soul. I got intrigued by this book called The Kindness Pact. In a nutshell, the author shares his wisdom on how one can be kinder to him/herself and how self- kindness can lead you to success. Sounds trivial and nonsense even, but admit it: It's easy for us to be kind to others, but hard for us to be kind to ourselves. Right or right?

So what did you get for yourself this week? :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i think i first saw the first image of haul from your instagram ms m! (my cousin and younger sister dont fit in any jeans either they always go out wearing dresses -- they admit that they already need to work-out)

    i love reading books and i am curious with the one you posted herer (and is it purple in hardbound?)

    hmmm.. i havent get any for myself this week but for my little one =)

  2. Nice hauls! Especially the black sweater 💖😊😊

  3. I've seen you wearing those minty colored earrings cute sayo I hope they have other colors too.
    You remind me of my sister who's so kikay, she loves buying cute things like these. She can't leave national bookstore or sm dept store without buying anything fancy or colorful.
    In your line of work, it's no surprise that you like simple beautiful things like cute tags, colored pants, etc. and that's why I like you a lot because your blog caters to all ages, Hindi lang sya puro makeup stuff, there are food/resto posts too, my hauls this week, perfume etc.
    pls post a review about the book, I didn't know you like inspirations or self help books. My ex bf introduced me to that he even gave me a boxful of books like that hehe. If you like it a lot, I can borrow you some of the books he have me- parang ganyan din The Kindness Pact. It's always refreshing to find some time reading a good book despite our busy schedule 😘😘😘

  4. That black sweater is the best! :) I also love reading books. But lately, medyo wala nang time. :/

    I recently went to Lucky Chinatown Mall and I'm super glad I did. I bought lots of washi tapes, cute colored pens, stickers for instax films, stickers and cute notebooks. I also got myself a lego calendar! Just like the one from Etude House. :D Hmm, I also got a DIY cabinet, which is my best buy for that day I guess. :D For magazines, I still read Candy magazines. :/ I know that's a bit tenenage-ish, but I love how it is written eh. I'm planning to buy more accessories and clothes this week.

    Oh, it's my birth month so it's kinda okay for me to splurge a bit. haha

  5. Panalo ang sweater! Scrunchies are coming back??

  6. Matromao: I don't know if they're coming back though, but I've always found them cute. :D

    Abegaill: Awesome! Thanks for sharing your hauls :)

    Josie: Thanks for the compliments, dear. :D I actually love reading books, but haven't got the time to do so lately due to work. :/ I kinda' miss it! I hope I can find time soon. I'm into inspirational books lately because I'm into expanding my perspective. :)

    Rhain: Yes, it's hardbound. I fell in love with the color actually haha. :)


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