Sumptuous Sundays: City Of Dreams Buffet

Dreamworks Studio, dancing pendulums that mesmerize, endless shopping and entertainment, and a 24-hour buffet-City Of Dreams is truly living up to its name and HOLY COW--they have a 24- hour buffet. That's like music to my ears, baby! 24-hour, let alone late- night food establishments are few and rare in Manila and this is what makes the 'all day errday' buffet of City Of Dreams a gift to mankind, especially to those who eat dinner late for a lot of reasons and who won't say no to midnight cravings.

Situated in Entertainment City in Parañaque City, City Of Dreams by hotel group Hyatt is the newest luxury lifestyle hub in Manila-it is also the second COD hotel to open in the world, next to Macau. With The Café, City Of Dreams aim to set a new standard in the booming gastronomic scene of Manila by offering the first 24- hour buffet experience (Wait, let me get tissue-I'm drooling LOL).

PRICE RANGE: Breakfast- P1,088.00; Lunch- P1,288.00; Dinner- P1,688.00; Late- Night- P788.00
(Prices are VAT Exclusive)

The Café 24- Hour Dining is not only convenient, but it is also one of the most affordable buffets in Manila as well at P1,688.00 per head. It's super spacious, albeit temperature could get freezing in the restaurant. There are time slots for the buffet and what I know is 6:30 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. is the Dinner time slot and 11:30 P.M. onwards is the Late- Night time slot. For the late- night time slot, however, you won't get the food choices in the Dinner time slot.

Click READ MORE for a preview of what to expect in this buffet!

I will just provide a general overview of the various foods that you can find in this buffet.

So this buffet features the usual fare: Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, French, Indian, and section such as cold cuts and cheeses, carving station, and dessert. The dishes they serve may vary per day though.

At the Chinese Station, you can personalize your noodles. In other buffets, the cook will do this for you to control the portions, but at The Café, everything goes!

The Carving Station is my favorite. The BF and I agreed that this restaurant has the best buffet Roast Beef we've had in a while as it's juicier and more flavorful than some of its counterparts.

This is also the only restaurant I know that serves giant Lapu-Lapu (Grouper).

Check out what my standard buffet meal looks like:

 I normally start with Protein and soup to wake up my taste buds, plus I don't want to stuff myself too much in the beginning.

After one or two plates of Protein, I then proceed to Carbohydrates. I had Carbonara, Risotto Balls, Baked Mussels, and Shrimp Tempura.

Dessert! The buffet has two types of Chocolate Fountain: White Choco and Milk Choco. There were also pies, tarts, cakes, puddings, ice cream, and local delicacies such as Halo-Halo.

This is my favorite portion of the restaurant: Truffles!

It may seem big, but The Café's buffet is sized just right-it just looks huge because the food stations are scattered all over the place. The food is generally good, tasty, and clean-it's value for money and I'm wheedling my friends to visit with me next week! :D

The Café 24-Hour Dining of City Of Dreams Manila is located in Entertainment City, Aseana Avenue, cor. Roxas Boulevard, Parañaque City.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Waahhh!!yummmmm.. nagutom ako. Gotta try this soon.:)

  2. Wow, sarap naman! Haven't been to City of Dreams, but as far as I can see, the place is super luxurious. Hehe! :)

  3. i saw this last saturday ms m nung nag-walk of faith kami =) (City of Dreams) i was thinking what's inside =) (timing ang post nyo ms m!)

    i tried Richmond Hotel Buffet ms m (the benefits of seminar/trainings) and it was my first time to see many cuisines to choose from (minsan po kasi themed yung buffet nila)

    Thanks for this another sumptuous sunday post ms m! nagiging fave ko na ito aside from your friday fan mail =)

  4. The buffet looks a lot like NIU by Vikings to me. It's because of the food selection, the ambiance and the dessert too! NIU has white and black choco fountain as well. The place is pretty far from our place so if ever we try it, we'll try their lunch buffet, para di gabihin pauwi. :) And cool thing may late night buffet, bagay sa mga nagsstay sa hotel. Ako naman, when eating in a buffet I don't order much soup, madali kasing makabusog. and I eat desserts in between para makawala ng umay. :) Is the buffet drinks inclusive na? or you need to pay for it separately? :)

  5. Jhanz: Yes it is! :D

    Abegaill: Thanks for sharing your buffet technique. :) As for your question, no, it's not inclusive and yes, you have to pay for them separately. :) They have the Bottomless option for the drinks. :)

    Rhain: Haha, oh, don't we all love food? :D

    Hanna: Let me know how you like it. :)

  6. I wouldn't say no to seafood. This place must be a real dream :-)hehe

  7. agh! another buffet! must bring the boyfie here..


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