Unboxing: BDJ X Pond's Beauty Box March 2015

How many of you here were fortunate enough to snag this Pond's Special Edition box by BDJ for March 2015? To those who did, congratulations because this is one, awesome box and if you're into skin lightening, then congratulations, times two! :D 

To those who were not able to get this box, there's always a next time and I'm sure the next box will be better (or as good as) than this because BDJ is always improving. 

To those who are still thinking if it's really worth subscribing to BDJ, let this box speak for itself as well as my previous unboxing blog posts featuring BDJ Box. ;)

Through BDJ, Pond's gives us a handpicked set of skin essentials that promise luminous skin. This is a pretty timely set because it's almost summer time and everyone wants to have flawless, even skin and everyone wants to use light and refreshing products. 

So which Pond's products are inside? Click READ MORE and let's unbox this beauty. :)

 This box features the Pond's Flawless White range. Products here are:

Pond's Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel- 399.00
Pond's Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum- P480.00
Pond's Flawless White Brightening Night Cream- P340.00
Pond's Flawless White BB+ Cream in Beige and Light- P299.00/each
Pond's Flawless White Oxygenated Pearl Cleansing Gel- P155.00 (100g); P85.00 (50g; Bonus item)

Isn't it lovely? We got a concentrated product, a day time moisturizer, and a night time moisturizer in this box. Suffice to say, Pond's had already covered our moisturizing and treatment needs.

Hey! Pond's also gave away their brand spankin' Oxygenated Pearl Cleansing Gel, this super nice, bouncy, and refreshing facial wash-I've been using it frequently ever since I got my hands on a tube. :) I read on the pamphlet in the box that the small one is a bonus item and BDJ challenges all Bellas to share it with a best friend. I'll do that because sharing is always a lovely thing to do, don't you agree? :)

Oh, perfect! Pond's gave away their BB+ Creams in Light and Beige too. This is one of the nicest drugstore BB Creams in my opinion. Check out my review to find out why. :)

Total value of the box is P2,057.00. Not bad for a P500.00+ subscription, right?

Your feel- good take away from my blog today. :)

Just visit BDJ BOX on Facebook for more information and to subscribe.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh dear! so much goodness in a box!!! i love ponds since i was in highschool and still loving it now that im already a mom..

    and look what you've got here ms m! seven fullsized items all from PONDS! and your subscription is super worth it! hindi lang x3 ng halaga ng subscription ms m!

    im curious with Pond's Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum ms m! are these goodies good for what age range ms m? 20's? 30's? im nearing my 30's

  2. I've tried the pond's dewy rose gel. Fast absorbent sya, what I usually do is after shower I make sure my face is thoroughly clean and then I apply the rose gel. After 5 minutes that's when I apply ponds bb cream so yes yung gel ginagawa ko syang moisturizer haha. But I also use it before going to bed. Light kasi sya unlike others na sticky and heavy, the Dewey rose gel of ponds is non sticky and makes your face look supple.

    And then started using bb cream late last year lang when my colleague was selling it it's really good for everyday use and then for me I don't use powder foundation na afterwards. Sometimes bb cream lang talaga or a very minimal amount of baby powder.

  3. Super worth it nga. This box was sold out too fast. Well, a lot of their boxes nowadays are sold out fast. :/ This box is super worth it nga. But I've heard there are some girls who break-out from Pond's products. But me, all their products are working well on me. It wouldn't lighten up my skin, maybe because I'm light already, but it would really moisturize and cleanse my face. :) I bought their new cleansing gel and I super love it! Super gentle on the skin yet I can feel so refreshed

  4. Wow! I want to try out the pond's cleansing gel.

  5. I want to try out the pond's cleansing gel.

  6. I want to try the cleansing gel ♥

  7. too bad I missed this box for BDJ but thank goodness, I was able to have a sample from sampleroom. Yipee

  8. This box is such a hit, from the complete skincare regimen, day-to-night, to the big and small cleanser that can be brought for travel. Not to mention offering the two shades of BB cream, so that ladies could at least choose what suits them. Hope BDJ and Pond's does this again.


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