Avène Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water Review

Here's a review Avène Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water.

Price: 50ml- P500.00 ; 300ml- Around P1,000.00
Bought: Free
Other Locations: Available in major Mercury Drug stores


At first, I was a non- believer that this water is "miraculous". I was like: "Yeah, sure, it's water from France, but it's just...water." How can it be any extraordinary than Evian or mineral water, right? 

When I was running through this product's label one time, an idea hit me all of a sudden: If this product claims to soothe irritation, then maybe it can alleviate my fancy accessory- induced skin allergy. I may have forgotten to mention this to you guys, but I am ALLERGIC (it's all caps because my allergy can get really bad :( ) to nickel- made accessories aka fancy accessories specifically on the neck area-it's pretty bad that it would only take 10 minutes (5 minutes if I'm in a warm area) for the rashes, redness, itchiness, and burning sensation on my neck to ensue whenever I'm wearing these accessories every.single.time. Sometimes, even without wearing anything at all, my neck would itch and burn when I'm sweaty or it's hot and humid. Yup, my skin on the neck area is THAT sensitive!

As expected, I'm experiencing that darned allergy again since its summer (a derma said it's called Atopic Dermatitis) and what a perfect time to test Avène Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water and validate its claims. One time, when my Atopic Dermatitis was triggered, I reached for this product and sprayed it on the inflamed part. 3 minutes after, the itch and burning feeling went away and a choir of angels suddenly appeared in my head and sang "HALLELUJAH!" Now I'm a certified fanatic, finding myself reaching for this water often and preaching to my friends and family like a prophet about this miraculous water from France. I even bought the 300ml can a few days after using it. I'm hooked!


Avène Thermal Spring Water is an all- around, soothing product for irritated and sensitive skin. This "miracle water" was discovered in 1700's in Avène, France, specifically in Saint Odille Spring. Since then, it has been treasured for its healing benefits and people from all parts of France and eventually, the world, would flock to Avène to experience its benefits-this has inspired the creation of Avène Hydrotherapy Center where people suffering from skin disorders such as Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema, and Psoriasis go to be treated the natural way with the "miracle water." More about the rich history of Avène Thermal Spring Water HERE.

The product comes in 3 sizes: 50ml (for your bag), 150ml (for your dresser), and 300ml (for household use). In each can, you will only get PURE WATER, as in the world- famous "miracle water" of Saint Odille Spring in Avène, France-no other ingredients included. 

Here's one interesting fact about this product: The water is transferred from the spring directly to the can using Avène's spring-to-can packaging method-this method preserves the water's integrity and purity. Every time you use it, it will be the water's very first time to come out in a foreign environment-as in no, the water's not even exposed in the facility of Avène!

I love the atomizer of this product: it sprays continuously even if you turn it over and sideways, delivers a very fine, wide mist, plus the atomizer goes up and down fluidly. The can contains Earth- friendly Nitrogen to push the product to the surface-definitely no CFC!

More about this new bag, dresser, and home staple of mine after the break! :)

What's the sorcery behind this product? Actually, it's just pure science courtesy of Mother Nature. Saint Odille Spring is known for its bacteriologically- pure, low mineral content, trace element- rich water-it's water so gentle that it can be used to soothe highly- reactive skin, flare- ups, and irritations, that's why Avène has been known as the brand for people with sensitive skin. According to Avène, they compared their water to some leading cosmetic water brands and according to results, theirs showed the lowest mineral content-what this means to you is whenever you're experiencing flare- ups due to Rosacea or whatever or after shaving and waxing (procedures that sensitize the skin), Avène Thermal Spring Water will be your safe, gentle alternative to plain water (because plain water can sometimes sting irritated skin)!


Aside from alleviating nickel- induced rashes, I use this to soothe over exfoliated skin as well. Last week, I overdosed on exfoliation and when I rinsed off the scrub, the skin on the sides of my nose stung like hell and those areas got really dry and developed hives. :( Immediately, I experimented and used Avène Thermal Spring Water as a "soothing mask" by dousing two 1/2 cotton pads with the product, stuck both on the affected parts, and the stinging feeling was alleviated in just 5 minutes-turned out that that idea was brilliant! I also used it as a soothing spray before makeup and skin care to prevent redness, itch, and sting when I was dealing with that skin boo-boo.

Oh, I also use this product on my neck in case I really need to wear fancy accessories as it minimizes the itch and burn whenever my allergy is triggered.

Btw, even my derma recommends Avène! :D

My new addiction and my new 300ml Avène Thermal Spring Water :D

Here's my other way of using Avène: I spray it on my face after toning and right before applying the rest of my skin care products on my face to anchor moisture onto my skin longer.

Where else can you use this product? Post- gym, in planes, before makeup, after makeup, on baby's bum-bum specifically after diaper change, flare- ups, after waxing, after shaving, after laser procedures, and as a hydrating mist. I also think you can use it as a solvent for powdered cosmetic mixes like clay masks.


Btw, I did a crazy experiment with this product on my cat. My fat baby boy, Rider the Siamese, recently had a problem with his right eye: it was closed all the time, very watery, and was producing a yellow-green discharge. Two days before bringing him to the vet, I would cleanse his right eye with just plain water and spray on this product on it as the final touch. The product did not say that it's intended for that, but I was so desperate to help him and I felt that time that this product MAY do wonders for his affected eye. Besides, it's just water anyway! What happened in the next two days was astounding or shall I say, miraculous: the discharge and excessive tear production went away, and I believe that this "miracle water" played a huge role in his slight recovery. HOWEVER, please do not emulate me and my crazy experiment-Rider was just lucky that he's not allergic to the product. Always consider bringing your pet to the vet first if any sign of pain, discomfort, or sickness appears. (Btw, Rider's talking medicated eye drops now as prescribed by his vet. Turned out that my baby got the Feline Flu...Again!)

Mother Nature is truly the best healing source. This water has improved my routine and skin significantly that I've been using topical medicines less and less (but I will not advise you to replace your topical and oral medicines for allergies with this product) during flare- ups and it has leveled up my skin care routine. It's now a life staple for me and I want to hoard like three 300mls and three 50mls right now, like srsly. :D


Please visit EAU THERMALE AVÈNE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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  1. Hmm I wonder if water from hot springs has the same properties as Avene. If yes, it might be an alternative when Avene runs out. hehe. Good thing it worked on your cat! Maybe it can work on our cat too. She's got those funny skin allergies on her legs. They've been treating with malunggay and so far, she's improving a bit. My sister is also recovering from a really bad eczema. I shall recommend this to her. :)

  2. for the ratings you gave Ms. Martha. I really must try this product, :)

  3. Huwaw parang ngayon ko lang nakita na you have raved so much about a product. I might give this a try. After getting back from the us, suddenly my skin started breaking out in hives. This allergy has already subsided 3 or 4 years ago but suddenly it came back cause of the extreme weather. I may gibive this a try.

  4. I've heard miraculous things about this product and I'm really enticed to try it too. If it really works wonders, the price is really worth it! I really want to try it soon. :)

  5. now i understand why this one is bit steep (for me)

    hi rider! whenever i see you (here and ms m's IG) i remember our bonbon =( dapat he's 4yrs old na ngayon.. pero happy pa rin dahil meron kaming kimi =) (you can see her on my IG post ms m =)

  6. Wow! It is indeed miraculous! I'm glad it helped your cat, too. Although i am allergic to a lot of things and a lot of foods, i'm still thankful that i don't have dermatitis. Ang hirap siguro! I shall tell my cousin about this because her son has atopic dermatitis. This might be the answer to their problem.

  7. This product is super really intriguing and at the same time exciting. First time ko makabasa ng detailed review about this at nakakatuwa na from France pa galing and dami nya pwde paggamitan. I need this product. Ill definitely purchase =)

  8. Agree with Hanna! That's what I noticed too! You rarely gave 5/5 on ALMOST all category.
    Now I wann try Avene too! I'm having these rashes on my arms that i don't know where it comes from.

  9. This is a great and useful review. I also have sensitive skin and I easily get rashes specially when it's hot. I even get rashes for wearing denim jeans :( Will try using this product to soothe irritations. Thanks Martha!

  10. I already emptied the small aerosol spray from the event. It's slightly more expensive than regular mists/sprays pero it's super worth it. Glad to know it can be used as makshift soothing mask as well. :D

  11. Lagi ko po siyang nakikita esp sa Watsons but I'm always hesitant to try kasi nga it's a bit expensive for a mist. Never thought that it really does wonders like.. **WOW!!!** I wonder if it can also help cure my very sensitive skin. I also have oily skin esp now..summer na!! WHOO!!! >>sponsor please..<< haha.. I want to try the 50 ml first. I got motivated because of this review! YES! (^....^)

  12. i want to try it na! sobrang dami positive reviews about this product and reading your other post on how avene started makes me what to go out and grab one na. napakaversatile naman nya so i think its worth it

  13. I have always perceived aerosol spray water as the ultimate beauty luxury. Yung tipong, "If you have a spray can of water, then you truly are fancy." But I get that the water can be therapeutic when there's science to back it up. I want to try Avene's products, if only because I do have sensitive skin that needs some extra care. Kung makuha ba naman sa miracle water at hindi na kelangan mag-derma, then why not, diba?

    I might get the small one just to try it on the dry patches on my cheeks.

  14. Merii: Awww, poor baby! I hate it when pets get sick. :( Anyway, I learned that Spring Waters have varying compositions so maybe our hot springs here don't have the same properties as Avene's. :)

    Matromao: Haha. I get that. Anyway, let me know how you find this product. ;)

    Jaja: You'll love it! Enjoy! :)

    Myunixie: You're welcome. :) Hope you can try it out soon! :)

    Celline08: Yup! I also use it as a makeup setting spray and in wet eyeshadow application. :)

    Anne_22 and Hanna: Yeah, I rarely give out a 5/5 so when I do, that means I really, really love the product! :)

    Flexxy: Let me know how you like/hate it! :)

    Vin: Take note, it's just a relief for sensitive skin-it's not a cure. :) I think you'll like this given your skin type. :)

    Jhake: It may help alleviate your friend's son's atopic dermatitis problem. Let me know how she finds it! :)

    Rhain: Rider says "Hi" to you too! :)

    Eloise: Start with the mini can muna. ;) Or if you know someone who lives either in France, HK, Malaysia, or Japan, ask them to get this for you because it's cheaper in those countries. :)

  15. Wow, great review. I didn't know that we have the same problem about itchiness. I thought I'm just overly acidic. As for me, it's not only on my neck sometimes I feel burning sensation on my face especially on hot and humid days. This might also be my solution plus its not that mahal. I will try the small one first! Thank you!

  16. I have tried it once in my rough skin on my cheek and eczema. I am still testing it. The irritation still goes on and off. Maybe I need to spray it more often. Thank you for this review.

  17. Thank you for this post, Ms Martha! I used to think that water should be dried out first on the face by patting, before applying moisturizer. Lemme try this one, and can I use facial mist too aside from the thermal water? thanks!


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