Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson 2015: Beauty, Simplified

I may have shared hundreds of reviews, tips, tricks, and whatnots over the last 6 years as a Beauty Blogger, but at the end of the day, I will only dispense this single beauty advice: Find the products and tips that work for you, and stick with them for life. That's it! Beauty should not be complicated!

If you're new to makeup, however, you can get lost in the sea of beauty products, costing you a lot of money and your skin along the way. Oh, I should know!

This is why I highly encourage everyone, newbie or not, to attend makeup workshops to equip you with know- how to save you from grief and unnecessary spending (or minimize both at the very least). I attended a lot when I was starting with the blog and I still attend some today-everything changes quickly nowadays and I have to adapt to that change for my advantage and to be able share knowledge as well. You can't be too learned to learn something new!

Just last week, I attended Bobbi Brown's Makeup Lesson for 2015. Just like last year, the lessons cover makeup tips and tricks for the brows, eyes, complexion, and lips, and looks for daytime, nighttime, school, and work, but what's new is Bobbi has shared a couple of new techniques in these lessons, techniques that she probably have discovered and learned last year or a couple of months back while working in shows. Attending these lessons is like having a one-on-one with Bobbi!

We had a taste of Bobbi's Makeup Lessons for this year courtesy of Felix Nguyen, APAC Manager For Artistry For Bobbi Brown (who, by the way, works alongside Bobbi Brown!). In the preview, Felix demonstrated Career Makeup and Summer Makeup.

 I'll be sharing Felix's handy beauty tips with everyone after the cut.

First, let us begin with Bright Summer Makeup. This is great for those who want to sport a not-so-bright, bright makeup, if you know what I mean. Here are some interesting points I've picked up:

1. Bright makeup looks great on clear skin. Don't use too much foundation if you don't have to. (Ack! Guilty. :p)
2. If you want to wear Bright lipstick, but are a bit intimidated by it, apply it on the back of your hand first, use a deft finger to blend it and pick up a bit of color, and finally dab the color onto your lips to get a soft coverage.

Bonus: Don't overdo your brows. Heavy, drawn- on brows weigh the face down!

I wasn't able to catch the live demo of Career Makeup by Felix, but good thing a guest asked about Felix's top 5 beauty tips for career women during the Q&A portion. Felix mused:

1. Find that skin tone- correct foundation.
2. Always keep in hand your tried and tested products and have your own tried and tested look.
3. Find your go- to makeups.
4. Always have something to touch up with.
5. Always have a day to night option.

Love the no-nonsense tips, Felix!

After the lesson preview, we had the privilege to test out Bobbi's newest products like the Hot Collection featuring the brand's newest face, Kate Upton. Oh, the colors of the Art Sticks-they're the brightest and so far, the prettiest summer colors I've laid my eyes on! :D

My pick from the Hot Collection is Art Stick in Hot Orange. This versatile, chubby stick of color is a makeup artist favorite! It's so pretty that I had to share it right away on my IG page (it's @thebeautyjunkee, btw. Follow me! :D).

And that IG photo won as one of the best selfies of the event and it scored me a prize! Yay! :D

So yeah, that's Bobbi Brown Makeup Lessons for ya'! There are actually more lessons (complimentary and redeemable for a P5,000.00 purchase) available such as Makeup Face Lift, Party Makeup, Secret To Perfect Skin, Secret To Standout Eyes, Everything Brows, Look Of The Season, Bobbi's Ultimate Makeup Lesson, and more. These lessons are concise and quick that you can insert them in your daily schedule. Just visit any Bobbi Brown counter to schedule your lesson with our local Bobbi- trained artists.

For more information about Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson, just visit BOBBI BROWN PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love the orange shade of lippie you used here ms m! i know Bobbi Brown will always be on your favorite brands for its great quality and range of products!

    Their blush palette is like those palettes from sleek!

  2. Got a great tip! I was thinking of buying a bright lipstick to wear this summer but i'm kinda shy and afraid that it will not look good on me. Applying the lipstick on the back of the hand then dabbing a finger to gradually apply it to the lips gives me more control on the amount of color is a great tip. thanks!

  3. Great tip and tricks! Guilty about the eyebrows being too strong hayss. Now I will really should hunt for my right shade but problem is I like shopping online for my makeups because their prices are better than the malls 😔. The color looks gorgeous on you <3

  4. I love the shade of your lippie! It brightens your face effortlessly.

  5. I agree with attending workshops. You might think that they're all just the same, covering the same topics. But you'll realize that you'll still get to pick one or two new techniques to try. Topics are the same but techniques are different. You can even learn a tip or two! And i mean that to any workshop, not just beauty-related.. :)

    I'm eyeing those lipsticks! I love my lipsticks to be bright and playful, will definitely visit Bobbi Brown this saturday at megamall!

  6. Ang ganda ng hot collection! Ganyan mga shade ang type ko..sana this month matry ko sila :)

  7. Why is it that all of the lip shades that you wear suits you? They're absolutely flattering! Even if I really want to go there at that time, wala po akong pera kaya nahihiya akong pumunta.. hihihi... But I saw you at the event, I was looking from afar.. and that!!!! (^.....^)

  8. Really though, I should have my own tried and tested makeup look like what Felix said. I always switch up products and don't mental record what so far I've encountered are the best and should keep so I always end up purchasing new "Ay I want to try this this time" products. Maybe I should explore and try new makeup nalang AFTER I've finally established I my go to tried and tested makeup haha.

  9. Hope I can future events like this. It's so cool. I want to know how to put on makeup better

  10. Rhain: Thank you. :)

    Ana: Anyone can actually experience this and learn the techniques from the local BB artists. Just go to any BB counter to inquire. ;)

    Vin: Haha. Confidence, I guess. :D Awww. You should've said hi! :D

    Flexxy: They're now available in all BB counters. Let me know which shades and products you like .:)

    Cath: That statement just hit the nail on the head. :) Yes, it is advisable to establish your very own pool of tried and tested products, but you won't know which ones are perfect for you unless you try and try, and sometimes, it will take you a while so just keep on trying until you find the right ones and next time, yes, please list them down-when you find the perfect product/s, don't let them go! :)

    Anne: Totally agree with that statement. I was even surprised myself that I still learned something from the workshop despite the fact that I've been blogging about beauty for years now! :)

    Myunixie: Thank you. :)

    Hanna es: Ditto! :)

    Karla: Thank you! :) You can always go to the counter to swatch. :)

    Jhake: my pleasure. :)

  11. Perfect ang makeup m0! Stand out ang lips s white dress. Unfortunately i havent tried any of bobbi browns makeups yet. Hinestly even if i can afford them naiintimidate akong maginquire about them. Im sure theyre good as bobbi brown has been somewhat an icon na sa beauty industry.

  12. I'm a "tingi-tingi" buyer, so it's times like these that I wish I was the one-time-big-time type of buyer. I still feel guilty at the thought of plopping down 5k in one go, though I do still get sufficient tutorials for buying one at a time. Just not the full workshop/makeover.

  13. That photo of yours really deserved to be the best photo. :) The orange lippy gave a happy mood. The first bobbi brown product that I had is the one I got from you Ms. Martha! From then on, I started buying Bobbi Brown products one by one. :)

    I love Felix's tips! So informative and applicable

  14. True! ako, i learned alot doon sa workshop mo sa shiseido 2 years ago yung how to deal with tacky eyeshadow. dami ko natutunan :) I like that orange lipstick perfect for summer! is it matte ba? :)


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