FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Eyeshadow Techniques For Hooded Eyelids

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But first, read our Fan Mail Fridays for today, most especially if you have hooded eyes as I'm dishing out a couple of useful and easy eyeshadow tips for this eye shape. Thank you, Diane, for the question. :)

Hi Martha, 
 I noticed that you have hooded eyes (and so do I), but even if you have those, you still come up with good eye makeup. Are there any techniques or methods you can share in applying your eye makeup? Thanks and have a wonderful day. 

Hi Diane!

Quick story before I reveal my eyeshadow tips: Before, I used to dislike my hooded eyelids-I've always adored deep set eyes and I used to feel unfortunate to not have been born with it. When I got older, I luckily got over my insecurities and realized that my Almond- shaped eyes and hooded eyelids are actually cute-they also enabled me to unleash my creativity with makeup, especially with eyeshadows. Now I'm very thankful for having been born with this gorgeous set of eyes! :)

Hooded eyelids can both be a blessing and a curse: it's a blessing because you can get away with just a wash of color and it will look effortlessly even on it, unlike on deep set eyes where the color can sink into the creases, thereby causing a patchy, uneven finish. It's a curse because since it folds outwards, you have to spend extra effort to showcase multi- color eye makeup looks! Either way, hooded eyelids are awesome. #LoveYourOwn ;)

I only swear by three tips when it comes to applying eyeshadow on hooded eyelids. Click READ MORE for the reveal.

For multicolor or gradient eye makeup: FIND YOUR CREASE

We all have creases. It's just that it's more prominent on some and hidden for others. Obviously, it's hidden on those with hooded eyelids so you have to locate it. Using your ring finger (why? Because it applies the lightest pressure), tap on your eyelids and look for the hollow on your eye-if you find it, then congratulations, you've found your crease. If you want to showcase a gradation of eye makeup colors, simply apply the second or third colors right above the crease for them to show even if your eyes are wide open and it starts to fold outwards. 

Here's a perfect example: it's a look I created called In The MOD For Love. In the photo, I've outlined my crease in and applied the third color right on top of it-with this technique, I was able to showcase my intended look and the color gradation.

To make eyes look bigger: HIGHLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT

This is particularly useful on overly hooded eyelids or when your eyes get puffy (a nightmare for those with hooded eyelids haha!). Highlighters make the eyes look fresh, awake, brighter, and bigger, too. I like applying highlighter on my lower crease and the teardrop area for a widening effect.

If pressed for time and I simply want to give my eyes a touch of color: WASH AWAY

When I'm in a hurry and I'm not in the mood to create an intricate eye makeup look, I simply grab either a cream or powder eyeshadow (but most of the time, it's cream), swipe the product all over my lids, and blend it all the way to the above crease or the area right on top of the crease to give the impression that I'm wearing eyeshadow, therefore I spent effort on my look for that particular day. :D

I wrote a comprehensive eyeshadow tutorial way back in 2012. Click HERE and learn the essential steps in mastering the good ol' eyeshadow.

Hope you loved this post! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the great tips and for the tutorial--HOW TO: Apply Eyeshadow+Day and Night Eye Makeup
    Laking tulong sa akin, isa ito sa problema ko sa pagmamake-up.. Thanks

  2. i have hooded eyelids too.. and i learned the basic eyemakeup tru your blog (makeup tutorials ms m)

  3. Count me in. I have hooded eyelids, too. But eventhough i'm fascinated by those beautifully colored and highlighted eyes, i don't wear any eye make up. My eyes have been behind eyeglasses since i was a kid so i don't bother applying any color on them except for special occasions.
    I just fix my eyebrows which by the way, i learned how to do just two years ago from reading beauty blogs. So, thanks for inspiring women like me who are late-bloomers when it comes to make up.

  4. I haven't been wearing eyeshadows lately. I just don't have time to do it in the mornings before getting to work. hehe. You have such lovely eyes. Good thing you were able to find a workaround about your hooded eyelids. :)

  5. What a splash of colorssss!!! I also sometimes have the same dilemma. One more thing that I find bothersome is my eyelids and my undereye circles aren't the same form especially when I really have to work late at night..

  6. I have deep set eyes and I have to agree with you, eyeshadows can be a b*tch sometimes especially when you have a set of super oily lids. Sayang ang effort of blending the colors when they crease mid-day, but that's why you have your eyelid primers.. :)

  7. This post is really helpful! I have hooded lids too and I have difficulty in putting mullti colored shadows. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Flexxy, Myunixie: You're welcome. :)

    Anne: True! And that's why there are waterproof makeups also. ;)

    Vin: Hey, that's another problem with hooded eyelids. When that happens to me, I find that running a cube of ice around the eye area solves the problem!

    Merii: Thank you :) I have the same problem as you and I find that a semi- frosted earth brown, waterproof cream eye shadow does the trick for me. :)

    Jhake: You're welcome, dear. You can still wear eye makeup even if you're wearing frames. Bobbi Brown has a lot of tutorials on those-just search them on the Internet or buy her latest book, Everything Eyes. :)

    Rhain: Oh wow, thank you! :)

  9. Love the second eyeshadow post! It screams freshness. I love the yellow blended eyeshadow although I'm really not into it because i really dont know how to blend like a pro.

  10. Love the tips. I tend to apply darker shadow past the eyelid fold and on the crease to help along the contouring of the eye.

    I learned that I can't be without eyeshadow (even if it's just a quick wash of neutral color). Otherwise, my lids look too bare. Gotta agree with WASH WASH WASH. :)

  11. I also have hooded eyes and through constant practice, I've learned how to apply eyeshadow that would really show up when my eyes are open. :) I so love eyeshadows that I always experiment on using them. But still, this post is really helpful. And I also love my eyes! :)

  12. isa yan sa favorite post ko

    I still refer to it until now :)


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