FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Preferred Nail Salons

Can someone please verify for me, your #TitaOfManila, if ala-Coachella, music festivals are "IT" events nowadays? It's all over social media and I see a lot of posts about it on my feeds. If yes, why are they so popular? What's in them? Hmmm...maybe I should take off my #TitaOfManila coat for a while and attend one for experience!

If you're going to any music festivals in the coming days, I hope your nails are primped and ready for the occasion. Painting your nails is the easiest and most convenient way to accessorize and look stylish in outdoor events like these where dressing down should be your first choice. On that note, let me share with you my favorite nail salons that you can visit before hitting these festivals. Thank you, Beah for this question!

Hi Ms. Martha, 
Can you suggest a good nail salon? I'm very OC when it comes to cleanliness so I would really appreciate it if you can suggest one that is known for their sanitary procedures and amenities. Thank you! I will await your reply. 

Hi Beah!

Thanks for writing to me! I'm totally with you when it comes to hygiene-this is the primary factor that affects my decision in choosing a nail salon to go to. I'd rather splurge on premium nail salons for clean tools, area, and of course, well- trained nail technicians and go home unscathed than save on cheap nail salons with substandard tools and service, and go home with an infection. In case you didn't know, you can contract an infection or disease from cuts and nicks due to botched nail treatments. Open your page, load Google, and search for nail salon horror stories if you don't believe me. 

This is why I'm really picky when it comes to nail salons. I only go to the ones I trust and I really try my best to visit them whenever I need a mani or pedi-either that or nothing. Call me a diva or b*tch, but this is my stand: your health and safety should be your utmost priority in everything you do. I guess no one will argue with me on this point!

These are the nail salons I trust and I've proven to myself for so many times that they have expert nail technicians, value-for-money services, and most especially, sanitary facilities and practices. Click READ MORE for the list.

- Dashing Diva tops my list and it has been my go- to salon for the last 2 years because they're super duper hygienic! You know how hygienic they are? They do not reuse foot/callus exfoliators, they clean their surfaces and sinks often during the day, and their tools are not only sterilized but packed after usage too (obviously, I'm a Dashing Diva regular haha!). This salon also has some of the best nail technicians I know and they're so good at removing painful, dry skin on the sides of the toes with minimal risk of injury. It's by far the most expensive nail salon I go to, but I don't mind paying more for excellent service and a really clean area. I also like Dashing Diva for their soothing, clean salon aesthetic. 

By the way, if you're looking at trying nail extensions, try their Virtual Nails service-it's nails that look and feel so real!

- My next favorite nail salon is Tips and Toes because they have fabulous, well- trained nail technicians and they clean up really well before entertaining the next customer. My favorite Tips and Toes branch is the one in San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park because I love their massage chairs! :D This salon offers Gel Polish treatments so you might want to check them out if you're interested. I reviewed their Gel Polish treatment HERE.

Photo Credit: California Nails And Day Spa Facebook Fan Page

3. California Nails and Day Spa

- One time, I needed a pedicure badly, but I was too lazy to drive to Bonifacio Global City where the nearest Dashing Diva to me is located so I decided to try out this nail salon because it's just a 5-minute walk from my house. Believe it or not, it is only now that I tried this nail salon even if it has been around for years already and I must say, I like their service and how clean (and cute!) their place is-I'm coming back!

There goes my top three nail salons. How about you? Do you have your preferred nail salon/s?

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Nail tropics is nice too, if you live around QC area. They have one in Trinoma and Eastwood.
    I'd recommend The Nail Loft but the service varies from branch to branch. The service in Commonwealth is great, but the one in Gandia St., not so...

  2. I used to live in Eastwood and I used to frequent this nail salon called I Do Nails. Very, very cheap yet dashing service. They make sure their tools are clean before starting on their next customer. They also have my fave nail polish brands from the expensive ones like Chanel to cheap drugstore and organic brands. The owner is very friendly and knows a lot about nail polishes and treatments. You should try them whenever you're in the area. I also blame them for repeatedly playing Pitch Perfect on their flatscreen TV that's why I got addicted to the Bellas. :))

  3. I love California Nails and Day in Market Market. My fav is their gel mani/pedi medyo pricey para sa akin pero ang tagal magchip ng nails ko prang almost 1 month s feet. And 3 weeks sa hands kaya sulit na din. Ska mabait and friendly sila. Kaya binanalik balikan ko ung ganun treatment plus the service..ska lapit lang sa bahay. Gusto ko lagi maganda nails ko, narerelax ako na kpg nakikita ko malinis at may cutix lol. (Babaw ng kaligayan ko noh haha)

  4. Hmmmm ok pa naman ako sa salon sa tabi tabi. Im so kuripot hehe. when i used to do my nail art i will just go to the salon to clean my nails. Ako na nag aapply ng polish.

    it s not being a diva or a bitch dahil you go to upscale salons. Just like it is not being cheap because u prefer inexpensive service. Whatever floats your boat!and honestly the last manicure i have had was a year ago. Nasisira lang kasi pag nasa gym.

  5. Oh, Dashing Diva is heaven. Haha. I have only tried 3 nail salons, Dashing Diva, Lulu Nails and Dry Bar and Nailaholics. Dashing Diva is the best, from the venue, staff, nail polish collection and everything. Lulu Nails is the second for me as they have super comfy lazy boy chairs with pillows, wide screen for watching movies and lots of magazines to make yourself entertained. I also love their nail polish collection especially the super expensive ones like YSL, Chanel, etc. Though they only have 1 branch. And lastly nail a holics when I can't visit the other too. Their staff are good as well. I love the ambiance and all. And their services are more affordable than the 2. :) I rarely go to nail salons as I like to do my nails myself. I have hundreds of nail polish at home so I better use them. :)

  6. I never go to nail salons for mani pedi, i just do it by myself. I remember when i was in grade 3 , i noticed that my mother walks awkwardly and when i asked her why, she said her toenails are "murdered". I guess that's the reason why i am not interested in letting others do my nails. I guess i develop some sort of, i dunno know... trauma?
    But i think there is nothing wrong with going to nail salons. As long as the salon prioritizes sanitation, has well-trained staff and will really pamper you, though much expensive than other small player salons, atleast you will get your money's worth (and you'll never go home with a Band-Aid on your toes :-D ).

  7. I have never ever had my nails done by a salon/nail salon in my life. Not that I have anything against them. It's just that my hands and feet tend to get neglected a lot. Dashing Diva looks good, though. They always look spotless, kaya mas hindi ako matatakot to try with them. Plus, good location, since I visit Beauty Bar a lot. Hehe. Maybe soon...

  8. I know what you mean by nail salon horror stories. I have watched a feature years ago. one of their unlucky customer got a bad case of leg infection due from a foot spa (i forgot the name of the show). This is from the US pa ha so I ditched nail salons from then on and do it myself using my own tools which i dont let anyone use not even my family. call me paranoid but hey you'll never know.

  9. Anne_22: Unfortunately, I don't like Nail Tropics' service. The one here in Serendra is "fully booked" all the time (I put the quote-unquote thing because in all the times I went to this branch for a mani/pedi, the cashier girl would always say that they're "fully booked" even if the place does not seem like it and I find that really strange.) and their nail technicians are not that knowledgeable in removing dry skin from the cuticles. :/ Oh well, maybe this is just one of their "meh" branches.

    Matromao: lucky you because you don't have anything to maintain every two weeks! If you feel that you don't need to have your nails done in a salon, then don't do it. 'Cuz if you start taking manis and pedis, you will have to maintain them for life. ;)

    jhake: Yikes! I remember my childhood yaya who used to have this freelance manicurista do her nails and her big toenail ended up dead due to a botched pedicure! :p

    Abegaill: Oh! Nail-A-Holics is pretty good. I used to go to the one in Cash 'N Carry a lot when I was still living in the area. :)

    Miz Eloise: Hey, agree on that. Whatever floats your boat and as long as you trust the salon/nail technician, then that should be fine. ;)

    Flexxy: Hey, that's not mababaw at all. :D It just shows that you appreciate yourself enough to get a premium, lovely manicure. ;)

    Merii: I worked out with the owner in one of Alyanna Martinez's Fitness parties. :) She's really nice. She gave us free pedicure gcs in the event, but I lost mine. :p


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