Five Pretty Great and Pretty Light Sunscreens For The Body

A reader of mine happened to like the blog post 5 Really, Really Lightweight Sunscreens For The Face I wrote last week and asked me to write another version featuring sunscreens for the body this time around.

Without further ado, here's a list of 5 super lightweight sunscreens for the body-they're so light that you'll instantly become a sunscreen convert after trying 'em. :D

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1. Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF 70

- This pregnant woman and children- safe invisible sunscreen protects without the sticky feel. It settles onto the skin quickly so you can play under the sun anytime, plus I love its travel- friendly aerosol can packaging that features the 360 atomizer that delivers the sunscreen continuously even if you turn it sideways or upside down.

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2. Hei Poa Tiaré Water Resistant Sunscreen

- This sunscreen is something that I would use if I'm just going to lay around the beach to get a tan with my fave book in hand because it has that lovely, perfect tropical floral scent to enhance that experience!

- Here's one sunscreen that's more than perfect for city wear. Daylong's Liposomal Lotion Sunscreen feels just like skin's natural moisture and it's unscented that you feel you're not wearing any sunscreen, not even lotion. This is invisible protection at its finest. ;)

4. Belo Ultra Gentle Sunblock

- Belo comes out with an even lighter version of their SunExpert Face And Body Sunscreen called Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray. Its gentle, tolerable formula makes it safe even for kids and perfect for city or beach use!

5. Ocean Potion Water Sport Instant Dry Mist

- Now here's a sunblock for the summer dare devils and YOLOistas. No need to wait  for it to settle before proceeding with any summer adventure! I used this sunscreen when I rode that darned (but fun) Flying Fish in my Bora vacation last year.

Special Mention: Nivea Protect 'N Refresh

- Keep your skin (and your temper) cool under the sun with Nivea's innovative cooling sunscreen. It's a light, invisible spray that delivers a fine, even sunscreen coverage and a cool sensation. Best for those with skin that tends to burn easily!

Share with me your favorite lightweight sunscreens for the body in the comment section. :)

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love using Belo Ultra Gentle Sunblock and Belo sunexpert spf60-- tried and tested. I didnt get sunburned ( nung nagbeach kami na super duper tirik ang araw. Quick-drying pa and light-weight =)

  2. I do not use sunscreen on my body and i seldom go out in the sun. But if i will buy one, i will try Flawless first. I'm thinking of purchasing a new moisturizer that is affordable to be used everyday at home, day and night and is suited for my oily skin. I don't want to shell out a large amount of money just for my skincare products because my daughter's needs is my priority. Can you please give me some ideas? Thanks

  3. I use the nivea cooling mist and I think it is perfect for the summer heat. It provides protection from the sun and gives a cooling effect at the same time :)

  4. kakacomment ko palang dun sa for the face, meron na pala for the body :) I love nivea cooling mist. I used that last year kaso na confiscate sya sa airport bawal daw kasi flammable :(

  5. Love Belo's sunblock line, very lightweight!
    I use Beach Hut too, the one in spray can.

  6. i use dermplus ms m! after our family outing last monday.. i now give importance the use of sunblocks for the face and body!

  7. with corresponding price please. i know Daylong is around 1,200++ because I'm currently using it. Thanks for this tip!

  8. I'm curious about Hei Poa. But it's only SPF 15. I think it's good enough for everyday use. :)

  9. i seldom use sunscreen only when going to d beach. I know i know bad right? But if im gonna buy one ill go for the nivea cooling mist. Sa sobrqng init ngayon i hope it beats the heat

  10. I havent tried sunscreen for the face.But if i will buy i would get Belo Ultra Gentle Sunblock. Strong enuf 4 adults, mild enuf for kids. My kiddos skin also is my priority. Ive used belo products and they all worked on me. So i'm pretty sure that this product will work for me and my whole family also. Would really love to have this.

  11. Have to say the Flawless and Belo sunscreen looks interesting. Been using Coppertone, Banana Boat and Ocean potion for body. I like the spray formats more than the lotions. Where can you get the Hei Poa? This is the 1st time I've seen it.

  12. Where can we buy that Hei Poa? :) I think that's for everyday use noh, because of the low SPF. :) The ones I have used ans liked are Belo sunblock, Dermplus SPF80, Beach Hut SPF 100, Coppertone, and Nivea. I haven't tried the Daylong sunblock for the body but I have tried the one for the face and I liked it. So I'm guessing I'll like the one for the body too. :) I want to try the flawless

  13. The sunblocks in the market begs us to choose among formulas that are light, lighter, or lightest. Thank goodness for that! It's a far cry from the days where the sunblocks felt so stifling. I can't believe that was just a decade ago. Beauty companies are finally bringing their A Game, and hooray for that.

    I'm a little sad that I didn't get to avail of the Belo sunblock over at Sample Room. :(

  14. Flexxy: Glad you liked 'em! :)

    Matromao: Wait 'til you try Biore's sunscreens. They're literally like water haha!

    Abegaill: Hei Poa is available in Beauty Bar. :) If you like how light the Daylong Face And Body is, you'll love their Liposomal Lotion (the one I featured here) even more because it's much, much lighter than the former. ;)

    Christine: I like Nivea too! I think everyone likes Nivea haha. Hei Poa is available in Beauty Bar. :)

    Reylen: Hello and welcome to my blog! Thanks for sharing your experience with Belo products. I must say, Belo did a good job on this one. :)

    Miz Eloise: It does! But please use sunscreen, esp. on the beach. It's prolly the only thing you need to ward off impending skin diseases. ;)

    Cheekeegirl: Hello and welcome to my blog! Please click on the names of the sunscreens and you will be redirected to their respective reviews-you can find the prices there. :)

    Jaja: Awww. Yeah, aerosol cans are a no-no in planes. :p

    Myunixie and Anne_22: Thanks for sharing! :)

    Jhake: Please refer to these blog posts:

  15. I got the Belo Sheer Spray and that has been my buddy this summer. Oh, it's not just me by the way but hubby and my son too! Really effective I must say and doesn't feel sticky.

  16. Hi i would appreciate if you give me transparent type that is non greasy feeling like Belo Mist spf 50+ Or dermplys invisilite but i'm not sure about the ingredients can you please tell me if it is good formula sunscreen.. Just for everyday use?


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