Five Really, Really Lightweight Sunscreens For The Face

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I almost booked a trip to Boracay for this month, but then I saw a photo by someone showcasing a severe case of algal bloom that's been plaguing the island lately. Anybody here's who's been to Boracay recently? Can you all verify if this is true? If yes, then that's sad-that goes to show that the island's being neglected and deteriorating, big time. 

Oh, well. The price of commercialism.

Maybe I'll just go to Bora some other time. Besides, I'm going to Thailand next month-my destination has always been the beach every summer and this is the first time that I'm traveling internationally for this season so I'm very excited! :D

I've thought of these because I'm sharing with everyone my 5 favorite facial sunscreens, a must- have for trips to the beach and even just around the city-these faves of mine are super light, breathable, and tolerable that you'll finally embrace wearing sunscreen everyday. More about these after the break.

1. Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50+

- This moisturizing yet light sunblock provides high protection and is suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

- This proudly Pinoy sunscreen for the face has a light, watery consistency and to date, it's the most affordable lightweight facial sunscreen in the market.

3. Avène Sunblock Cream SPF 50+

- This milky sunscreen is infused with the healing waters of Saint Odille Spring in Avène, France. Its texture is in between light and semi- thick, making it suitable for a wide range of skin types.

- This hydrating, oil- free product moisturizes and protects my skin at the same time, plus it works well under makeup.

- This oil- free sunscreen is built specifically for city wear-it's high on protection, but feels just like a BB Cream!

There goes my top 5. Got yours? Share! :)

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24 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I super love Belo Sun Expert SPF 40 PA+++ Face, it's very lightweight and non sticky.. I haven't tried the others..

  2. I super love Belo Sun Expert SPF 40 PA+++ Face, it's very lightweight and non sticky.. I haven't tried the others..

  3. Aaww.. That's too sad about Boracay.. :(
    Anyway, i use Belo sunblock for the face and it's my favorite among others that I tried. You know how you sometimes get oily after applying sunblock? I didn't experience that with Belo, not the excessive kind you get from other sunblock. :)

  4. I've tried Belo before and I agree! It's lightweight like I can wear it everyday even if its not summer. Haven't tried other lightweight brands. but thanks to your suggestions! :)

  5. I have tried both daylong and belo through sampleroom. Both are light and not sticky when applied. I use either of the two before going out of the house for protection from the sun. However I've only tried belo in the beach and I did not get sunburned at all.

  6. Sunblock is very important to the skin.esp to the face..kaya kahit nasa loob ako ng bahay,naka-sunblock p din
    So far.. Bioderma and Belo are my fav. They are light-weight,moisturizes my skin, and gives protection everytime i go out.
    i have little freckles and my korean friend advised me to use sunblock daily. Sunblock for me is a must.

  7. Looks like Belo is the only product here that I could try because it's the most affordable. I am guilty of not protecting my face from the sun's harmful rays. I have a terribly oily t-zone and i hate the feeling of thick creams. I need to try this one. Thanks for the info.

  8. Aww~ But I was really sure I wanted to try Sunkiller sunblocks! Now, I need to rethink my decisions again...

  9. Just in time for my trip to Batangas this weekend,sadly I dont have my own facial sunblocks. I just rely on the SPF of BB creams I use on a day to day basis..

  10. honestly ms m im still on search (a week ago) for a good sun protection, my current one is the pevonia sunscreen spf30 and now im looking for body sunscreen there are too many brands to choose from but im still reading more reviews on them =)

    thank you for sharing your top ms m!

  11. VMV hypoallergenics sunblocks are not so bad as well:)

  12. This is just what I needed. My top sunscreen is the Shiseido one. Its really waterproof and good under makeup. Wonder which one of these are comparable? And how do western brand sunblocks compare to Asian brands?

  13. Such a timely post. What I've tried and liked so far pa lang ay Nivea, Belo, Daylong and Dermplus. Lucky enough, they all worked well on me. :) I will try using Avene soon. :) I've heard nga Boracay is so commercialized na daw. So I'm not so excited to visit it na. :/

  14. Hi Martha! I love this review! I actually feel sad that I wasn't able to come to Avene's event, I heard so many great things about their products from my blogger friends Celline, Genzel and Kim!

    I really like Belo, too! I got my belo face expert @ sample room and i'm really satisfied with the formulation. However, I think "Regatta" sunblock spray is cheaper than Belo, hence, it really isn't the cheapest in the market. but since Belo is available in Watsons and leading drugstores nationwide, mas madaling hanapin than Regatta ^_^ Pero I love both lalo na since both of the brands are Filipino-made brand.

  15. WOW!!! Too much AWESOME SUN PRODUCTS here!!! Wonder which is best for oily and sensitive skin... (^....^)

  16. Hey there. This post is just in time for summer. I use Biore UV Aqua Rich 50+ PA+++ because of it being water based, making it easily absorbed by the skin.

    But since there's a rave going on about Belo Sun Expert SPF 40 +++, then I might have to give it a try.

  17. Truth be told, I don't use sunscreen products. I know it's a bad habit I need to change. I only use sunblock whenever I'm in the beach. :P

  18. VMV Armada Sunblock should be in the list. :)

  19. Stacie: Hey! Sunkiller is also good. :D


    Nina and Paola: Agree, especially since they reformulated their sunscreen already. :)

    Grace: Yes! I tried that too and I must say, it has a lovely watery texture, perfect for summer and daily wear! :)

    Vin: Everything is perfect for oily skin, but I can't vouch for sensitive skin. :)

    Eloisa: Hey! I would've loved to see you. :) I'll check out that Regatta sunblock-sounds promising. :)

    abegaill: I'll visit this July 2015-hope that the place is better by then!

    Christine: Me too! That Shiseido Sunblock is the bomb. :) I love that it's foundation too. The diff between asian and western sunscreen products are the former is lighter and latter has a richer texture. I also noticed that Western SPF products have higher SPF, perhaps due to the needs of caucasian skin. :)

    Majorie: That should be fine. Just make sure that spf is at least 30. :)

    Rhain: Oh, that Pevonia Sunscreen is still alive! :D You're welcome. :)

    Mel, Anne, Myunixie, and Glenda: Thanks for sharing your insights, girls. It's true that Belo is a nice sunblock! :D

  20. I am head-over-heels for Biore UV Watery Essence, so I'm glad that someone though to bring it to the Philippines. It's about time! It's the lightest formula I've tried to date, and it goes under makeup seamlessly.

  21. Belo is super lightweight that it slides on my skin so I dont use it if im out under the sun for long or for swimming. How much is the Avène Sunblock Cream SPF 50+?

    Martha can you also post your favorite sunblocks for the beach? not just for the face but for the body and preferably water resistant. Thank you :)

  22. yes ms m! it is! i use it and and emptying now hihi! me and my family used it too nung monday =) swimming kami sa splash island!

  23. same as my comment in your sunblock for the body. could you give corresponding price of the products?Thanks again for sharing!

  24.'s a toss-up between Daylong and Belo, since these two seem to fit my skin type (not to mention budget). Such a shame that they don't have testers! Then I could compare them with my current sunscreen Biore UV Aqua


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