My Craziest Wish + First Impressions: Belo Essentials Beauty Deo Line Review

We all have that one, crazy wish and here’s mine: I want to have Anne Curtis’ underarms. Seriously. When I wake up and check in the mirror, I want my underarms to magically look like hers.

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I know that like me, you’ve seen Anne’s underarms up-close on T.V., ads, glossies, blogs, and you gotta admit, that thing is spotless, smooth, even, and gorgeous-in fact, someone even made a Facebook fan page dedicated to praising Anne’s underarms!

But with great kili-kili comes great responsibilities. I’ve a friend who has really gorgeous skin and another friend who has abs-both have different assets to flaunt, but they share one thing in common: they both exert effort to maintain their assets. I believe this is true for Anne and her underarms, too: she does the necessary steps to maintain the beauty of her underarms and she uses only the best products, and of course, Belo.

So aside from non-invasive procedures for the underarms courtesy of Belo, what else does Anne do and use to maintain the beauty of her underarms? Belo Essentials Beauty Essentials Underarm Care Line. Let’s check out this range plus their newest products after the break!

Underarm beautifying procedures are great to take as they address skin issues specifically, but they are not enough-you need a range of products that will support these and care for your underarms daily like Belo Essentials Essentials Underarm Care Line. I introduced everyone to this product before already, but just a recap, Belo Essentials Beauty Deo promises to solve the following, common underarm woes: Chicken skin, roughness, dryness, sweatiness, redness, and darkness.

This range features two new things: First, the deos now come in the new Shower Fresh Scent. Second is this:

Belo Essentials Underarm Whitening Cream (P349.75), a cream to complete your Belo underarm whitening regimen. This clinically- formulated, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist- tested cream promises to penetrate underarm skin and whiten at the cellular level. It features Alpha Arbutin and Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid, the key whitening ingredients. Aside from giving you lighter underarm skin, it also promises to prevent redness caused by plucking and shaving, won’t give you that icky, sticky feel, and it can also be used to lighten elbows and knees. Use Belo Essentials Beauty Deo during daytime and this cream during nighttime.

I’ve used Belo Essentials Beauty Deo consistently for a time and I thought of sharing some of my observations:

Roll- On Deo (25ml- P54.75; 50ml- P92.75)

This one has a lovely, light, non- sticky, and fast- drying formula-I sometimes think that it yields a cooling effect, therefore I use it right after shaving, which goes to show that this product is gentle as it doesn’t sting or irritate my underarms after doing so. However, the roller ball tends to get stuck and it doesn’t move fluidly-I have to press it down real hard on my pits and use force when swiping it side to side to get it going. It’s stressing out my underarm skin and I hope Belo addresses this problem because it is counterproductive for the whitening promise of the product.

Deo Spray (P184.75)

This packaging delivers the product as a fine, wide mist-I get the right amount of coverage every single time and I prefer this version better than the roll- on one because it’s easier to use. It has a fast- drying formula and doesn’t feel like plastic on the skin when it dries up. I noticed that this product yields an instant brightening effect, as in it makes underarm skin look more even when it settles.

Both products are non- staining and scented lightly, which I really appreciate. You have to re-apply these products during wear though, especially if you sweat profusely.

After using it for about 1 ½ to 2 months, I noticed the following:

1. Skin feels softer-I even had a friend who playfully touched my armpit and exclaimed: “Wow! Your kili-kili feels soft!”
2. Chicken Skin was reduced to at least 50%.
3. My underarm skin felt much more resistant as it doesn’t develop redness as much as before after depilation.
4. It made my skin look more even by at least 20%

As for the Belo Essentials Underarm Whitening Cream, I’m in the beginning stages of usage, but my first impressions would be the following:

1. It’s like a soft, light lotion for the underarms that’s so soothing, light, and gets absorbed easily.
2. Formula is absolutely non- sting and it has a very light floral fragrance-anyone can tolerate it even those who prefer their products fragrance- free.
3. Instantly, it softens the skin on the underarms.

I don’t have Anne-derarms yet and I know that it can still get lighter, but what I liked about my experience with Belo Essentials Underarm Care Line is it has improved the feel of my underarms. Try this line if you need to smooth and soften your underarm skin. As for me, I shall use the line again and this time, with the Underarm Whitening Cream.

For more information about this line, please visit BELO ESSENTIALS on Facebook.

Any users of Belo Essentials Underarm Care line here? Share your experience!

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! Kelangan ko to. Hehe.. i must try this too. :)

  2. my UA were one of my concerns, i always got bumps after shaving =( and after reading your review.. nabigyan ako ng pagasa hihi, i really want to have even looking UA, reduced chicken skin and made it whiter!

  3. I will definitely try this line. :) So far all the Belo products that I have tried suits me. They work pretty well. I would love to have underarms like Anne's too. :)

  4. I have been using Belo duo spray & Belo underarm whitening cream for 10 days pa far ok naman ang result. May nakita ako improvement in terms of whitening my underarms..pti husband ko napansin hehe. I super love the smell and the feeling na hindi sya sticky. I will continue using these products because kili-kili color is important. Lol

  5. The underarm cream sounds nice. I think one of the reasons armpits don't look as nice as skin on the other parts of the body is that they don't get moisturized. We wash them, shave/wax them, then apply deodorant on them. No moisturization at all! That's why I occasionally put body butter on my underarms at night, after taking a shower and before going to sleep.

  6. I didn't know there's a line for underarms from Belo until i read your Glamourbox Unboxing post! Then thankfully Sample Room came out with these coz I'm about to buy them when I hit the mall.

    Anyway, Belo products really deliver. The effects can be seen in just one week, promise! I can already feel the smoothness and lightening of my pits! Definitely worth re-purchasing!

  7. I have also tried this via sampleroom and I am satisfied with the results so far.

  8. Interesting!hinestly i dont use deo. Pero what i use is gluta c whitening gel. It is helpful kasi it really inhibits hair growth! I am wkndering if this has the same effect too? Sa gluta c i can go in for a month without waxing. I even apoly it sa bikini area my brazilian wax lasts longer. Even the wading lady commented on how thin the hair is. I also apply it sa brows ko para magtagal ang effect ng threading!

    Anyway i might try this since medyo mahal ang gluta c konti lang laman. I just hope nakakainhibit din siya ng hair growth.

  9. This is definitely worth a try. I'm an avid user of belo products

  10. Epic ng pose ni Ms. Anne! hahaha.. Girl power lang ang peg! (^...^)

  11. Anne's underarms are the bomb diggity! LOL. that underarm whitening cream is something! sana meron na sa grocery samin i would like to test it and see for myself if it works.

  12. I'm currently using belo essential whitening deo but still cant find d nite cream in stores. But with deo + belo kojic soap.. I can say that they work pretty good on me.

  13. Anne should get those annederarms insured. :)) Kidding aside, I'd try out Belo's deodorant. Their products have been so gentle that I trust these underarm products won't irritate that sensitive area. I also like the scent. Hindi matapang.

  14. Anne_22, Abegailll, myunixie, and Reylyn: Thanks for sharing your results! That would help your fellow readers decide, big time. :)

    Matromao: Haha. True. If I had those underarms, I'll insure them and I'll make a killing out of them lol!

    Agree on your observation on the scent. In fact, it's virtually unscented to me and I like it! :)

    Jaja: I'm testing it out at the moment. Hope it works! :)

    Miz Eloise: I think stunting hair growth is not one of the promises of this product, unfortunately. :(

    rhain: Let me know how this product works on you once you get to try it. :)

    Flexxy: My BF noticed that my underarm looked "prettier" LOL at the term.

    Aviva: Wow! You use Body Butter on your underarms?! Glad it didn't darken yours in any way. :) But yeah, you're right. The pits need to be moisturized too 'cuz after all, they have skin!

  15. i got the belo essentials cream and deo spray from Sampleroom too and I've been using it for almost two weeks now. I must say tho that these two are a powerful combination!

  16. I am just curious, what and where is this "Sample Room"? I'm reading the comments and they always saying it. thanks.. :)


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