My Summer Beauty Picks From Beauty Bar's New Brands + Beauty Bar (Re) Opens At The Fort High Street!

Deep inside, everyone has the wanderlust, but there are two main reasons that hinder most people from just booking a ticket, hopping on a plane, and exploring the world:

1. They've got a lot of time, but ain't got the money.
2. They've got a lot of money, but ain't got the time.

Too bad, right?

Call me biased, but this is why aside from food, I love Beauty products as they offer a satisfying (and totally affordable) alternative to traveling: every aroma, texture, design, and feel takes me to my dream destination and if for anything, it fuels my desire to travel around the globe even more!

Speaking of Beauty products, do you have your staples for this season already or are you still on a hunt for the perfect ones to keep you looking gorgeous and protected in your getaways? I already have a couple, but I think I can accommodate more beauty products for the sake of variety and discovery, and there's no better place to widen my choices and perspective than Beauty Bar, which is one of my most favorite places in the metro (and I think you all know why :D).

And now there's more reason for me to frequent this place.

Beauty Bar just held the Summer Around The World event where they highlighted their newest, exclusive brands sourced from around the world. In the event, Beauty Bar had put up five beauty stations and each station offered quick pampering and interactive sessions featuring the new products to the guests-I enjoyed every single one of them! Most of all, I enjoyed getting to know Beauty Bar's latest products, which I will reveal to you after the jump along with my picks from them. ;)

Beauty Bar is now home to 10 new brands, brands that are well- known and well- loved overseas. No need to ask someone to purchase them for you or pay ridiculous shipping and customs taxes just to try 'em out-all you have to do is just go to Beauty Bar!

Here's a rundown of the brands:


EVA NYC- a professional hair care brand from New York.
The Wet Brush- a cult hair tools brand that rose to fame because of the namesake product that's made for detangling hair in or out of the shower.
Phyto- a professional hair care brand from Italy with products made with liquid Keratin to restore damaged hair.


Bomb Cosmetics- a bath and body brand from the UK that creates natural, luxurious products for the face, body, hair, and feet that come in joy- inducing packaging.
Cabana Sun- a sun care brand from the UK made by one of the country's biggest skin care manufacturers, Linco Care.
Tan Organic- a range of self- tanning products created by an Irish tanning specialist. It's safe, natural, and all- organic.
Natura Siberica- a Russian skin care brand made with extracts from the most resilient plants in Siberia, thereby providing anti-aging, antioxidant, and rejuvenating effects to the skin.
Laino- an Italian natural body care brand that uses ancient skin care principles to create effective, timeless products for beautiful skin.


Hei Poa- A line of Tahitian Monoi Oil and Monoi Oil- infused skin care from France.
Deserving Thyme- an aromatherapy line infused with aromatic essences from plants, bringing you healing, harmonious energy through their skin and body care products.

So where are you off to this summer? Check out my product recommendations based on the following destinations and activities:

Summer Getaway: City Hopping

Exploring various locales requires hours and hours of sun exposure, which means damage not only for your skin, but for your hair, too oh, most especially your hair because it's one of the most susceptible body parts to the sun!

My Beauty Picks: Shikai and Eva NYC

Shikai's shampoo and conditioners are enriched with nature's most effective ingredients.-there are variants for all hair types and concerns such as dryness, frizz, damage, brittleness, and color care. Eva NYC is a US-based professional, for-damaged-hair hair care brand that uses Argan Oil and Liquid Keratin in all their products. Wake up frizz, flyaway, and stress- free no matter how much you walk under the sun!

Summer Getaway: Discovering Paradise

One would be crazy to say no to the calling of the sea, sand, and sun, but one would be equally crazy as well to just say yes and not take care of their skin afterwards! Let me give you a picture of how the beach damages your skin: Saltwater's corrosive properties dry up your skin big time, the sun, of course, bakes your skin with UV rays, and the sand enhances UV damage by reflecting light. But you don't have to cancel your beach vacation right away just because of this-you just have to be wise enough to remedy the sun damage afterwards!

Summer Beauty Pick: Bomb Cosmetics

UK-based bath brand, Bomb Cosmetics, offers tubs of rich, natural handmade products that promise to pamper and beautify your hair and skin in the shower, which makes them perfect as post- care products after hitting the beach.

Summer Getaway: Partying Around The World

Are you off to the hottest party destinations this season? I hope you have your most dependable, multi-tasking, and handy makeup products with you! Traveling is where makeup palettes come handy because they contain pretty much everything you need to dazzle under the glimmering party lights of whatever city!

Summer Beauty Pick: The Balm Cosmetics

The Balm's witty, fun, and cheeky palettes will surely set your mood for any party. Oh, did I mention that this brand has some of the best makeup palettes to grace the planet? Be sure to check out and grab any of their super varied and versatile makeup palettes before your next trip! My top pick is Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette.

 Your Summer Getaway: Road Trips, Long Drives

Road Trips call for easy, casual makeup looks or sometimes, none at all. Who would want to sport a melting face under the sun, right? Times like this, nail polish and nail art come handy because they're easy, low maintenance ways to look primped and glamorous.

Summer Beauty Pick: Dashing Diva Nail Salon and ColorFX

Dashing Diva is my go- to nail salon because of their cleanliness and most of all, the service-it's the only nail salon that leaves me wound- free 98% of the time that's why it's always at the top of my head when I think I already need a manicure or pedicure. Head over to Dashing Diva before your much- awaited road trip and have your nails done: choose from basic cleaning, all- out pampering for the hands and feet, plain polish, gel polish, or even virtual nails. If you've no time to sit down for a mani or pedi, grab Color FX Nail Stickers, stickers that look and feel just like regular nail polish, and you can stick 'em on your nails anytime and anywhere!

Your Summer Getaway: On Top Of The World

Going up this summer? If you're into mountainous places with cooler climates, be sure to amply moisturize your skin because cold temperature is as equally drying as warm temperature. During daytime, apply a sheer layer of lotion on your skin to lock in moisture and at night, use richer emollients such as body cream, body butter, or my personal favorite, body oil.

Summer Beauty Pick: Hei Poa

Hei Poa is a line of luxurious moisturizers, sunscreen, and oils for the face, hair, and body made with Monoi Oil, a traditional Tahitian skin preparation for healthy skin. The base of Monoi Oil is Coconut Oil, a fairly gentle natural oil that is known for its hydrating properties. Best used in the cold weather and before hitting the sack because of its calming, floral fragrance!

So those are my beauty picks for summer from Beauty Bar's newest brands. We were also treated to Lulu DK tattoos. I'm familiar with this product, but it was the first time I tried it in the event. I think these temporary tattoos are brilliant because they can replace regular accessories, thus they are perfect for traveling!

You can find all my beauty picks as well as the other new brands in all Beauty Bar stores. If you're in the Bonifacio Global City area, go to 2nd fl. Central Square at The Fort High Street and visit Beauty Bar's brand spankin' store. It's clean, modern, definitely more spacious, and brighter-it's home to over 100 brands and Dashing Diva Nail Salon, which is now better than ever, too!

Beauty Bar curated a Beauty Essentials bag for me. How sweet! Do let me know which brand/s you want to know more about. ;)

Visit BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love Beauty Bar! It's every kikay girl's heaven.
    I was able to visit the Beauty Bar in the Fort during Liz blogversary, and upon entering, i'm asking myself why does the place feels different from the other Beauty Bars i've visited, and it hit me. It has a different color palette from the Beauty Bar I frequent. The place looks classy and elegant, serious makeover from your usual BB store, which consists of light color palette.

    Anyway, i'm curious about the Wet Hair brush, since that's only the 2nd product I've seen for wet hair, 1st is the Goody brush. I wonder which performs better.. :)

  2. I'm looking forward to your review and swatches of The Balm cosmetics. They have fun and catchy names for their products. I bet they do not just sound great but works great, too!

  3. im curious with those orange stuffs on the lower right (last picture) what are they?

  4. Everytime I feel sad i go shopping..not naman super mahal basta may mbili lang ako then after that i will feel better na and Beauty Bar is one of the places na pinupuntahan ko and by just looking at the items narerelax ako pero mas masaya pakiramdam ko kapag may nabibili ako. Thanks talaga Beauty Bar at nandyan ka para sa akin. Lol.

  5. Whenever I drop by beauty bar I seldom leave empty handed (not sure if it's a good or bad thing). I do hope they open a branch in Mega Fashion Hall also.

    Bomb cosmetic looks promising. Would definitely check it out. The Lulu DK tattoos also look amazing. Where is this available?

  6. I've never heard of Beauty bar before but they sound really nice. Your posts really makes me think of the beach and summer heat.

    Stay Wonderful Always,
    Kintsugi of Life

    PS. I have my very first giveaway on my blog. Hope you can join.



  7. Oh nice!!!it was just avfew weeks ago that i was looking for the closest beauty bar s taguig because the one above muji closed up. Meron na pala! I was itching to buy cure facial exfoliator. I ended up buying it from trinoma instead.

    Anyway ill be definitely checking out phyto. I had samples before from rustans and the masqie really made my hair super strong. Like matigas na sgring haha. I need protein replanishment for my hair. oh at konti nalang mapapabili nako ng balm palette. i tried and it was very very pogmented. I tried the nude palette. i like going to beauty bar kasi the staff are friendly and dont pressure you to buying anything

  8. Definitely The Balm. Let's swatch everything. I bought the Frat Boy blush and wear it around the house when I want to feel pretty and tell myself that I look "blooming" lol

  9. SOOO many goooodiesss!!! I can use it for like a lifetime!! haha..Beauty Bar is definitely a one-stop shop for everyone's beauty picks and needs. Saw your pics in your IG, they're lovely! (^...^)

  10. I'm eyeing on The Balm cosmeticd for awhile now. I've got a lot of time, but ain't got the money. So I always end up buying more affordable ones. Uh oh.

  11. Whenever I got to Beauty Bar, I can't refrain myself from buying something. I always end up buying at least one. :/ Now that they more brands in store, I have more products to check out then. I've seen those body scrubs na the last time I went there and it smells really really good. It isn't that expensive as well. :) I like to buy the wet brush. I think kasi the reason why I have hairfall is that I brush my hair after shower, which triggers more hairfall. :/ How much is the wet brush? :) I'm also interested with the Balm cosmetics. I've bought one na before, a blush I think, in Beauty Bar gateway and I super love it. Quite pricey nga lang though. :) Lastly the Hei Poa, which seems like a miracle product to me. Would like to try it for my hair as well. :)

  12. Beauty Bar has always looked fancy, and the one in Central Square is, by far, the poshest branch yet. Glad to see that they have Philosophy there as well.

  13. I've heard of bomb cosmetics before I'm glad they have it na :) Though I am mostly interested on the wet brush. I have this nasty habit of brushing my hair even though its wet as I have really coarse hair and most of the time I dont have the time to wait for it to dry before brushing.

  14. I find it difficult to go to The Fort or other branches so I prefer to drop by Beauty Bar at Galleria since it's the nearest. My fave is that gel from Cure Phil. Mine just ran out! Ehem. Haha!


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