Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipstick Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipsticks in PK405 (Pomegranate), RD707 (Mischief), and RS711 (Beach Plum).

Price: P1,350.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all local Shiseido boutiques and stalls in leading malls


Looks like the Ombre trend is here to stay, at least for 2015. You're on the side of cool if you're donning Ombre hair and also, Ombre lips. Ombre is a really nice look both for the hair and the lips because it gives your overall look a different dimension. However, not everyone can be daring when it comes to their crowning glories so sporting ombre lips can be a good alternative look to try.

How do you create Ombre lips? You basically use two varying shades of lip color: One light and one dark, or you can use just one lip color and dab a sparkling/frost eyeshadow on the center of your upper and lower lip. That's it! Sounds tedious, right? I know. So what's the easiest way to sport Ombre lips? Shiseido Veiled Rouge. This is Shiseido's newest lip color that gives you an artsy, ala- lacquered Japanese porcelain, and of course, Ombre lips!


According to Shiseido, this lipstick is made with two innovative formulas: First is the Veiling Technology, wherein the formula is infused with Veiling Pearl, thus promoting a lustrous, lacquer- like finish. Second is Oil-Pigment Separation Technique wherein the oil sits on top of the pigments-this technique protects the pigments and magnifies the lipstick's true hue at the same time. It promises to stay true and even, and moisturize lips during wear. It comes in 12 shades.

I'm reviewing three shades for you guys todays: PK405 (Pomegranate), RD7070 (Mischief), and RS711 (Beach Plum)


Swatches and complete review of this pretty lipstick after the jump.

The lipsticks come in a slim, steel packaging-it's so gorg!

L-R: RD707 (Mischief), PK405 (Pomegranate), and RS711 (Beach Plum)

For starters, never mind my enlarged pores. :D

This is a demi-sheer lipstick: it gives you decent color coverage, yet it allows your lips to peep through all that. It has a soft, lightweight, semi- glossy texture that moisturizes upon contact, and it has a lustrous effect that is lacquer- like, brilliant, contrived yet beautiful. The Pearl veil automatically gives the lipstick an Ombre finish. Methinks it's probably more lustrous than most lip gloss products out there, but the beauty of it is it does not have the sticky, heavy, icky feel that I sometimes get from lip gloss. 


PK405 (Pomegranate)

- A Peachy Pink shade with a slight reddish glow.

PK405 is pretty in the tube, but sadly, not in real life. It has the most uneven finish amongst the three. That, or my lips are really too flaky and not suitable for light shades at the moment. It looks nice from afar though.

RD707 (Mischief)

- A Copper- Red shade.

There's something summery about this Bordeaux shade-it must be the coppery hue. I see myself wearing this to sunset parties by the beach!

RS711 (Beach Plum)

- A Brown-Berry shade

Oh, finally, a dirty plum shade in my lipstick collection-it's sexy, sophisticated, eloquent, and I think it will look stunning against bronze skin. I imagine switching from Mischief to this shade come night time for dinner and cocktails by the seashore. :)

Since these are moist lipsticks, staying power is so-so: it stays for about two hours, tops, if untouched, but I find that it stays on longer than most lipsticks with similar consistency as it fades gradually when eating. It's pretty moisturizing, doesn't feather, and it did not dry out my lips, but there are minor issues: 1.) It may highlight dry patches due to the lustrous finish. 2.) Coverage does not appear consistently even as claimed by the brand-it does not appear automatically even on all lips, especially dry, flaky lips.

Shiseido Veiled Rouge is a very pretty lipstick. Is it worth owning all colors? Not really-it's good to own at least one or two colors because to me, it's a 'special occasions lippie' and for those moments when you're feeling extra stylish because I kid you not, this is one, fashionable lippie. It's best for those with normal and semi- dry lips, those who dig the Ombre look, and those who are lovers of lipstick and lip gloss because it's 50% lipstick and 50% gloss to me. ;)


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love the shade Mischief! I just wish it had longer staying power.

  2. I had the chance to use this during the Shiseido IBF in Megamall. I like the colors, I really do especially the mischief. But for its price, I think it's not for me. I have this tendency to always bite my lip. When I used Shiseido as my lipstick, after an hour, I have no lipstick already. :/ I think if Shiseido has a lip stain, I think that would last better on my lips. And I'm not really a fan of lipsticks with a flat top.

  3. I love the shades!!! It makes me want to use them for my cake decorations!!! hahaha... Fantastic hues with a subtle hint of glamour for everyday wear! (^...^)

  4. Haven't tried wearing ombre lips. Baka kasi hndi ko keri.But i love how you look with the beach plum shade of lipstick, so sexy!

  5. RS711 (Beach Plum) looks good on you Martha! I like Shiseido products but they are pricey.

  6. Oohh! Nice colors! I love dark lipsticks, the darker the better for me. Never mind the occasion or weather or whathaveyous, i always sport a dark lipstick.

    These one from Shiseido really looks good! But i find them a bit expensive for a lippie, i think I can find a similar shade with more affordable brands. But yeah, I agree, they're good for those "I wanna feel special" moments in our life. :)

  7. beach plum looks so sultry but i feel like it is kinda hard to pull off.

  8. I am actually a fan of lipstick with flat tops (not the candy! LOL!) I ussually have Dark shade of lippies here at home! I think the Mischief is the one for me! :)

  9. Beach Plum has a 3D quality to it that's really pretty. It's hard to put into words, but it's the combination of the color, the shimmer, and the foil effect. I have a high-pigment lip gloss with a similar color and shimmer level, and that "3D effect" it gave off upon swatching was what drew me in to begin with. Definitely sophisticated, as you said!

  10. Ive been wanting to try a lipstick from Shiseido for so long. But i keep getting distracted by other more cheaper brands like Etude. These look good though. Good review.

  11. I love those shades! Especially the plums!


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