March Favorites

A month to go before my Thailand getaway. This is going to be my first international getaway with the BF and to say that I'm super excited is an understatement. I don't really know what we're going to do there, but one thing's for sure, we're both going to eat, eat, eat! I will definitely blog about that trip and let you guys know how it went!

So let's check out now my favorite beauty products for the past month. Click READ MORE and find out why I've fallen for these products. :)

1. Philosophy Hope In A Jar Oil- Free Moisturizer

- This best- seller of Philosophy is very ideal for oily skin types as it provides light yet effective moisture and yields a semi- matte finish. I even noticed that my skin looked finer and more translucent when I started using this product.

2.  Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

- A facial wash that I will keep on repurchasing! This baby gets rid of dead skin cells minus scrubbing, redness, and irritation, and the result is skin that absorbs skin care products better and skin that looks healthier.

3. Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash

- This new body wash collection from Olay is a skin saver, especially in dry conditions as it keeps skin soft and moisturized, and supports your lotion's moisturizing effect. Sometimes, I can go on without lotion if I use this product.

4. Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Atlantic City

- My favorite red lipstick to date-it's so chic and it's a superstar kind of Red, plus it stays and it's one of the best matte lipsticks I've used because it doesn't dry out my lips!

- This new product from K-Palette is my new favorite on-the-go product and gym buddy. It's very easy to use, handy, provides two brow products that I can use together or on rotation, and it's super waterproof!

- After using this product consistently for a few days, I realized that this mascara delivers a lovely, everyday finish after all: It gives the right amount of length and volume, plus MUFE really has the most pigmented mascaras and my eyes look more defined with them.

- My magic wand! I bring this with me every day for a quick beauty boost. I apply it on my lower lids, brow bone, brow outline, tear drop, and I'm done! :)

What were your favorite beauty products last month? :)

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I knew it! The Kpalette would be on your list. I was also expecting to see the heavy rotation powder. Haha. And of course, I know that Mario Badescu is one of your favorite among your favorites. :D I haven't tried any ofra lipsticks pa though.

    As for my favorites naman, I have the Bobbi brown blush that I got as a prize from you Ms. Martha (thank you!). I am also abusing the wet n wild megalast lipstick, LA girl gel liner and tmart eyeshadow palette. :)

  2. I love red lipsticks and I have different types of red from different brands already. I would like to try the Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Atlantic City. How much does this cost and where can I buy this? Swatches please =)

  3. Ooohh, Thailand! How exciting! I hope to be able to go there too someday!

  4. i saw three skincare items =) and a brow product! awesome picks for this month ms m =)

  5. Last month's favorite? colourpop lippie stix :) They're worth a try! and smells yummy as well--- Vanilla-chocolatey :">

  6. I should try Olay moisture outlast bodywash because my skin tends to become very dry after bathing. I just hope this is lightly scented because i'm allergic to strong scented body products.

  7. Im also excited for your Thailand getaway!Btw, you deserve a break!Never been there (but planning to next year) so Im gonna wait for your blog.I know the feeling!Kasi ako I super love travelling its my stress-reliever. alam mo yung feeling na bad mood ka pero dahil alam mong may out of town/country kang pupuntahan yun na lang ang iniisip ko pra gumanda mood ko. Wala lng share lng =)

  8. Wow! Have a safe trip, Martha!
    My boyfriend and I haven't been out of the country together yet, we're planning maybe next year. :)

    Anyway, my fave finds last month are Happy Skin get even liquid foundation and Ellana primer.. I have the primer for quite some time now but I was really not impressed until recently when I saw how smooth my skin looked with it! I couldn't stop raving about it to anyone who listens! Hehe..

  9. Happy trip! The boyf and I are planning to go before the year ends, as well. Can't wait for your makeup hauls! :)

    I've always liked philosophy because of the minimalist, inspirational-ish packaging, but have never actually tried one because it's a bit expensive. I'm venturing into pricier skin care (quality trumps my qualms for cost), I'd like to know which you prefer - Kiehl's or philosophy skin care products? I know they have somewhat similar price range, which brand generally performs better? Really researching as I can't afford (literally, haha) to make a mistake. Thanks in advance for your input! :)

  10. Most of the bloggers really like that K-Palette brand. I wish to try one too. I didn't get one when I attended Project Vanity's 7th Anniversary Event. Sayang naman po.. and just want to mention that Mario Badescu.. a lot of the bloggers like that as well. I wonder if those things have sample sizes for "guys" like me to try... (^...^)

  11. I love your mothly favorite post as I get to glimpse what you are using frequently. Loving that Benefit high brow on you. I would like to try that someday kaso its too pricey for me hehehe

  12. Yay! I paint my face but not these much. I sometimes wear mascara, eyeliner but my fave on your list are the matte lippy and the mascara! :)

  13. I was at an event, and these ladies were raving about Ofra. I forgot what color they were referring to, but they've convinced me to give the brand a try because of the level of pigmentation.

    Have a great time on your trip! (Haha. Sending good vibes a month in advance.)

  14. I just ran out of the Olay body wash I won as commenter of the month. It smelled so yummy and it was really creamy. Will definitely look into more Olay body wash in the future.

  15. I was recently looking for a new moisturizer to try. I was worried of buying an expensive one not knowing if it would have a good effect on my face. Lol i'm stingy that way and I really have an oily skin. Anyway, I ended up buying myself another jar of Olay Acquaction Long Lasting Hydration Gel.

    I wish I could have read this post before purchasing anything. I'll definitely have to take note of the Philosophy Hope in a jar next time I go to the beauty section.

    Thanks for this post!

  16. Hmm...thinking if I should try Olay's Body Wash.


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