Make Up For Ever Spring-Summer 2015 Collection Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Make Up For Ever Spring-Summer 2015 Collection.

Price: Smoky Stretch Mascara (P1,650.00); Artist Shadow (P875.00/refill); Rouge Artist Intense (P1,400.00)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Make Up For Ever SM Megamall and Greenbelt 3


I wonder, do you guys have a staple look depending on each season? Like me, on colder days, my staple are heavily- lined eyes and a bold lip, and for summer, I'm all about Pink, Orange, and a bit of nude shadow plus soft shimmer on the eyes.

For Summer, I usually don't combine two or more bright colors in one go like what most would dare to do, but for a change, I'll try it this time with Make Up For Ever's Spring- Summer 2015 makeup collection, a glistening collection for the eyes and lips. Geez, the products here are bright, shimmery, and a tad bit metallic-wish me luck! :D


According to Dany Sanz, the concept behind this collection is translucent skin with hints of sheer color and lots of lashes. The collection features a mascara, three new shades of Artist Shadow, and two new Rouge Artist Intense shades, as seen HERE.

 Swatches and my detailed review of this bright, fun, and dazzling collection after the cut!

Artist Shadow in D-410

- Artist Shadow is the new breed of eyeshadows in Make Up For Ever. It contains 70% pigments for a truer, brighter color payoff and comes in 200 shades.

D-410 is a shimmery Yellow Gold hue. Pigmentation is light to heavy and has a soft, easy-to-spread texture. It's glitter eyeshadow though and it's a known fact that such eyeshadow performs better if used wet or in conjunction with a cream makeup product, say, cream shadow or eye primer. I don't mind because this Gold is right up my alley and it's what I'm looking for: bright, dazzling, and has a strong Yellow undertone to fit my skin tone. Oh, I could imagine how gorgeous this shade would look if applied using the Foiling technique!

Smoky Stretch Mascara, Black

This lengthening and defining mascara that features Flex Conrol, a formula that utilizes protein silk Sericin that tenses the lashes and Acacia Resin and Alginate Gel to give it form.

Mascara is made from flexible polymer. Finally, a synthetic comb wand that does not hurt or irritate my eyelids and eyes whenever I accidentally poke them with it. I would not say that this wand is soft because it really isn't so I'll just say that it's "gentle".

Rouge Artist Intense in 53

- This newly- reformulated lipstick line features over a dozen colors with a rich texture, incredible pigmentation, and the signature Rose scent.


It truly is a great lengthening and defining mascara: it elongated my lashes and gave it a defined look and jet- black finish. While it is not something that my lashes need (I need volume-always!), I would still say that this is a pretty awesome mascara as it is honest and delivers what it says.

The mascara has a whipped consistency and jet black finish. It settles efficiently, doesn't clump, and it's VERY waterproof-I use it in my workouts! :)

Rouge Artist Intense 53 is a warm Salmon-Pink with a semi-frosted finish.

I had reservations about this shade because it has a frosted finish-it's not really the best kind of finish for my skin tone, but when I wore it, I was like "Whoa! This is the prettiest frosted lipstick I've seen and it compliments my skin tone really well!" It must be the shade and the right amount of frosted veiling-both elements came together really well and the result is a frosted lipstick that looks great on morena skin tone! Now I want to try more colors of this MUFE lipstick variant! :)

Onto the technical aspect of this product: It has a soft, melting texture yet the lipstick feels pretty solid, it has a semi-creamy consistency yet it does not feel heavy, does not emphasize lines, and it does not dry out my lips. It fades gradually after a meal and a few cups of coffee, but it does not end up looking patchy. MUFE actually has great lipsticks!

MUFE's spring-summer collection is small, sweet, and it offers a nice array of accentuating makeups to enliven your look. The best part is all the shades are very friendly to the Filipina skin tone and wearable!


Please visit MAKE UP FOR EVER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about this collection.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like that the bristles on that wand are short. In this case, the lengthening is all in the formula as opposed to relying partly on the plastic bristles. That's not a bad thing as the longer brushes have given me such painful pokes.

  2. The shade of the lipstick looks nice you. I want to try that and the mascara,but they are a bit pricey need to cut down expenses to save for that😃

  3. another lipstick swatch ms m! it is semi-frosted finish pala ms m.. i like my lipstick better in mattes

    the mascara looks interesting! and that eyeshadow is love gold is one of my favorite shades of eyeshadow (it never gets out of style) and this one has silvers on it!

  4. I have a glittered eyeshadow and before applying it, I put on some toner. Is it ok to use it with toner or water will do the trick? Medyo makalat kasi i-apply yung glittered eyeshadow

  5. I like the color of the lipstick too! It looks so creamy and pretty. Will the mascara wand work for me if my lashes are kinda long? :) I prefer curved wands though. I like the eyeshadow too! Has the right amount of shimmer and the color is pigmented. I wonder how the other shades look like. :) I would love the pink, blue and silver shade with that kind of shimmer. It would definitely look stunning.

  6. Matromao. Oh, I used to have a mascara with really long bristles on the wand and my eyes won't go scathed every time I use that thing!

    Rhain: The eyeshadow is shimmer borderline glitter, I noticed. :) Used best with a primer or cream shadow. :)

    Hazel: I'm just worried that the toner might sting your eyes or dry out the delicate skin around it. Use water instead. :)

    Hanna: Agree! :D

    Abegaill: Yes, it still will-your lashes will just look longer though. :)


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