Make Up For Ever Spring-Summer 2015 Collection: Lots of Color. Lots of Lashes

For Make Up For Ever, color and transparent skin are a must this season, and most especially, dramatic lashes: Dany highlights Pink and Copper in glistening, sun- washed tonalities, and lots of volume and length for the lashes--all these on clear skin. These are the key elements of Make Up For Ever Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

For this collection's signature look, Dany wants to highlight lush and long lashes by using a backdrop of semi-translucent shades of Pink and Copper. "Most women really want a color that blends into the skin and enhance their lashes. It's a lash culture", Dany mused.

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Artist Shadows (Palette of 3- P300.00; Artist Shadow Refill- P875.00/each)

There's no limiting creativity with Make Up For Ever's iconic Artist Shadow line. Dany recommends golden Pinks, Reds, Oranges, and Roses to warm the skin and align it with the season.

Mascara Smoky Stretch, Black (P1,650.00)

- This new mascara promises to impart long, lush, and artfully separated lashes with Flex Conrol, a formula that combines Sericin, a protein from silk that tenses the lashes, and Acacia Resin and Alginate Gel that shape it. Brush is made from flexible polymer to ensure that it goes right in between and hugs the lashes for efficient application.

Rouge Artist Intense (P1,400.00)

- Coat your lips in desirable moisture and hues of Pink, Nude, and Copper, the must- have lip colors this Summer according to Make Up For Ever

Bring it on, Summer! I'm ready for the adventures ahead as long as I have these beauty essentials from Make Up For Ever with me! ;)

This collection is now available in all Make Up For Ever stores. Visit MAKE UP FOR EVER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The palette is definitely a summer must have. I can imagine how it will make a girl' s face glow even with tan- colored skin this summer. The colors are popping amazing and vibrant!

  2. Interesting collection! I just can't use orange eyeshadow that much, because the color is too playful for me. Same with yellow. But with pink, I'm getting used to applying it. I'm just wary not to overdo it unless I want my eyes to look sore. Haha. As for the mascara, it looks too straight for me. I'm not sure if it would reach small lashes without ruining the others, but yeah. It looks pretty long too. :/ For the lipsticks, they look creamy and colors are cute. I hope it isn't sheer

  3. I need this in my life :) eyelashes and eyebrows make up. Thank you for this blog, sure I wanna try these.

  4. i saw this on your IG ms m! can't wait on your review on their mascara and yes of course a swatch of that lippie on one of your OOTDs!

    Ms m planner po ba yung background nung lipstick? (last picture)

  5. Aaah sana you can give away the mascara smokey stretch sa blog anniversary mo. I really really like it but I find it expensive.
    My make up artist during my graduation pictorial last month used that to me ang ganda Hindi sya mabigat sa eyelashes.and it makes my eyes look lively. So no need for falsies😊👏


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