K-Palette Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pencil Review + Swatches

Here's a review on K-Palette Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown 101, Natural Brown 102, and Grayish Brown 103.

Price: P795.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Beauty Bar stores


K-Palette's Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pen, in my opinion, is for those who like soft, wispy- looking brows. Now for those who like bold, high fashion brows like yours truly, there's a K-Palette brow product for us now and it's Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pen. The former K-Palette product is great, but I think I like this one better because it suits my brow needs: thick, dramatic, and on fleek! :D


This newest from K-Palette features two brow products in one pen: A pencil and powder. Both products claim to be waterproof and are infused with Beauty Essences to nourish thy brows. It comes in three colors and I will provide a swatch of everything for everyone today.
Left- Brow Powder; Right- Brow Pencil

The brow powder on this one is pretty similar to the one on Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow. The automatic brow pencil has a precise tip and it will fit any brow shape.

Swatches of this new favorite of mine from K-Palette when you click READ MORE! :)

Grayish Brown 103- an ash-brown shade (for Deep Brown to Black hair colors)
Light Brown 101- a dirty blonde shade (for Light Brown and Blonde hair colors)
Natural Brown 102- a pretzel brown shade (for Medium Brown to Golden Brown hair colors)

The powder and pencil have a uniform sheer texture. The powder yields a soft finish and it's super creamy and blend-able, but it doesn't stick onto the skin nor make my brows feel sticky. The pencil, on the other hand, produces a hair- like finish and yet you can go light, medium, or heavy with it. However, if you have really sparse brows to begin with, this product may appear too obvious on you since both the pencil and powder are very pigmented.

I use both products all the time and this is how I achieve on fleek brows with this product: First, I use the pencil to map my brows. Second, I use the powder to intensify my brows. Third, I use the pencil again to fill in some gaps within my brows. Finally, I use a spoolie to soften and even out the color.


Bare brow

Light Brown 101

Natural Brown 102 (my preferred shade)

Grayish Brown 103

This brow product is insanely waterproof. This photo was taken after a workout. You know how much sweat I generate whenever I work out? A LOT. Now look at my eyebrows here, designed with K-Palette Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pencil, post- Circuit Training-they're still (say it with me) ON FLEEK!

This product is for keeps and it's up there with my HG brow products, MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme and Benefit Brow Zings. It gives me fab brows in a jiffy with two super easy to use products in a super convenient packaging-it's not only perfect for workouts, but for travel as well!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My fave is the grayish brown and I like that it's waterproof! Perfect for my zumba sesh at home. haha
    Question though, I have long-oval face lol, this is my dilemma even before pa, ok ba na makapal ang eyebrow? I see girls kasi na manipis ang kilay or au naturel and it looks good on them, pero I always have this mentality na you shouldn't leave your house na hindi ayos ang kilay mo.:)

  2. wow you give it high scores ms m! i wont be surprised because it is really a quality product indeed!

    i love my Kpalette lasting two way eyebrow in chocolate brown (my hg brow product) it makes me draw my brows like a pro! (promise ms m! it was my frustrations before -- pano ko madraw ang brows ko na pantay - hindi mataas ang isa sa isa)

    what i love about it: it's pen end is always ready to use (no shake required haha) and the sponge tip is perfectly angled and it just pick up the right amount of powder in the cap -- i wonder if it is same with the one featured above =) but the only thing that differs is the cost! this K palette real lasting 2way eyebrow pencil costs less than 800php while my hg one costs almost 1k! -- though i saw cheaper one on ig sellers)

    i would love to try this too ms m =) will surely give it a shot!

  3. This is what I am waiting for. Thanks for the review. But wait, did I miss the price of this beauty?

  4. This product is my HG !!:)
    .I totally love this product. Yes, it lasts long and easy to blend. One of Kpalette best product i must say.
    I am using the light brown 101 and cant live without it. 😊

  5. I have 2 k palette with me and both of them are really waterproof. :) Now I want to try this one too, in grayish brown. I always have a hard time finding the right color for my brows kasi my brows are really black and thick. as in pwedeng walang filler, shaper na lang. Haha. Eh pag black ginamit ko, super dark na. Ang sungit kong tingnan, at ang OA na. Di na natural looking.

  6. I want the one in grayish brown since it looks more natural, hindi mukhang black tape na dinikit sa kilay. I'm not good in shaping my brows and it ends up looking super super unnatural, kaya nabawi na lang ako sa shade ng brow pencil and powder para di OA

  7. Josie: Well it actually depends on your preference. Oval faces are considered the most universal face shape-you can look good with sharp or soft brows! :)

    Hanna es: Yay! K-Palette will be thrilled to know this. :)

    Hazel: Thanks for sharing. :)

    Rhain: Wow, looks like you're a huge fan of K-Palette's products! :) Oh well, I understand 'cuz the products are really good! :)

    Jhean: You're welcome. Price is P795.00 :)

    Abegaill: Try K-Palette's brow mascara to tone down the shade of your brows. ;) Really works! :)

  8. Would you know how long a pen will last with everyday use? Also aht do u mean when u said to intensify your brows? I think will by this na.. I tried their eyebrow mascara and it does wonders!

    1. About 1- 2 months if used everyday and depending on how you use it. Intensify, meaning, it can make your brows look thicker. :)


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