Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Super Proof Eyeliner In Black Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Super Proof Eyeliner in Black.

Price: P498.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Tony Moly counters and stores in leading departments stores and malls.


Glossy eyeliners are perfect in giving you a fresh, wide awake look. I would recommend it to girls with very small or droopy eyes because the shiny finish will make eyes appear bigger and brighter. K-Palette, By far, has the best glossy eyeliner for me, but I understand that not everyone can splurge on an eyeliner, therefore I propose this alternative product: Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Super Proof Eyeliner. It's second best to K-Palette in terms of the lovely, glossy finish, plus it's fortified with skin care ingredients and has pretty good wear time too!


Tony Moly said that this eyeliner's formula builds a strong film around the pigments for a long- wearing, smudge- free finish. It contains skin- caring extracts as well namely Royal Jelly, Soybean, Camellia Oil, Royal Jelly, Blackberry, and Blueberry extracts. It comes in two colors: Black and Brown.

Sorry, but the box didn't show the ingredients list. :p

Full review and swatch when you click READ MORE. ;)

This is basically a first gen, dip 'n apply kind of eyeliner. It's an obsolete design in my books, but hey, it's still around perhaps because there are still those who prefer this kind of eyeliner.

This product comes with a fine, flexible nylon brush that fits Asian eyes best. It might take one a while though to achieve a thicker, more prominent line with it due to the thinness of the brush.

Now that's what I call glossy! So far this is the only eyeliner that comes close to the lovely glossy finish of K-Palette's eyeliner. It's super pigmented, consistency is rich (it's somewhere in between watery and creamy), soft, and gentle, it does not slide around, it feels comfortable on the eyes, and it sets quickly.


One layer of the eyeliner

It's got decent lasting power: It did not smudge even without any eye primer on and on my oily lids, although coverage fades for a wee bit come night time-that's still pretty good wear time to me because it did not give me raccoon eyes, at least! However, it cannot withstand excessive perspiration and sebum production, therefore I don't think it will stay smudge- free on really oily skin.

So there! Aside from being a nice, affordable dupe of K-Palette in terms of the finish, it's also perfect for almost any skin type due to its universal consistency-wish it came in a much convenient packaging though! Will I repurchase? No for now because I'm not only after the finish-I'm after the overall quality and user friendliness as well, and this goes out to all beauty products I buy. :)


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It has indeed a beautiful finish. But I'm still ok with Etude House eyeliners and they're much cheaper. :)

  2. Haven't really thought about it until now but yeah, the design is a bit old fashion since most of us prefer the pen like liners.
    dipping your liner again to get more product is a bit inconvenient for me since I don't want to lose my focus when lining my eyes, it can sense your fear, y'know!
    But, Tony Moly liner looks good too, and with your photo of just one swipe, it looks pretty easy to use. :)

  3. Reason i go here for product revuews is because you are not biased. You say whats on your mind even though it has been given to you for free. That is why you have a huge following.

    i have long been lemming for eye liner k palette. Tipid mode pa haha. But i would not settle for anything less than it because i have super oily lids. I have realized that using cheap and mediocre eyeliner actually cists me more because i have to reapply my whole eye make up. i tend to wupe kff the smudge kasi thereby erasing most of my makeup. Only k palette has withstood my super oily lids. As for tony moly, i think the learning curve to produce rhat perfect cat eye will be very challenging due to the very thin tip. K palette ftw!

  4. My first liner was also this type, dip and apply from nichido. I find that the pigment for this type of liners are great and for some reason I find it easier to apply compared to pen type liners.

  5. I tried some Tony Moly products and i love them. I rarely use eyeliner, just for special occassion. But since it has a good review and affordable I might purchase this in the future.

  6. It's really like the K-Palette's! Finally!! Something I can use for my "tipid cosplays!!!" hahaha... I'll buy it maybe onthe 15th because I have a membership card para may discount pa po.. hahaha.. (^....^)

  7. since im new to liquid liners, i prefer using cheaper ones kapag pro na ako sa pagline ng lids i think i will try this one or the one i saw from EH =) im pretty satisfied with nichido liners and it is really cheap for 68php

  8. Ever since I've tried K Palette, it's the best liquid eyeliner for me. It's so pigmented and glossy, easy to use, waterproof and everything. I never regretted buying that. I also have this eyeliner from Tony Moly but I only use it when I know I'll be in an airconditioned area. Because I sweat easily. It smudges a bit when wet. But still, it's pretty okay. :) I also liked the one from EH, affordable yet workable. But yeah, I agree with you that K Palette's is still the best. :)

  9. I wouldn't think to try this. For one, I've been hooked on gel/pot liner ever since I've tried Bobbi Brown's. When I don't use that, I just stick to the auto pen liners that don't require sharpening. I don't have the steadiest of hands, so I've always been a little intimidated by liquid liners. I tend to make the lines too thick!

    There's also the fact that this one has a glossy finish, whereas I prefer matte. Aaaand I also can't work with brushes that are too thin, since I like a nice, bold line. Oh, and I have oily lids, so I know how some liquid liners can smudge like crazy. Hindi talaga match for me. Heehee. Though the packaging looks super elegant, and the think line makes for subtle definition.

  10. Finish is nice but I'm over with liquid eyeliners for now. I'm still happy with happy skin's gel eyeliner. Its stays put once it sets and its also perfect for smokey eyes. love it.

  11. I still envy those steady hands of yours. Exactly the main reason why I opt for the old school pencil liners.

  12. I love the glossy effect of that eyeliner! But too bad, I'm not a sucker for liquid eyeliner cause I don't have such sturdy hands to draw a perfect line on my lids. Thus, I always end up with pencil liners.

  13. I have Tony Moly on my online store but still haven't used it. hahaha


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