ArtDeco X Emilio Dela Morena: Makeup Meets Fashion

You know what I love about makeup brand and fashion designer partnerships? I get to take a peek inside the designer's head: The way they translate textures and colors onto the compact, and the way they mix and match colors-it all amazes me and takes me to their vanguards of inspiration, thus I get inspired in return. Designer collections are so personal and they always introduce me to things that I never thought would look good together or even exist.

That same love and excitement, I experienced once again when Artdeco announced their collaboration with Emilio De La Morena.

Makeup meets fashion. ArtDeco has partnered with esteemed fashion designer, Emilio De La Morena for one of this year's most fashionable Spring/Summer collections.

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Emilio De La Morena is a luxury couturier with a notable clientele that includes Hollywood stars Leighton Meester and Michelle Rodriguez. His design marries Spanish workmanship with London aesthetic and he offers clothing that combines matte, rich materials of wool, simple geometry, and delicate embellishments. His goal is to always highlight and flatter the female figure with materials that aptly complement its essence.

True artists recognize their masters. More than being a collection to celebrate his artistry, Emilio also designed this collection as a tribute to Swiss architect and artist Max Bill, and his painting, "Die Grafische Reihen."

The collection was launched in the Philippines two weeks ago. I went to get the first dibs on it and to learn from Macedonio Bezerra, International makeup for ArtDeco. Click READ MORE to get the first dibs on this pretty collection!

ArtDeco Emilio De La Morena Beauty Box Quattro, Limited Edition (P475.00)

- A customizable, travel- friendly palette that houses ArtDeco's best- sellers in refill form namely Blush, Camouflage Cream, Eyeshadow, Blush, Illuminator, and Eyebrow Powder. Personalize it according to your needs.

ArtDeco Emilio De La Morena Eyeshadows (P350.00/refill)

- This Summer, ArtDeco's best- selling eyeshadows come in delicate, fresh pastels that awaken the eyes, thus giving a youthful look.

Shades: Pearly Milky Mint 60; Pearly Summer Lilac 81; Pearly Soft Pink 95A; Pearly Snowdrop 109

ArtDeco Emilio De La Morena Blush Couture, Limited Edition (P995.00)

- Three flattering and complementing shades of pink powder blushes carved into a relief, combining Emilio and Max's aesthetic.

ArtDeco Volume Supreme Mascara (P850.00)

- A waterproof mascara that delivers desirable drama to your lashes. The super flexible kaleidoscope brush ensures ease of usage and coverage from corner to corner and tip to tip. Stays put for up to 10 hours, formula is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Shade: Black 01

 ArtDeco Emilio De La Morena Soft Eye Liner (P550.00)

- ArtDeco's top- rated eyeliner comes in a waterproof formula and a soft, easy, gliding texture.

Shades: Graphic Green 61

ArtDeco Emilio De La Morena Art Couture Lipstick (P895.00)

- Art in lipstick form. This sublime lipstick is made with rich pigments and natural extract of hops to keep lips soft, moisturized, and sculpted.

Shades: Cream Soft Pink 268; Cream Pink Water Lily 290.

ArtDeco Emilio De La Morena Soft Lip Liner (P495.00)

- A professional lip liner in a waterproof formulation.

Shade: Soft Pink 81

ArtDeco Emilio De La Morena Lip Brilliance (P795.00)

- A long- lasting lip gloss that illuminates the lips and nourishes it with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.

Shades: Strawberry Red 01; Soft Pink 91A

ArtDeco Emilio De La Morena Art Couture Nail Lacquer

- A high- tech, patented nail lacquer that allows for a lasting, brilliant shine. It is infused with Vitamins A, C, E, Panthenol, and Phycocorail, a moisturizing algae extract to promote nail strength. The brush is made with Tynex fibers to guarantee speed and precision in application.

Shades (L-R): Couture Snowdrop 605; Couture Summer Lilac 860; Couture Begonia Bloom 629; Couture Milky Mint 830

Here's Macedonio Bezerra, who prefers to be called 'Mace (macey)", doing the collection's signature look on our model of the day. He flew back home to Germany on the same day and he just dropped by in the event to share with us quickly the latest innovations by ArtDeco namely this collection and a posh, cutting- edge, new boutique in Paris. What a passionate man!

Mace and Beauty Bar also encouraged us to create the Emilio De La Morena signature look on our faces.

I mentioned in one of my posts that I am digging the color Lilac nowadays and this collection's gorgeous Lilac eyeshadow just urged me to experiment.

So here's my look and Mace's look. I blended the Lilac eyeshadow with a bit of brown so it will stand out on my warm skin tone. What do you think of the looks? Will you wear Lilac eyeshadow? 

It was a Hello-Goodbye kind of moment for me and Mace, but it was nothing short of fun and informative. I hope to see you soon, sweetie! :)

ArtDeco Emilio De La Morena Collection is now available in all Beauty Bar stores. Just visit BEAUTY BAR on Facebook for more information about this collection.

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  1. Ever since you reviewed the camouflage cream ive been a believer of art deco. Looking forward to your makeup of the day using the eyeshadows. Im looking for a mid price eyeshadow.

  2. i really love makeups.. every reviews of makeups make me feels like "i wanna try it now"..hehehe even though pictures lang kakainggit pa rin po.. thanks for sharing this, someday i will try these ArtDeco Products hahaha kaso need to earn pa more..thanks again Miss Martha satisfied reading your blog po... More God's grace to come for you..

  3. i really love makeups.. every reviews of makeups make me feels like "i wanna try it now"..hehehe even though pictures lang kakainggit pa rin po.. thanks for sharing this, someday i will try these ArtDeco Products hahaha kaso need to earn pa more..thanks again Miss Martha satisfied reading your blog po... More God's grace to come for you..

  4. So THAT'S why the shadows come in that silly packaging. You're supposed to buy a bigger container to put them in! Now I feel doubly dumb for dropping mine in the sink while trying to slide the clear lid off hahaha

  5. Want to try the lipsticks of ArtDeco someday.. in my dreams:)) but who knows, dreams do come true. Haha.

  6. The colors look so pretty. And the prices are reasonable and affordable. I'm eyeing on the eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners and lip liners! :) Super pretty nung red lipsticks. I want to buy now. That look you made is so gorgeous. I think I would like to try out lilac soon too. I so love Art Deco's packaging as well.

  7. Abegaill: The eyeshadow colors are lovely, especially the lilac one! :D Get it! :D #enabler

    Jeremy: Yes they do, but only if you make them come true. :)

    Valerie: Yes haha. I think cartridge/refill shadows are a thing for most brands nowadays because it lets them save more on packaging production. Sorry about your shadow! I hope it's still alive. :)

    Kathleen: Hey there and welcome to my blog! Thank you for reading also. God bless you, too. :)

    Miz Eloise: Then you'll love ArtDeco's eyeshadow! I actually got a couple of matte nudes from the brand lately. :)


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