KATE by Kanebo Cover Concealer For Cover in NB (Natural Beige) Review + Swatch

Here's a review on KATE By Kanebo Cover Concealer For Cover in NB.

Price: A little over P600.00
Bought From: Watsons, SM Aura
Other Locations: Available in all Watsons and SM Department Stores


I found myself in front of KATE's display cabinet while I was shopping for bath essentials in Watsons SM Aura last week. I realized right then and there that this brand actually has a lot of interesting stuff to offer and silly me, why didn't I think of exploring them before given that I looove Japanese beauty brands. 

"Now's a great time." I told myself.

So I saw that KATE has pretty good powder foundations with options for morena skin tones-a lil' pricey, but I am loving the texture and coverage. They have Freshel, a sub-brand that offers skin care such as watery moisturizers (watery moisturizers?! I think my oily skin will love those!). I also saw foundations, BB Creams, and primers that are all formulated for tropical climates. Exciting! I'm like a kid who fell in love with a new toy. :D

But what caught my attention is this product: KATE Cover Concealer For Cover. It looked cute, it was pretty affordable, and it had promising coverage when I swatched it. I am running low on facial concealers right now so it was the perfect excuse to buy it and I have been using it everyday since the day I got it because it conceals really well plus staying power is amazeballs-it's perfect for oily skin types like mine!


According to Kanebo, this is a high coverage, highly- adhesive cream concealer designed to conceal dark marks, visible pores, blemishes, and dark circles. Infused with water- soluble Collagen extracts to care for the skin. It comes in two shades only: LB and NB.


Product comes in a 4g tub. Overall, I'm liking the feel of KATE's packaging: they look kinda' luxe to me.

More about this great facial concealer for oily skin types after the jump.

NB stands for Natural Beige and it is a light medium beige shade with a slight peach and yellow undertone. The downside of this product is there are only two shades to choose from, not to mention the shades are better off on medium/medium dark skin tones with yellow undertones-those with fair skin tones may find the shades too dark, pink undertones may find them too yellow, and dark skin tones may find them too light. Thank goodness NB looked okay on me.

Here's a swatch of NB. This is a hard cream concealer: it definitely needs some warming up before usage to somehow soften its texture and make it spreadable, but don't expect it to be really soft as it's not formulated to be one-this is what makes this concealer long- lasting, but at the same time, it is what makes it unsuitable for under eye use, unless you want to get some wrinkles.

Coverage is medium to heavy and it covers all sorts of marks really, really well. With the way it works, it actually feels more like a vanishing cream, not a concealer! :D


One layer of KATE Cover Concealer For Cover

If it weren't for its awfully hard texture and all that tugging on the skin, this concealer would've been my go-to concealer for the under eyes because I love, love its coverage and quality: it brightens, eradicates dark circles, lasts looong, and looks pretty natural despite the fact that it's cream and it's thick. I don't want to give myself wrinkles so...nah!

BUT---I will share a makeup tip. :) I still use this product on my under eyes (despite its wrinkle- inducing texture) especially in times when my dark circles are unusually darker, but this is what I do to make its texture more spreadable, softer, and to minimize tugging:

1. I moisten a finger with either an eye cream with a light cream consistency, cosmetic water (e.g. Avène, MAC Fix +, Pixi Glow Mist), or the foundation that I'm going to use at the moment.

2. I swirl the moistened finger on the concealer pot for a minute or two to infuse the concealer with the liquid/cream to break down its hard consistency for a little, and for the natural warmth of my body to soften its texture.

3. I apply the concealer on my under eyes using a dabbing motion and I dab until it melts onto my skin.

So this is how you use this concealer on your under eyes sans all the tugging. It's taxing, I know, but who said I do this on a daily basis? :D

Left: bare marks; Right: Two layers of KATE Cover Concealer For Cover

See? I told ya'-it's a vanishing cream! :D It has a beautiful, thick-yet-natural-looking coverage that never looks caked on nor weird. It can cover redness, sallowness, dark marks, flat marks, protruding marks, enlarged pores...you name it! I haven't tried it yet, but I think this product can cover tattoos given its coverage. :)

Staying power is wonderful: it stays on until the end of the day without caking, running, and fading because as KATE said, it's a 'highly- adhesive concealer.' I find this claim to be true as I use this product in my workouts and I don't remember it coming off or fading.

Look no further if you're looking for a facial concealer that performs like a pro, but is priced like an everyday, drugstore makeup. Go to a KATE display cabinet in your nearest Watsons or SM Department Store and look for this product. If you have dry skin, moisturize your skin before usage just because it has a very dry texture and it might aggravate your skin type even more. I recommend this concealer to those with blemished, oily skin. It's one of my best drugstore finds for the year. :)


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I would have gotten this as an eye concealer. I badly need one. Kaso na-turn off ako sa pagaapply lol.

  2. Wow, that's pretty affordable for a good concealer! I'll keep this review in mind when I need a new concealer.

  3. finally KK is now in philippine counters, i want their eyeshadow palettes!

  4. think I'll let this one pass. Well, it may have a high covergae but I can find more affordable and high-end concealer for that price. It kinda looks dry on skin and I don't have such pro blending skills so it's a no. But atleast, it gave a justice concealing those marks. :)

  5. Ahh so kate is a japanese brand pala... and i think its a good product.. yun lang its pricey! pero im happy that this is bought from watsons its goin to be easy finding one :) and i love that you bought it!!

  6. Wow, I am so impressed! Talagang nacocover nga. :) And I think the price naman is just for its quality. :) I will definitely check this one soon. Talagang nacover yung redness. I am truly amazed

  7. It's pretty good. I badly need concealers nowadays, the stress is just...unbearable. But I'm still hesitating if I'll get this one or the other brand that I'm used to. I'm not so capable of rapid changes. Haha.

  8. Kkumkugo: They have samples in counters so maybe you should swatch it first before making the big switch. :)

    Abegaill: it's pretty thick that's why it has really good concealing properties. Let me know how you like it. :)

    Mickey: As someone who's been writing, swatching, trying, and researching about Beauty products for the last 6 years, I can tell you straight up that this is arguably the best drugstore concealer out there. :) I understand your concern about blending and dryness though. :)

    Rhain: I think they've been around for the last 2 years or more. :)

    Aviva: Let me know how it works for you :)

    Merii: Yeah, that's why I said it's good for the face only. :)


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