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Here's a review on L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara.

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L'Oreal is slowly becoming a new favorite mascara brand of mine. L'Oreal Papillon False Lash Mascara created that spark between me and L'Oreal, and I think L'Oreal Miss Manga may have ignited the flame, finally. This mascara is as Kawaii as Kawaii can get and I love that it's the perfect dupe to Dolly Wink Volume Mascara, one of the best mascaras I have ever tried. Miss Manga should be your go-to mascara if you need superb length, volume, and lasting power. I'm impressed!


Miss Manga is the newest mascara by L'Oreal. It promises to give you 10x the volume, 2x the drama, and all- day curl with its rich, long- wearing formula. It claims to stay put for up to 12 hours and features the patented Conic Arched Brush that L'Oreal has specifically made to catch and coat all your upper lashes, and reveal all your lower lashes for that wide- eyed, doll look. The mascara only comes in Black.

The Conic Arched Brush is a traditional mascara brush that mimics the natural curve of the lashes and comes with short and long bristles that are perfectly arranged onto the wand to deliver equal volume and length. The tip of the wand is for applying mascara onto your lower lashes and by far, this is the only wand that I can actually use on that part because it does not accumulate too much gunk and give me clumpy coverage.

Check out how this mascara fares after the jump. ;)


Top, L-R: Bare lashes; One Coat
Bottom, L-R: Two Coats; Three Coats

The mascara has a lightweight, semi-whipped, not-too-wet-not-too-dry, jet black consistency, making it suitable for almost all types of lashes, from short, long, wispy, sparse, and thick (makes thick lashes thicker!). I also love that it does not clump during application and formula clings quickly onto my lashes, although it dries up very, very quickly and it doesn't give me enough time to style my lashes. :p

Whoa! Nice volume going on in there. :D Mascara is not only long- wearing, but waterproof to me: I use it when working out and it does not smudge nor flake. It can hold a curl for a couple of hours, but it cannot magically lift my lashes on its own. One con of this product is it is VERY hard to take off: it tends to leave some residue on the lashes so I have to do a double and sometimes, triple take on removal. If you have a really good eye makeup remover, then this won't be a problem. For me, the stubborn staying power is not a problem because I've experienced worse and besides, I have good eye makeup removers that will take care of this for me. I just don't use this mascara on a daily basis to prevent premature lash fall. :)

I will not recommend this mascara though to those with sensitive lashes!

Miss Manga is the mascara for you if you're into that fluffy, doll- like lash look, like moi. If you have oily lids and sweat profusely, this mascara will be perfect for you as well. I can see how handy Miss Manga will be in the incoming rainy season-I'll be sure to stock up by then! :D


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have a problem with mascaras not reaching my outer lashes. My eye shape is really weird so I just can't reach my outer lashes. Even eyelash curlers can't reach it. I've asked my friend to get this for me when she goes to the states since it's cheaper there :P

  2. yay great lashes outcome ms m! but i will still go for maybelline for the cost-wise =)

  3. Shizz! I've been really waiting for this review! :) It's such a nice timing that I finally have this one na. I got one during the L'oreal sale for the same price you have gotten. When it comes to mascara, I am really after the volume rather than the length but I can say that this mascara did both the job! :) My eyelashes won't look clumpy like spider legs and they are standing out even after hours! But contrary to your experience, I haven't had a hard time to remove since I have my own way of removing mascaras. I mix an oil to my makeup remover; just few swipes from my lids to lashes and it's all done. :)

  4. Kawaiii:) Miss Manga is so popular na! As much as I want to try this one, maybe not soon. I have mascara from the other brand to try out��

  5. Thank you for this great review!

    I've been debating with myself as to whether or not I should buy this mascara. It's a little pricey for my low budget; so, I've been waiting for a review that would convince me that this mascara is worth it. I think I'll be buying this. :)

    I have a question, though. I still have a mascara that I'm trying to use up (it's a pretty disappointing mascara). I'm planning to buy this now; but, I'll be using it after I finish up the one I have, which would probably take me about a month or two. Would it be okay if I buy the L'oreal one now and just keep it unopened? A friend of mine said that if I do that, it will thicken and it will become hard to use once I do open it. Is that true?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. I got one too! (^-^) I usually have two different mascaras in my kit and right now, I am super satisfied and in love with Miss Manga! Favourite ko na to.

  7. I like the look it did to your lashes, doll look talaga and black. It didn't clump too. But I don't think I can be patient with removing it. :/ When I find it hard to remove mascaras, my lashes fall off, which I'm really scared of. It can't hold the curl too which is my natural problem na. My lashes are long but not curly. I use curler pa. I think it's heavy for my lashes too. :/ I love the packaging pa naman though. Sayang.

  8. the name is so cool.. like as if you'll look like an anime after using it! Hihi.. ive been using maybelline mascaras..and feeling ko ubos na lashes ko sa araw araw of using it :( its so thick.. dont get me wrong i love 'em but im pretty tired of the hassle of getting it off.. i would love to try this but i noticed you scored a little low for its user friendliness.. :( i do hope ul have many more reviews about mascaras so il find that perf mascara for me :)

  9. Grabe! Amazing length and volume! The wand/brush looks good too!

  10. To buy or not to buy? The sale ends this weekend na :((( want to try this but got traumatized na when I rubbed off maybe 4 lashes trying to take off Heroine (nope, crying didn't work)

  11. Valerie and Abegaill: Oh! Looks like you girls have sensitive lashes. Please just try something else-this is VERY waterproof and is quite stubborn-it might hurt your lashes. :(

    Janine: Thanks for reading. I have a lot, actually. Please check 'em out. :)

    Mommy Charm: Ditto! :D

    P.J. Teufel: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Great question. The mascara can last longer than 3 months if it remains unopened and unexposed to air. :)

    Mickey: Thanks for the tip! I actually use pure oil to take it out, but to no avail. :p I found that Make Up For Ever Sens'Eyes work best on it!

    Stacie: Enjoy! Let me know how you find it. :)


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