Moringa O2 Argan Oil Herbal Hair Care Line Review

Here's a review on Moringa O2 Argan Oil Herbal Hair Care Line.

Price: Shampoo- P180.00; Conditioner- P180.00; Hair Serum- P199.75
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores nationwide


Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but I want to say again that Argan Oil is really the saving grace for dry, damaged hair and I've proven this to myself for so many times through so many products, thus my wish is for everyone to be able to try out this wonder oil. Argan Oil used to be so expensive, but good thing most drugstore hair care brands decided to come up with their very own Argan Oil- infused hair products-at least everyone can finally see for themselves what I've been babbling about and why Argan Oil remains as the latest frontier in hair care, at least to me! :D

The drugstore hair care brands I know that have produced Argan Oil- infused hair care products are Sunsilk, Moist, Dianne, and recently, Moringa O2. The new Moringa O2 Argan Oil Herbal Hair Care range is an all- natural, gentle range that clarifies, softens, and smooths not only your hair, but your entire family's as well! It also leaves the hair moisturized without the heavy feel!


Moringa O2 finally expands to hair care. This line features Moringa O2's winning, proprietary blend of Olive Oil, Moringa Oil, and Sunflower Oil, but this time around, it's made much more potent with Argan Oil. This gentle hair care range is suitable even for kids and features a shampoo, conditioner, and Hair Relaxing Serum.

The shampoo and conditioner come in one size only, 200ml. I'm not too enthusiastic about the packaging's aesthetic, plus it's not sturdy! The conditioner fell from a chest- level surface and when I checked the bottle, the cap was shattered on one side and the stopper got stuck in the dispensing hole-there's no way to pull it out so I have to twist the cap off the bottle every time I'll use it. Take note that the fall only happened once. I've had drugstore shampoos that fell from even higher surfaces, but I don't remember them being severely broken like this, especially in the first fall. I hope that this product will come in better packaging next time-I value packaging because it affects my overall experience with the product.


Sharing my thoughts on this really nice hair care range after the break.

The shampoo has a clear, semi- thick consistency with a greenish tint, possibly to give it that "herbal" feel (just my observation!). The conditioner is simply white- colored with a fluffy cream texture.

Next, we have the Herbal Hair Relaxing Serum++ that promises to revitalize and nourish hair, and fight frizz. Just like the shampoo and conditioner, it comes in one size only, 55ml.


This is a very light serum-it's not too watery, but not too rich. I'm just having a hard time taking it from the bottle without the messy, oily drips. I think this product is better off with a pump dispenser. :P


The shampoo has a high foaming formula and the conditioner oddly makes hair feel a lil' stiff upon application, but softens it upon rinsing (I've experienced this with another conditioner brand, but I could not remember its name at the moment). If you have thick hair, you will be needing double the amount of conditioner than those with fine hair.

The serum, on the other hand, is amazing: It is light, spreads easily, settles into the hair fairly quickly, has good detangling effects, and does not leave any oily residue, not even on the skin. One great characteristic of this product is it does not make my hair feel piping hot when I'm blow- drying (fyi, oil can intensify warm temperature). It dries up completely and leaves a soft, smooth, weightless barrier on the hair to protect it from damage and fight frizz and flyaways. I only apply this product on the mid-section to the fringes of my hair-I also don't apply too much because after all, it's still oil and three drops would suffice my hair most of the time.

The three products have a very light, fruity scent that reminds me of berries and lychee. If your hair and scalp tends to reek of sebum and sweat during the day, and you need something to mask the odor, this range won't be able to do that for you.

The shampoo's clear consistency is great for those with fine hair and as a weekly alternative to silicone and wax- laden shampoos to rid the scalp of residue and oil-I like this product specifically because it makes my hair and head feel "light". The conditioner is okay, but I probably won't repurchase. The serum is the winning product here for me because it's really good at taming my unruly flyaways and the softness it gives my hair lasts the whole day despite this scorching weather. 

For comparison's sake, it's comparable to classic drugstore hair care brands that we all grew up with (say, Sunsilk), but what makes this hair care line by Moringa O2 a bit better is the products are not intoxicatingly fragrant and safe enough to be used on kids (not sure if it's safe for pregnant women though!). I will repurchase the shampoo and most especially, the serum!


Please visit MORINGA O2 on Facebook for more information about this new line.

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27 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Usapang buhok! I like the serum. The top 5 ingredients include argan oil so it is good. Means that we are getting what is advertised in the product. some people (especially curly haired gals) would shy away from silicone. But the type of silicone this serum has is soluble so it shouldnt weigh the hair down. Its just there to trap the moisture para indi frizzy ang hair.i used to believe that the answer to my frizzy hair ay silicone laden products. Hindi pala. My hair pala is craving for moisture. This type of serum here should take care of that.

    I would buy the shampio n conditioner kung hindi sana nasa bottom ng ingredients list ang argan oil. I like na they have glycerin which is humectant for moistUre. Kaya lang i have other products na that serve that purpose.

    This serum here might just be what i am looking for. Something that would hold my heatless curls without frizzing my hair. My hair frizzes at the end of the day kasi kulang sa moistire. Moisture escapes easily cause its highly porous. hoping this will be able to help with that. I will definitely try this!

    I have noticed na ardent products are good. I swear by their gluta c bikini gel. I am hoping na hindi to madidisappoint.

  2. Been waiting for this review before i try these products =) Excited nko gamitin specially the serum. Thanks Martha!

  3. I can't wait to try this! Hair products with argan oil are relatively expensive but this is so far the most cheapest I've seen.

  4. Hi Ms.Martha, I would like to try argan oil since I have frizzy damage hair. Pero I am doubting kasi if it feels oily sa hand. I mean whenever I apply hair serum and run may hand through my hair parang nagtatransfer yung serum sa hand ko and it makes my palms sweaty is it same with argan oil? Thanks in advance!

  5. I'm surprised by how cheap it is ha. I've seen products kasi with argan oil na sobrang mahal. :/ But Argan oil itself is really expensive. I hope Moringa o2 would be the solution to my hair problem na. :)

  6. wow! that serum sounds promising..and it's a lot cheaper din compared to other argan oil serums! :)

  7. Hi Martha,

    You look so flawless here. Would love to know the skincare products and mekeup that you use.

  8. Gusto ko masubukan yan especially the serum, perfect sa frizzy hair ko. Never tried products with argan oil. Good thing those products are affordable. Hope those are available here in our province. Nice review ms.martha. real reviews:)

  9. i am also using those products and i must say that "shampoo lang yan" to "moringao2 lang yan" to others. i usually massage my hair first with the therapy oil then followed by shampoo, conditioner and lastly is the serum...and i got that salon hot oil look! cheers! proud moringo2 user here...:)

  10. Miz Eloise: The shampoo, try it. Conditioner...hmmm...maybe not. The serum, I highly recommend because it tames my frizz without weighing it down.

    I'm actually impressed with your extensive knowledge on hair. You've mentioned interesting stuff in your comment such as water- soluble silicone. ;) Keep it up. I'm listening. :)

    Merri: Agree! Thank goodness somebody thought of making Argan Oil more affordable. :)

    Jenina: Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'll try your technique.

    Leslie: Hi there and welcome to my blog! The foundation I used here is MAC Full Coverage. The skin care products I was using during the time I took this photo was Etude House Super Collagen Moistfull. :)

    Jenny: With this product, nope because it has a high concentration of cycloplastiloxane (hope I got it correctly!). That gets rid of the oiliness quickly without sacrificing the product's moisturizing properties. :) With regular Argan Oil, maybe you'll experience that. :)

    Flexxy: You're welcome. :)

    Abegaill: Have you tried it na? Let me know if you already did and how you like/dislike it. :)

  11. how can i buy it? Thank you.

  12. Hi Raine,

    It's available in leading department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores. :)

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  15. Hi effective po b to for hair fall? Pag nagshampoo po b kailngan may kasunod na conditioner? Is it safe to use everyday or its betterfor every other day? Thanks

  16. Hi. I've been experiencing hair fall and I've tried some products. Feeling ko di sila effective. I've been anxious about my hair kasi parang nagiging thin na sya. :( would this product be good for my hair and is it safe to use everyday? They say that sulfate is harmful to you hair and this product has it. Thank you!

  17. After 1 month of using shampoo and conditioner,my hair became dull and dry.I used this hoping my long time pimples on my scalp would be healed.I stopped using it.

  18. After a month of using shampoo and conditioner,my hair became dull and dry.I decided to use this product hoping that my long time pimples on my scalp would be healed but to no avail.I aready stopped using it.

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  21. Is the serum alright to use for color treated hair?

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  23. Nice Post and i am not wait this product use Bamboo

  24. i already try moringa o oil and its good..same as in my friend her scar dissapear in just a week

  25. Fantastic Article! Thanks for sharing such ideas. We need more of it. Thanks
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  26. My scalp is so itchy and I have a lot of hair fall.. I can't afford to loose all my hair. 😔 Switching shampoo again..


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