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Here's a review on Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer.

Price: P1,750.00
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Let's talk about Beauty geekery today. Shiseido has done a research on the anatomy of healthy, bare skin and according to them, when skin is truly healthy, it glows uniformly when it is bare and basked in light. Healthy skin refracts light effectively, giving you an authentic lit-from-within glow. This is the case for all people in Utopia. In the real world, no one has this kind of skin due to stress, pollution, hormones, unhealthy lifestyle, genetically- influenced skin marks, etc. No wonder why makeup exists! With that in mind, Shiseido had created a product that aims to capture the beauty of healthy, bare skin and called it Glow Enhancing Primer so everyone can experience what it really feels to have that 'lit-from-within' glow. Fake it 'til you make it, right?

Let's take a look at this product.


This primer was released as part of Shiseido's Spring/Summer Makeup Collection for 2015. This lightweight, oil- free primer features the Optical Technology that mimics the characteristics of healthy, bare skin, giving skin a naturally luminous impression. It also claims to have skin- caring effects and help prolong the wear time of foundation.


More about this product after the cut.

Product comes in a 30ml, squeeze tube. Very sanitary and efficient, it is.

It's a light, watery cream moisturizer- type of primer with zero fragrance. It's very light that you can actually mix it with foundation/BB Cream/CC Cream.

By far, this is the glow- infusing primer with the nicest sheen I've ever seen: it melts into the skin and looks like it has invisible shimmer in it: you don't actually see it, but it's there.


Bare skin

One layer of Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer

I like that this primer delivers a shimmer that does not look contrived and its formula does not only reflect, but spread light across skin as well, thus giving it a very even glow-it also feels just like a moisturizer and can actually become substitute it. However, I find that it cannot control oil nor keep my makeup intact for that long. On my cheeks (which has normal to slightly oily skin), it works pretty okay, but not on my T-Zone area (which has oily to very oily skin)-I think this primer is better for those with dry and normal skin types who only need a glow boost. Nice shimmer though.


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wouldnt buy this but if its given fkr free hehe why not. I would have preferred something with coverage and oil control

  2. I've tried it during Shiseido's workshop. I've swatched it and at first thought that it's too "sparkly" and it has a mild dewy effect that made me worried for I have an oily skin. While they're busy demonstrating the last steps of the makeup tutorial, I saw that all the glitters and sparkling effect was gone and what's left is a soft, smooth and natural glow of the product. It's as if you wake up with natural and gorgeous "gorgeous" skin! Fantastic po! (^...^) Too bad didn't get one from Sampleroom. (-_-") Well..good days will come... I believe.. (^...^) God bless po Ms. Martha! Enjoy the sweet life!

  3. Naku matutuwa tita ko nito maka shi shi po kasi siya at shu shu.. I mean shiseido and shu uemura.. Timing she's looking for a primer that would suits for her skin.. She's in her mid forty's and i think she will love this information.. Thanks Miss Martha for this review.. God bless..

  4. I love the glow on your face☺Never tried using any primer because I don't use foundation either. But Im on the process to learn how to apply makeups☺Preparing when my son goes to school a year from now.

  5. That gives a nice radiant glow! Too bad it doesn't perform so well on combination skin. Glow-ey stuff is usually for people who have dry skin, right?

  6. Shiseido is one of the trusted brands that I know. If only it's not that expensive. *Sigh*

  7. Ako rin, I prefer oil control primer as my face is kinda oily already. :/ And it is not a good primer if it doesn't make makeup last long. I've tried this one din in IBF and I didn't like it. Maybe this is really not for me. Ang mahal pa naman. Buti na lang I wasn't urged to buy agad

  8. WOAH. This really added a certain glow in your skin right after applying it. I was eyeing for this product for a such a long time 'cause I am in search for a good primer for my face. But I find it too pricey and with this review of yours, I had a decision to just buy another primer.

  9. Mickey: Yeah, plus it doesn't control oil that well too. :/

    Abegaill: Same sentiments!

    Mommy: I've had a fairly awesome experience with Shiseido's products overall, so this product doesn't bother me. But yeah, it's expensive. :D It's worth it though! :D

    Valerie: Yup and normal skin types :)

    Jeremy: I am rooting for your kid! :D

    Kathleen: Thank you. :)

    Vin: Yeah, I love the natural glow it gives, but I do wish it had better oil control-this would have made the product more perfect. :) Have a great day too.

    Miz Eloise: Ditto!


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