Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks.

Price: P165.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


Here's Maybelline's take on long- wearing lippies called Color Show. Wait, what's up with long- wearing lipsticks lately? Is this where the lippie trend is headed to this year? If yes then that's a great idea-it's totally what people in tropical countries need!

On another note, Color Show is a student- friendly lipstick line and a perfect starting point for makeup artists and enthusiasts because it's pretty good, but extremely affordable.


Color Show is a long- wearing, moisturizing, pigment- packed lipstick collection featuring hues straight from the runways of NYC, the place where Maybelline was born. It comes in 20 lip popping shades that range from Pinks, Reds, Plums, and Nudes.

L-R: Party Pink, Sweet Orchid, Pinkalicious, Cherry On Top, Plum-Tastic

The lipsticks come in a sleek acrylic tube with a touch of color. The colored part of the tube tell you if a particular shade belongs to either the Pink, Red, Nude, or Plum group.

Review and swatches after the cut!


Party Pink

A tropical pink shade.

This sunny Pink shade reminds me of paradise. It's very pretty, albeit a bit too bright for school wear. Well, that's just the tita in me speaking-of course you can wear brights to school if you feel like it! :D

Cherry On Top

A cherry red shade.

This red is bursting with youth and vitality! Cherry reds are uplifting reds and I'd recommend that you keep one in your stash for times when you need an extra energy boost whether at play, work, or school!

Sweet Orchid

A midtone Pink with a plum undertone.

By my standards, this is more Pink than Orchid so I don't know why Maybelline put it in the Plum category.

Anyway, Sweet Orchid is a neutral Pink that is safe to wear in all settings. I also noticed that it has a slight sheen to it so get this shade if you want that glossy effect for your lips, but without using actual gloss.


A berry shade with a slight pink undertone.

Now this is a very pretty berry shade, possibly the prettiest berry I've seen in drugstore brands. It's like a diluted, more demure version of MAC Rebel. :D


A warm Pink with a slight cherry red undertone.

Pinkalicious is what I would call the "Kolehiyala Pink" from this collection: it's subtle, but gives that much needed pop of Pink without making you look like the Mean Girl lol. :D

These are creamy lippies and they double as lip balms as well. Finish for all lipsticks is satin, but look ranges from lacquered, gel, and glossy, which I believe is caused by the type of pigments used and colors. It stays intact the whole day with very minimal fading, although it comes off completely after a meal--the saving grace here is it leaves an even stain on the lips so you don't really go lipstick-less with it and you don't have to bother about retouching right away. If you were to ask me though, I wish that the actual lipstick would stay on longer, but hey! It's only P165! :D

It has a uniform fruity scent, something that reminds me of Lychee-Strawberry and that's what I dislike about it-fragrance is just too heady for my liking. Nonetheless, Color Show is a pretty good range of lipsticks at a very affordable price. With these, you don't have to sacrifice a week's worth of allowance just to buy a good, moisturizing lipstick and if you're just beginning with your career in makeup artistry, these are great yet affordable lipsticks that you can start with.


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I never thought that Color Show lipsticks are long-wearing because they are sold at an affordable price. It's nice that the lipstick is creamy yet it leaves an even tint. I love lipsticks that has creamy texture but leaves a hint of color to my pale upper lips and dark lower lips after the actual color of the lipstick was gone. Reminds me of my affordable Kiko Smart lipstick.

  2. I think I'm in need of this. I agree with Ms. Jhake O, this is such a great lip wonder for an affordable price. This is so "student-friendly". By the way, you look great in party pink Ms. Martha :))

  3. The Plum-tastic looks interesting! I'll buy it for sure.

  4. The Plum-tastic looks interesting! I'll buy it for sure.

  5. My all time fave:) it's perfect for young at heart also! I love its soft creamy texture and the fruity scent.Yes, its very affordable that anyone can collect many shades. I have pink punch, cherry on top, nude mocha and neon fuchsia!:) the last one I mention is a super pretty shade:) I want to try the shades you share especially the plumtastic :D Love it!

  6. You can literally pull off practically any colour, Ms. Martha! :D
    Thank you for the great review. :)
    Party Pink, Plum-Tastic, and Pinkalicious are my favourites (on you). :)

  7. Im not sure kung color show yung nabili kong lippy from maybelline last december pero its the same price na 165.. i actually bought a lot as a gift for my friends at ang bilis nya naubos sa trinoma.. i loved it but not for a long time :( kasi nga, matakaw ako i eat many times a day and natatanggal sya agad agad :( but anyways, i wont deny that once upon a while i fell in love with that lippy :) hihi..

  8. I already saw these lippies before sa Mercury Drug but I never thought that its soooo affordable for a lipstick! Must. Have. Them. ASAP. All shades are beautiful!

  9. I have Pinkalicious! haha The SAa always discourage me when I ask about this collection, saying that the formula is crappy and that it doesn't last. But I find that it lasts as long as the "regular" kind and is more moisturizing too

  10. Cherry on Top and Party Pink, please! These are long-lasting and very affordable lipsticks and they remind me of my good old, younger days. (^-^)

  11. I saw the colorshow lipsticks first at our local grocery store. The colors so I swatched it. I super love the colors that when I checked the price, I was so shocked to see how affordable it is! At first I thought it was on sale. But it isn't. :) I have the plumtastic and pinkalicious. But deep inside, I want to buy all the shades. It's really perfect for beginners. :)

  12. i didnt get any from this range ms m and i didnt know that they were long wearing too, maybe because the time i was at the maybelline counter im focusing on mattes and nudes!


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